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Found 39 results

  1. Hi all, Does anyone know if you can set up as a PTY or an ABN before I get to Oz? I'm going freelance and need to bid for some UK contracts before I leave for Australia. My UK accountant doesn't know the Australia system but has advised I set up in Australia to keep things simple for myself tax wise. I've looked into getting a TFN, but can only see a few options - non-resident (which I will be for the next 6-7 weeks) or wait until I get there and get my TFN. Like I say my issue is I need to set up and get my company sorted before I arrive. Any advice gratefully received I'm moving to Sydney. I have a 190 visa.
  2. Hi All, My mum is currently in Oz on a bridging visa (Aged Parent). We were told by the ATO she was entitled to a TFN, however upon making an appointment, we were told to go to Immigration to get the VISA in her passport and get a bank statement and then return.....which we did - but they refused to give her a TFN because the VISA states she cannot work. She doesn't want to work, she just doesn't want to get Tax Withheld on any interest in her accounts at 47% !!! Has anyone been through this before? Cheers, Dave
  3. venki5star

    TFN Proof of Identity

    Hi I applied online got the application summary on email. They are asking 3 proofs. I am from India and I can arrange only Passport and Bank Statement for the proof. Right of them are "Australian" citizen related proofs. Anyone done this recently? What are proofs and whats their points? Will they accept Photo ID Card provided by the state? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all I have been granted a 457 visa to work in Brisbane and I will start work very soon after arriving. I therefore wanted to know whether it was possible to apply for a TFN before arriving in Australia in order to avoid being taxed at the emergency tax rate? Many thanks. ‚ÄčTim
  5. Hi Friends, I came to Melbourne on Sunday and stying in a hotel for couple of weeks. I donot have stable address at this point. But i need to apply for Tax Filling Number (TFN) for that can give my employer/friends address who are there in Sydney to receive the TFN number. Please clarify my doubt. Thanks in advance. Sekhar
  6. mw291073

    TFN (Tax File Number) expiry?

    Hi All, I am from the UK, but with NZ citizenship. I want to go to Sydney to work within the next few months. Ideally I would like to get a job lined up before I leave the UK. To help my chances I thought it would be a good idea to have my Tax File Number validated and ready. I last worked in Australia 11 years ago, and still have my Tax File Number printed on a letter from the Australian Taxation Office. Is there an easy way to check that my number is still valid? Thanks in advance
  7. Hiya I am looking for some help in getting my TFN from the ATO and was wondering if anyone has applied for a TFN recently? I have registered with the ATO website and when I go to apply for a TFN you need to select an option under the "ATO Publication code"? I typed in the word "temp" and this option came up - NAT No - 8592-10.2009WORKING TEMPORARILY IN AUSTRALIA - CLAIM YOUR SUPERANNUATION AFTER YOU LEAVE INFO - http://individuals.iorder.com.au/DownloadFile.aspx?fileName=8592-10.2009.pdf&fromPage=Search.aspx&prodID=8592-10.2009 I am not sure if this is the option I select for getting a TFN? I am going over on a 457 visa with my family. Mega confused.com?????? Help greatly appreciated..thank you
  8. Guest

    TFN (tax file number)

    Hi I am travelling to Australia on my partner visa (subclass 309) in 4 weeks and i was wondering, i have a TFN from when i travelled to Australia on a working visa back in 2008, is this still valid or will i have to re-apply for a new one? Any help would be great :biggrin:
  9. Should we apply for our tax file numbers before the move, or once we arrive? :unsure: Im wondering what everyone else did? :wideeyed:
  10. Hi all just looking for some general info for time frames experienced by people applying for their Tax File Number and receiving it , registering with Medicare and receiving their card, and opening a Bank account and receiving the ATM card. The reason im asking is im planning a Reccie trip just before Christmas and want to sort all this out before i return to the UK in the New year, I have Vic SS so i will be staying and applying for all the above items in Melbourne, just staying in a cheap hostel for a maxim of 2 weeks as i want to head to Sydney and Brisbane to visit friends before flying back here. I plan to apply for the above items the day i land, jetlaged or not :biggrin: which will be the first thing on a Monday morning 19th of Dec I would love to hear other peoples experiences and timeframes, Cheers :biggrin:
  11. Hi Guys Has anyone paid the $50 and used goworkabout.com to get their TFN emailed over to them after arrival in Oz? , is it legit ? we're arriving in Brisbane in a few weeks I know we can go into an ATO to arrange one but having no address the email seems more convenient Cheers Jess and Matt
  12. Hey everyone, I've just got to Melbourne as a backpacker and I'm trying to get things sorted before I find a job. My main concern is a tax file number but the same problem applies to registering with Medicare. I'm moving around a lot so I'm unable to provide a postal address for my TFN to be sent to. Does anyone know a way around this? When I set up my bank account I managed to persuade them to send the bank card to the branch and I'll pick it up but would I be able to do something similar? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi there people. Ill keep this as short as poss. Me and the missus just waiting on nursing registration and visa, shouldnt be too long at all now, hopefully be there within the next month. Im a time served painter and decorator and Ive just completed my white card online. The thing im trying to understand about is this ABN (Australian business number). Most painter vacancies i see online require ABN card and own transport. Is it not common to work for a company? from what i gather this ABN looks like being 'self employed'. If there any other tradesmen or anyone with any tips/advice on this it would be much appreciated. Thanks :cool:
  14. The Pom Queen

