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Found 131 results

  1. WallyWombat

    Removalist Recommendations-Townsville

    Hi there, We are on the move again moving from Gold Coast to Townsville and looking for recommendations for removalists who can also offer storage in townsville. We always feel better hearing from people with real experiences. We arent worth much to a removalist so always very cautious when booking with them. The cheapest quote we received was from a backloader but can't find many reviews for them. Look forward to hearin from you! Many thanks,
  2. Hi I am looking for some personal recommendations for removals/shipping companies in and around Sydney (Northern Beaches) that can do some packing of larger items, take boxes we have packed and then manage a door to door service back to the UK. Its going to be either a 20 or 40 foot container. Plus we also need to ship our dog back so advise here as well a bonus. Any tips and advise most welcome Thanks
  3. Perry the Platypus

    Removal companies recommendations

    My partner and me are moving from Manchester to North Queensland in a few months. There are so many removals firms, we don't know where to start so are looking for recommendations please.
  4. Hi, What items are prohibited in a container please? Many thanks.
  5. Hey, does anyone have experience of shipping stuff back to the UK from Cairns? I will only have a small amount and had hoped to use Seven Seas Worldwide but they don't include Cairns in their services. I'm looking at various companies but would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks so much, Tash
  6. Can anyone recommend an overseas removal company who can deal with out move from Brisbane back to the U.K please?
  7. Hi Everyone , Moving back to England in a few months just wanted an idea of some good shipping companies i used crown when we came here and they were very professional. They did everything from dismantling furniture to packing everything. Any recommendations will be really appreciated, thanks !!!
  8. Hi, Has anyone used movecube? Do most people use a container if they plan to ship furniture or would a movecube suffice? Trying to figure out if we could fit everything in a large movecube? Anyones experiences on this would be helpful! We have a 4 bedroom house but won’t be taking any furniture from the bedrooms so would really just be a suite, dining room table and chairs and white goods, and of course boxes of household and personal items, honestly even thinking about it all is giving me a serious headache ?
  9. Seven Seas Worldwide

    Seven Seas Worldwide

    Seven Seas Worldwide are world leaders in both nationwide and global moves, helping thousands of customers each year move or store their personal belongings, excess baggage and household items. We've been in the shipping business for over twenty years and we've worked hard to ensure our shipping process is uncomplicated, affordable and supportive. We are proud members of FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, and BIFA, the trade association for UK companies moving freight internationally. Whether you need help moving an extra piece of holiday luggage or you're moving the contents of an entire house overseas, Seven Seas Worldwide will be there to collect, store and deliver your personal belongings whenever and wherever you need them. Our global network covers both the UK and Australia, serving all major cities in both countries so there’s no need for a third party: We’ll be with your belongings from A to B. A range of services are provided by Seven Seas Worldwide to suit the various needs of its customers including: · Baggage Worldwide - helping holidaymakers shift excess baggage and other specific items such as surfboards and golf clubs around the world · MoveCube® - a mini shipping container inside a trailer that is brought directly to your home for any type of house-move · Pack and Store – similar to the MoveCube but designed for transporting items to our privately-owned secure storage facilities We provide a 24/7 multilingual call centre, an international shipping network and expert advice at every stage of the journey. Plus we provide a comprehensive door-to-door service in both the UK and Australia so there will be no need to visit any depots. We are also fully aware of the strict Customs and Quarantine laws in Australia and will ensure that your items are cleared successfully. Check out the full range of our services - together with our Terms and Conditions - across the Seven Seas Worldwide website, talk to a member of our team on +44 333 733 7337 or contact us via our contacts page. Alternatively take a look at our free online quote engine now and get yourself a quote in just 30 seconds! This post has been promoted to an article
  10. wattsy1982

