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  1. Coblers

    Fuel Efficient car

    I would suggest anything at that price would be a great risk.
  2. Coblers

    Aussie/UK Passport.

    The none eu que at LHR is generally much shorter than the eu que. I find my Australian passport always gives a much more welcome approach at most borders than my eu ever did.
  3. Coblers

    Am I crazy for preferring England over Australia?

    Always have very fond memories of life in the UK. I left in the seventies when I was 21, returned after a few years and stayed 2 years, before returning to Melbourne. Their are many things we still miss, but life in Oz is just so much easier. I don’t think anywhere would prove to be perfect, rose coloured glasses are just rose coloured glasses.
  4. There’s nothing nobal about trump. Dumb and dumber. I would consider him to be a first class twat.
  5. Coblers

    Best Green Suburbs to live with Family

    Hi, try eastern suburbs such as : Ringwood, Ringwood North, Heathmont, Croydon. All nice 45-55 minutes train ride to the City, all very close to the Dandenong ranges and the Yarra valley ( fabulous winery’s and boutique breweries.) Much more affordable than inner east. Good schools and major shopping centre all at hand.
  6. Coblers

    What's your favourite soup?

    Much prefer chunky style soups, very much dislike the thick puréed type, they remind me of baby food. Disgusting.
  7. Coblers

    Senior electronic engineer - which state is best?

    Take a look at a company called ANCA, They design and build precision CNC grinding machines and are world renouned, they also are into high tech industrial electronics. ( based in Melbourne eastern suburbs)
  8. Coblers

    Why do people emigrate to Australia?

    Well plenty of nights clubs, bars and funky places in Melbourne + all night suburban trains on the weekend. And when you are over that stage it’s the most liveable City in the world. Great for kids, parents and grandparents alike. UK is a great place to come from.
  9. There is a Engineering Company in Melbourne “Marand” who now have opened a facility at the former Ford Geelong site. This site is for defence contract work within the aerospace industry, check them out.
  10. My advise would be to get to Oz as soon as possible. Most aerospace work is currently in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Boeing is present in Melbourne, BAE in Adelaide, there are a number of smaller defence contractors in Melbourne. I have always found that if you are confident in your abilities and pleasent, then opportunities will arise for you. A degree without experience is of little use.
  11. Coblers

    Senior electronic engineer - which state is best?

    My personal choice would be Melbourne, less congested than Syd. But still a very large City. I have use to travel to all major cities here in Oz while working and Syd was always the most difficult and time consuming for driving. I think you would have more freedom of where you live in Melb. Relitive to where you work. Adelaide is very easy to drive around (big country town feel) and the Aerospace and defence industries are healthy.
  12. Coblers

    Extra health cover once resident in Oz?

    Medibank Private for me, but you can swap from any once you have become familiar with the lay of the land
  13. Coblers

    Why am i reading so many "moving back to the UK posts??

    Hi, we emigrated many years ago (10 pound poms). We had just got married and thought why not. We lived in Melbourne for 4-5 years and my wife got home sick, so we returned after a couple of months in UK we just could not wait to get back to Oz, but a baby was on the way so we stayed until he was a few months old and back we came. That was over forty years ago. Our son now his own family and of course we have our Ozzie grandchildren. Our son travelled around Europe UK and N America. On his return to Oz some 18 months later he could not thank us enough for bringing him to this wonderfull country. Yes, we still miss certain aspects of our life in UK. (Mainly Pubs and Fish’n chips). But I think our health and life style is far better than we would of had in the UK. And if a visit is required airfares have never been as low.
  14. Coblers

    Small pensions

    I would transfer it to your employers super fund here in Oz assuming you intend to stay permanent.
  15. Coblers

    Pork pies

    The best Pork pies I have tasted in Melbourne are Available from “Pacdons of Echuca” available from some deli’s in Melbourne and Croydon Farmers market- once a month. Bobs British butchers have some ok pies but Pacdons are much better. I think they can be ordered on line.