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  1. Hi Guys, I been waiting for a while now and I am sure we all are eagerly and patiently on the look out. Just want to know the progress of other applicants since lodging their application. Here's where am I now: Invitation (EOI) - 06.09.17 Visa application -19.09.17 all docs excluding medical (medical was not required at time of visa application) Medical required - 31.09.17 (IMMI status changed) Medical uploaded - 06.10.17 IMMI status - RECEIVED Visa - still waiting
  2. Hi,@lhumphreys. ANMAC certificate or called letter of determination. It doesn't provide any qualifying points. ANMAC only assess your qualifications and experience based on the documents you provide to them. It will only determine that your skills has been assessed for migration for your nominated occupation (AMZSCO). You will get 10 points for the ANMAC assessment based on the immigration point based calculation. https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/189-?modal=/visas/supporting/Pages/skilled/the-points-table.aspx
  3. Hi All, Has anyone already apply for visa? I just want to get a bit of timeline from all of you. Hope you can post here. Here's my timeline so far: 5/9/17 EOI received 18/9/17 Visa application submitted, docs uploaded, no medical yet. (link for medical on the online application not yet active)
  4. Hi @lhumphreys, ANMAC will issue certificate that certify that they recognised you nurse qualification. Once you have the ANMAC certificate you can apply for EOI. Yes, English language test can boost your points. You will likely to get invited sooner that later with higher point. No need to submit any copy of results during EOI process, You can put your English language test results on your EOI but make sure you can back it up all info on your EOI once you get the invitation to apply for visa. Good luck
  5. Congratulations to Moving to Oz and mrsgellerby. Good luck.
  6. Hello All, Invitation received just now????.
  7. No invitation again still a number of EOI with 70 points plus getting invitation this round, Although a sight of 65 points from the Engineer getting through now so hopefully ?? ours coming soon.
  8. Hi. Still waiting. Hopefully there's news tomorrow's invitation round. Although, not keeping my hope's high because there are so many from the backlog prior to July.
  9. Is there any nurses received their EOI since July 1, 2017? It seem a long wait for 60-65 points due to high number of higher pointers. Applied EOI-5/7/17 EOI- 65 points