    Shipping Question

    Hey Guys, Has anyone used OSS shippers (not PSS) before? Ive had 3 quotes and they were middle priced but great friendly service so far, good gut feeling. Look forward to any reviews...good or bad. Thanks
  11. I thought I'd share my experience of PSS and our house move in order to help others in a similar place to us. In July 2017 we booked our tickets to Sydney. No jobs, no home and no schools for the kids - but somehow, I'd managed to get my 190 perm resident visa (still didn't believe it until we arrived at the end of Jan!). From that point on I was in planning overdrive. We used movehub.com to get quotes for our container, I needed to downsize a 4-bed house into a 3-bed house and do some major de-cluttering. I'd already listed in an excel spreadsheet what we wanted to take, keep, leave or new tenants, trash, sell, recycle etc. This helped when getting the quote from movehub as you need to enter in what you will be taking for them to quote. The quotes came thick and fast and I decided to see PSS and John Mason. They both organised home visits to assess our house. In the end we went with PSS, no major reason, perhaps the sales guy seemed a bit more genuine and nicer, it wasn't price, as they were very similar. My husband had also been tracking PSS on social media for the last few years and they seemed to have a good rep. We booked a 20ft container at approx. 85% capacity. We paid for them to pack and spray everything (your outdoor items will need major cleaning and disinfecting). The week before they turned up was probably one of the most stressful and emotional of my life. Saying goodbyes, packing up etc. We'd already de-cluttered loads before Christmas, but we still had sooooooo much stuff and many items (baskets, candles, rope-based items) that we couldn't take. I sold so many storage baskets on Facebook I lost track! Anyway, by the time the removal guys turned up we were just about ready, my kids were still in school the day they arrived which was good. They were like machines, one upstairs, one downstairs, packing like crazy in return for tea and biscuits They packed everything on day then, then on day 2 our container turned up - our very own container! We ended up 5% over our original capacity so paid the extra to PSS afterwards. The boxes were packed into the container by lunchtime and off it went - we're hoping to get it mid-end March once its cleared customs. Defo recommend PSS, they are obviously used to people being a bit all over the place and were a calming influence; on me at least! They even spotted a few things we couldn't take, e.g. aerosol cans or some old cough medicine I had, which I'd forgotten about. We took our vacuum, 3 bikes, some garden tools, camping stuff, kids scooters etc - I'd jet washed everything beforehand, then used vinegar and a wire brush to scrub off rust etc from tools/bikes. I put my vacuum parts in the shower / dishwasher. The PSS guy said they were some of the cleanest he'd ever seen (maybe he says that to everyone, but I really went to town on the cleaning!). Some pics attached if useful! I'm thinking of turning our little adventure into a blog, so if anyone is interested in more info on how I've got this far, and our perm 190 visa let me know. It's been a hectic first week - looking at lots of rental places and having job interviews. I'm thinking I'll do my next post on rentals.
  12. ajcooper

    Shipping Question

    So we've started boxing up stuff to get out of the house whilst we market it, our agents offered free storage which we're taking advantage off. I'm now worried that we'll need to go through each box again and list every individual items for the shipping and ToR forms, is this the case or can we generalise. There's nothing of any real value so I would be be tempted to just say kitchen stuff, ornaments etc. So, do I need to do a proper itemised inventory?
  13. SARAH1974

    Should we get a container?

    Me, my hubbie and our 2.5 year old are moving on a 190 visa from Manchester to Brisbane in September. We are hoping to sell / bin / charity shop the majority of our stuff but still have a few items of furniture, pictures, clothes etc that we would like to take. I think half a container would be more than large enough to fit in everything. My question is does anyone know roughly how much this would cost and also do any firms offer space in a container rather than having to have the whole thing or half?. Also we are thinking of just paying 6 months rent up front once we have found a place - does anyone have any experience of this? Is it the norm if you have no Australian credit history, previous address etc? Any advice would be great!
  14. The Pom Queen