    Bridging Visa and TFN

    If someone is on a bridging visa awaiting the 804 can they apply for a TFN? The reason I ask is if someone is waiting onshore for a visa grant and they have a bank account with savings they get taxed at 40+% until they provide a TFN.
  15. Guest

    tfn and abn

    hi can anyone tell me realistically it takes for the t.f.n to come through they say up to 28 days but places like this always say up to i need it so i can get my a.b.n because i cant start my work as a brickie without it. iv got a start but cant until i get this t.f.n and a.b.n its a nightmare just sitting waiting and do you get the a.b.n straight away oh my head is bursting lol:wacko:
  16. emmaroo

    TFN (Tax File Number)

    Hi I had a TFN when I worked in Oz about 17 years ago, will that still be applicable to me or will I have to apply for a new one? Thanks Emma
  17. :eek: Hi i thought i already had this worked out, but i have one more question regarding working as a tradesman. I will be applying for my TFN (tax file number) soon as i arrive in oz, this can take up to 28 days. I will also need my ABN (australian business number) also, which can take up to 28 days. Apparently applying for both at the same time is not advised, so really this sounds like you could be waiting up to 2 months to be able to start work. Have i got this right? i have trailed the appropriate website but with no real answer to this. Any help or advice on this matter would be much appreciated :cry:
  18. ZeroBantam

    457 & Non-Resident TFN

    Hi I recently arrived in Sydney on a 457 visa and applied for my tax file number pretty much straight away. I've just recieved it today and the letter states that i'm classed as Non-Resident when i thought (using the tool on the ATO website) that i would be classed as a resident for tax purposes. Does anyone know if you get classed as a Non-Resident and then after been here 6 months you change to resident? Also, if i have been classed wrong, do i just need to go to the local ATO and get it changed? Thanks in advance Andy
  19. nicandjay

    Tax flie number (TFN)

    Hi Does anyone know if I am able to obtain a TFN whilst still in the UK? I have a job waiting for me and will be looking to arrive july.
  20. Hi, Can anyone advise what documents I would need to take with me on my reccie, if I wish to apply for a TFN, register for medicare, and open a bank account whilst there? I will have an address, as I can use my sister's address. I thought I read somewhere that I should take EHIC cards for registering for medicare and I have those, but what else is needed? Thanks in advance, Shaz
  22. :jiggy: Hi there hope someone can help. We move to Sydney on the 25th of January can anyone tell me do i need to apply for my TFN number before i go ?
  23. Guest

    TFN please help

    Hi All, I have tried to apply for a tax file number (i am currently in the uk) as a 1st request from my migration officer/agent, but when i went onto the website & entered all my details it came back with the response that i couldnt apply for one until i was in Oz. Is there any other way you can apply for a TFN outside Oz? I wanted to start looking for work asap but i am unable to without a TFN or i will be taxed heaps... Please helpif you have any info into getting aound this Thanks
  24. Guest

    TFN Declaration

    Hi, I'm just filling in my TFN declaration for my new job (been here two weeks from UK). I'm here on a subclass 309 spouse visa. I have a querie. Cheers. Question 7 asks if I'm an Australian resident for tax purposes. Um, am I? although I have just got here I do intend to stay! Thanks all. Sam
  25. sleepywombat

    TFN & Bridging Visa's!

    Hi all! I have given up trying to contact DIAC today (45 minutes waiting for an answer and my ear is melting!!!) and am hoping that someone on here will be able to help me... pretty please! I am currently on a Bridging Visa with permission to work (YAY! I initially thought!) However... I can't apply for a Tax File Number as I am still technically here on my eVisitor which runs out on February 19. At this point, the Bridging Visa comes into play... Can I get a TFN before February 20th? I am due to start work on Monday and would prefer not to have to pay 49% of my earnings to this countries wonderful government!!! Thanks in advance for any help on this - I can jump on a bus to DIAC in the morning but if you have any pearls of wisdom to share before then I would really appreciate it! Thanks Cx :notworthy: