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  1. LucyHose

    Is it normal that I keep changing my mind?!

    Hi, We've just arrived, we've talked about it for 10 years and in the last 4 made a concerted effort to get a visa. Our kids are 8 and 10. They started school on Tuesday and immediately loved it and have made friends. My eldest, who previously described school as "torture" in the UK has come out beaming for the last few days. They have a great library and ICT suite at their school as well as all the sporty stuff - they are taking part in the school swimming gala Friday. I only wish we'd moved years ago! We came here 3 weeks ago with nowhere to live, no jobs and no school for the kids. In 3 weeks I've secured a job (start Monday), my kids are in a lovely school and we're just agreeing a move date for our rental property. It's been stressful at points, but we've made it this far and I can't tell you what a difference the heat and sun makes Just go for it, what's the worst that can happen - you decide to come back? Least you went for it. In the month before we left the UK I was an emotional wreck, I'm pretty sure the last week before we left nearly killed me with all our goodbyes and tears, but I focused on my reasons for coming here and won't look back now. We've been welcomed with open arms, everyone so friendly and helpful - I think because so many people are not born here their attitude is a lot different to other places I've been. So far my daughter has played with French, Chinese, Finnish, and of course Aussie girls and is loving every moment. Life isn't for regrets, if you don't go for it, you'll never know x
  2. Hi, They just used cardboard, they advised me beforehand to put toiletries etc in plastic tubs. I had a few so packed potentially leaky things in there as well as some other items I wanted to pack myself - kids school work, memories and photos etc. thanks.
  3. Yep - we used Letton Percival - they were cheaper, and because it's what they do, I felt they were more expert in providing insurance than perhaps the shipping companies. The shipping companies are experts at moving goods.
  4. I thought I'd share my experience of PSS and our house move in order to help others in a similar place to us. In July 2017 we booked our tickets to Sydney. No jobs, no home and no schools for the kids - but somehow, I'd managed to get my 190 perm resident visa (still didn't believe it until we arrived at the end of Jan!). From that point on I was in planning overdrive. We used movehub.com to get quotes for our container, I needed to downsize a 4-bed house into a 3-bed house and do some major de-cluttering. I'd already listed in an excel spreadsheet what we wanted to take, keep, leave or new tenants, trash, sell, recycle etc. This helped when getting the quote from movehub as you need to enter in what you will be taking for them to quote. The quotes came thick and fast and I decided to see PSS and John Mason. They both organised home visits to assess our house. In the end we went with PSS, no major reason, perhaps the sales guy seemed a bit more genuine and nicer, it wasn't price, as they were very similar. My husband had also been tracking PSS on social media for the last few years and they seemed to have a good rep. We booked a 20ft container at approx. 85% capacity. We paid for them to pack and spray everything (your outdoor items will need major cleaning and disinfecting). The week before they turned up was probably one of the most stressful and emotional of my life. Saying goodbyes, packing up etc. We'd already de-cluttered loads before Christmas, but we still had sooooooo much stuff and many items (baskets, candles, rope-based items) that we couldn't take. I sold so many storage baskets on Facebook I lost track! Anyway, by the time the removal guys turned up we were just about ready, my kids were still in school the day they arrived which was good. They were like machines, one upstairs, one downstairs, packing like crazy in return for tea and biscuits They packed everything on day then, then on day 2 our container turned up - our very own container! We ended up 5% over our original capacity so paid the extra to PSS afterwards. The boxes were packed into the container by lunchtime and off it went - we're hoping to get it mid-end March once its cleared customs. Defo recommend PSS, they are obviously used to people being a bit all over the place and were a calming influence; on me at least! They even spotted a few things we couldn't take, e.g. aerosol cans or some old cough medicine I had, which I'd forgotten about. We took our vacuum, 3 bikes, some garden tools, camping stuff, kids scooters etc - I'd jet washed everything beforehand, then used vinegar and a wire brush to scrub off rust etc from tools/bikes. I put my vacuum parts in the shower / dishwasher. The PSS guy said they were some of the cleanest he'd ever seen (maybe he says that to everyone, but I really went to town on the cleaning!). Some pics attached if useful! I'm thinking of turning our little adventure into a blog, so if anyone is interested in more info on how I've got this far, and our perm 190 visa let me know. It's been a hectic first week - looking at lots of rental places and having job interviews. I'm thinking I'll do my next post on rentals.
  5. LucyHose

    Newbie looking for info on renting

    Hi all, Just been looking at this post. Does anyone know if different agents accept different points for different proofs of ID? We're moving to Sydney and I've seen a few different ways of getting the 100 points. We'll have our passports, bank statement and hopefully medicare cards, but as newbies how do we make up the other points? Neither of us has jobs yet, but I do have remote contracts based in the UK - will that count as a letter of offer / employment? Thanks.
  6. Does that mean you are perhaps an accountant not based in Sydney? (I've noted your email signature!) Happy to chat if the location doesn't matter........ I'll drop you an email.
  7. Hi, Yes, we have a friend in Balmain, or I guess we could hire a Sydney based accountant before we arrive? I'm just setting up for myself and at this stage I am still unsure whether I need to a sole trader (not sure what the Australian equivalent is, I'm guessing ABN?) or become a Pty. Thanks, Lucy
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know if you can set up as a PTY or an ABN before I get to Oz? I'm going freelance and need to bid for some UK contracts before I leave for Australia. My UK accountant doesn't know the Australia system but has advised I set up in Australia to keep things simple for myself tax wise. I've looked into getting a TFN, but can only see a few options - non-resident (which I will be for the next 6-7 weeks) or wait until I get there and get my TFN. Like I say my issue is I need to set up and get my company sorted before I arrive. Any advice gratefully received I'm moving to Sydney. I have a 190 visa.
  9. LucyHose

    Nearly 3 weeks in on the Sunshine Coast

    Great to hear this. Worrying about the 6 months paid up front for the rent, I thought that might be the case but wasn't sure. I know we won't be able to afford that in Sydney when we arrive. Was it easy getting your drivers licenses and Medicare? x