    Should I ship my furniture to Australia

    What to Bring to Australia One of the questions we all ask ourselves is should we bring our furniture or not. Personally we didn't we sold everything and arrived in the country with 5 suitcases. Do I regret it, yes and no. Leave Everything Behind Pro You can sell your belongings and make some money for the move. Great excuse for a clean out You don't have the costs involved There is no waiting 12 weeks for your furniture to arrive No risk of items being damaged You can buy furniture to fit in to your new house You can start shopping immediately Cons We only tend to acknowledge our large items and forget all the small things It gets expensive buying all the little items like pans, bedding, towels, and coat hangers. You have to do numerous car boot sales Cost of buying new Bring everything with you Pro You have all your personal belongings around you You don't have to worry about buying new furniture It's cheaper in the long run Cons You have to wait around 12 weeks for items to arrive Cost Risk of loss or damage Items may not fit in to your new house You may not have enough furniture. Out of all the pros and cons the main issue we see coming up from members who ship is members waiting for their furniture to arrive. 12 weeks is a long time to go at either end without your belongings. Below are some ideas of how our members have managed. One month prior to your flight move in with relatives and send your good on their way. Once you arrive in Australia go in to a holiday rental while you start looking for a rental and then move in when your furniture arrives. Send your good the day before your flight once you arrive in Australia book a holiday rental until you have a rental sorted. Now with either of the above options you are going to be left without furniture at some point during the move. You could look at purchasing garden furniture to use as a dining table and sofa. A BBQ to cook on, and air mattresses to sleep on. You could also purchase, bedding, pots and pans from the charity shops to put you on. Hiring furniture is another option, however, it is an expensive one. Here is a price list for hiring furniture for a 2 bed property. Please also note they usually charge a delivery and take away fee on top that can be around $250. Two Bedroom Package The two bedroom pack can be tailored to accommodate a family of 4 or a couple. Select the bed combination you require and then add extra packs as required. Select the rental term and packs to display weekly rental price MAKE YOUR SELECTION AND CLICK SUBMIT Select Pack 2 Bedroom (4 Person) Package 1-2 Months 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months Furniture 1 x lounge suite; 1 x coffee table; 1 x dining setting; 1 x entertainment unit; 1 x queen bed ensemble; 2 x single bed ensemble or * 1 x queen bed ensemble; 3 x bedside tables; 3 x bedside lamps. 271.00 per week 171.00 per week 134.00 per week 113.00 per week Electrical 1 x fridge (300 - 350 ltr); 1 x microwave; 1 x washing machine (5 kg); 1 x LCD television (100 cm). 62.00 per week 46.00 per week 30.00 per week 24.00 per week Kitchen 1 x kitchen utensils; 1 x kitchen knives; 2 x crockery setting (20 pce); 2 x cutlery set (20 pce); 2 x drinking glasses (set of 4); 1 x wine glasses (set of 4): 1 x pot set (set of 5); 1 x mixing bowl (set of 3); 1 x chopping board; 1 x toaster; 1 x kettle; 1 x kitchen bin. 48.00 per week 26.00 per week 19.00 per week 14.00 per week Laundry 1 x steam iron; 1 x ironing board; 1 x laundry basket. 9.00 per week 7.00 per week 6.00 per week 5.00 per week Linen Bed 1 1 x quilt; 2 x quilt covers; 4 x pillows; 2 x sheet sets; 1 x valance. Bed 2 2 x quilt; 4 x quilt covers; 4 x pillows; 4 x sheet sets; 2 x valance. 86.00 per week 44.00 per week 31.00 per week 22.00 per week Towel 8 x bath towels; 4 x hand towels; 4 x bath mats. So the above would cost you approx $500 per week. They only do 4 weeks minimum so let's say we do it for 4 weeks that is $2,000 plus delivery and pickup approx $250 so to rent furniture for 4 weeks it would cost $2,250. So if you left everything behind let's do a rough price up of what it would cost to buy new. I will price up for a 2 bedroom, cheap package, obviously you can spend as much as you want but it will give you a rough guide. We will choose Fantastic Furniture for the package, now it isn't the best quality, we furnished one of our old rental properties with their furniture, the table bubbled because mats weren't used at meal times and some of the trim started to peel from the TV unit but it lasted 2 years and we may have got longer out of it but we sold up. The cheapest package is for 2 people and costs $999 It doesn't include a bed or the TV and lamp. To add a bedroom package on it would be an extra $179 without a mattress but includes bedside cabinet, bed and 3 drawer chest. A cheap foam mattress (double) can be added on for $98. Now if there are 4 of you then we may need to look at the other package, however this does include the bed and mattress (obviously not the TV). This is $1,999 Ok so we have now got the bulk of our furniture so we need to look at white goods. Now if you are buying a couple of items together please do not be afraid to ask for a discount. This is usually where my husband disappears in to thin air whilst I talk the sales man further down than what the item cost trade. He does get embarrassed but I once saved us $1,000 on a bulk purchase so don't be afraid to ask. Also check the prices of the same product elsewhere, there can be a huge difference and most stores will price match. I will price up on undiscounted costs but remember buy a couple of items together and knock them down. 'Now I had a look at Good Guys and the cheapest front loader they had was a 5kg one for $450. A fridge freezer was $399 but only small at 222litre. A 42" full HD TV non branded for $298 If you have time to spare then I would highly recommend Appliances Online especially for branded goods, just watch when it says free delivery as that doesn't include all areas. https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/ So for the main items we are looking at Small package for 2 people $2423 Family package $3423 but that would include a spare double bed and mattress. So as you can see it's nearly as cheap to buy items rather than rent furniture. Now you can also look at buying second hand using gumtree, Facebook, or second hand stores. In regards to accessories, pans, bedding (they call Manchester over here) plates, cutlery, microwave, kettle, toaster you can get them all cheap at Target https://www.target.com.au/ Kmart http://www.kmart.com.au/ Big W https://www.bigw.com.au/
  15. PSS International Removals

