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  1. Briar

    Vets threatened by pet owners

    Greed? Unprofessionalism?
  2. Briar

    PC Certainly Has Its Place In Modern Australia

    How politically correctly you worded that @CaptainR
  3. Briar

    what are you doing right now?

    Getting excited as Wifey and I are going out for dinner tonight on our own for the first time since our Princess joined us. Thank God for Surrogate Grandma and her babysitting skills! Hope we can stay away long enough to eat the meal and drink the wine!
  4. Briar

    what are you doing right now?

    Wifey and I didn't want to know the sex of our baby, just that it was healthy and growing as it should. When Princess Briar arrived it was a wonderful surprise and we welcomed her with joy. However we totally get that some people need to know the sex of their baby.
  5. Briar

    Searching for Carol P Cannon née Flynn

    This came through on my FB timeline from friends in the UK a few months ago. At the time it made me realise how lucky most of us are that we know/knew our parents and our "roots". It also made me realise how powerful social media can be as this message for help is constantly moving around the internet and could conceivably solve the mystery, if in fact the subject person wishes to be found.
  6. Briar

    Pork pies

    Wifey makes a mean pork pie from the Hairy Biker Recipe Book.
  7. I understood that "Barra" was the shortened form of Barramundi. Can you explain the difference please?
  8. Briar

    PC Certainly Has Its Place In Modern Australia

    A voice of reason in the wilderness @Rossmoyne and I totally agree with you. As for this so-called "Safe Schools" program that is being pushed by the Alphabet people (as you so hilariously call them), has anyone had a good look at what agenda that has?
  9. Woosh.... just like that the school holidays are over and term 4 looms large on Monday! Where did that 2 weeks go? Just hope my Year 12's did a heap of study in preparation for their exams coming up very soon. Oh and little Miss Princess Briar is getting the hang of sleeping longer than an hour at a time now. It seems the amount of caffeine Wifey was consuming to keep functioning, was passing through her milk into said infant. Wifey is now confined to Camomile tea for the duration and suffering from caffeine withdrawals, but we are all getting a bit more sleep at last!
  10. Briar

    what are you doing right now?

    Just wondering when the Alphabet people are going to give the world their rainbow back! And before anyone jumps down my throat, I am not homophobic.... just cheesed off that such a lovely symbol has been hijacked and will forever more be associated with all the tossers that ram their lifestyle down everyone's throat. My brother in law is Gay - great guy and living in a same sex relationship - even he and his partner are as annoyed as I am about this.
  11. Briar

    Cheapest Beer in Perth

    Take your life in your hands if you drink there!
  12. Briar

    Cheaper in Perth or London

    Interesting comparison.
  13. Briar

    The majority have nothing to fear

    A dismal thread, but a subject close to my heart as both my parents died in their late 40's with bowel cancer...a year apart. Until I emigrated to WA to join my father's brother (my last living relative), I was unaware that the way of eating that my parents led - everything was junk food or commercially prepared frozen meals, nothing was real food unadulterated by artificial chemicals and pollutants, had led directly to their health issues. My Uncle lives in rural WA and is a farmer, breeding sheep, growing vegetables organically, and producing genuine free range eggs. After 3 months of eating his way, I realised how well I felt and started to research nutrition, artificial additives, preservatives etc. This led me to read some pretty indepth studies about the use of pesticides and the affect modified and GMO foods had on the human body, and the rate at which Monsanto was taking over food production worldwide. So as a great number of people still eat junk food and buy their commercial prepared foods and packets of preservative filled rubbish, I am not surprised that cancer is the main cause of death in the modern world. There is so much science to support that these things are cancer feeding... and sugar is the worst of all substances to feed cancer and is in just about every commercial food on the market. My wife and I just eat real food (JERF), grow most of our veggies, and buy from organic markets, so we are doing our bit to keep as healthy as possible.
  14. Personal view, but I think prices were bolstered by the mining boom and the heavy spenders that inhabited the bars, cafes, restaurants etc in Perth at that time, and we all paid the cost. This boom now being a thing of the past and the economy in a decline, we are seeing some hospitality outlets closing or lowering prices if they want to stay in business, especially in the suburbs.
  15. Briar

    Furnishing your home, as a new migrant

    Gumtree and IKEA, with Target and KMart to fill the gaps, and you can't go wrong.