    PSS International Removals

    PSS International Removals have specialised in home removals to Australia for over 35 years. We also we ship smaller consignments including baggage, personal effects and vehicles all across Australia, including popular destinations including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Bunbury, Wollongong, Sunshine Coast and many more. We're honoured members of the FIDI Global Alliance and accredited by FAIM quality standard, the only quality standard for overseas removals to destination including Australia. In addition, we are financially bonded by the British Association of Removers (BAR) & IMMI Payment guarantee scheme. We're proud of our reputation as the UK's first choice for removals to Australia, having successfully helped thousands of customers with their move. We'd love to help you. https://www.pssremovals.com/contact-us
  16. Lever40

    Anyone used Move Cube

    Has anyone used the movecube option from sevenseas? It looks pretty good on the website and the video for it. I don't have a huge amount of stuff to move its mostly my bikes and tools so I was probably going to look at a medium cube which is 187cm H x 146cm L x 112cm W. Is there any other options out there that are similar? its fairly expensive £915.00 plus $325 for importing too. Would it be best to just post them in my own box ? which would seem more hassle.
  17. crypticat

    Removalists or Self Pack - Melb to UK

    Hey PomsInOzzers, After two years, we are calling time on our Melbourne adventure and are looking to head back to the UK. We are looking at the usual removals companies here in Melb but wondered in anyone has attempted a self-pack shipment. We are skint given the amount of money shelled out to get here and the fact we've gone backwards financially given the exorbitant cost of living (or more accurately housing). Looking to save some coin if possible. Any advice or experiences would be very much appreciated. Thanks all, Rush
  18. Has anyone had a good experience with a removal company, we are at the stage of selecting a company and all the reviews are terrible, all seem to loose goods, break items, and get boxes stolen. I would have thought a single use locked container packed by them would be pretty good but apparently not. Any help gratefully received.
  19. Guest

    Pearson Removals

    We have just had a company round to quote for shipping and they are called 'Pearsons'. I originally contacted John Mason and they have sub-contracted it to this company. Has anyone used them??
  20. Hi there. We are about to make the big move a week on Sunday! I am currently looking into removal insurance to cover our shipping container whilst in transit and some one way travel insurance for our family of five. We're doing a couple of stopovers, for 3-4 nights each, on the way. I've looked at the older posts but was wondering if anyone has had recent quotes or advice on either of these issues that they are willing to share. I have been quoted £400 by our removal company to cover up to £20'000. Thanks in advance
  21. Hi all, My partner just got offered a job in Canberra and we are therefore looking into the costs involved for shipping personal items etc. Are there any recommendations for which companies to use please? Thanks you :-)
  22. Hello everyone. I am just wondering if anyone would mind sharing the approx shipping they have paid or been quoted. (inc. insurance) The removal companies I have looked at won't come out to give quotations untill we are closer to our move date so just hoping to get a bit of an idea off those who have experience in this. We have considered not sending anything over at all and starting afresh over there but now thinking there are a few bits that we would like to keep. I expect we will only need a shared container. I have heard people mention on here 'half container' quotes. Has anybody had an even smaller share of a container? Hope to hear from you... XXX
  23. Guest

    Removals back to the UK

    has anybody got any info Re: removals back to the uk from OZ? I am looking for prices, recommendations of firms etc and If any body has gone it alone (without the use of removal companies) We also have 2 x dogs so any info would be helpful Thanks
  24. Hi We're moving from Pymble to Narrabeen shortly and wonder if anyone has any recommendations for a removal company that works those areas. It's really just for the large items of furniture as we'll move the rest on our own. Would appreciate any personal recommendations. Thanks Liz
  25. Lynne2007

    GB Liners Removals

    Hi all, Just wanted to post this to say i heard someone on hear say about GB Liners were brilliant so i had chap came yesterday to do us a quote, not got cost yet but he gave me a rough idea of being not much different from others we got but was very impressed and interested in all he said, he actually opened our eyes to a few of the other companies like PSS and Crown Relocation so we are seriously thinking of using GB Liners now. We found he explained things and the important things clearer and i took it in better. He was here 1 & Half hours. Absolutetly fantastic and they involve the children too. Lynne (Well Impresed) :wink: :v_SPIN: