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Found 25 results

  1. Hi Everyone First post so be gentle Just moved to Perth from London to start a new life here. Wife is from here originally and lucky to have load of family here to look after us until we get settled and try to explain just WTF is going on in AFL. Been to Perth a couple of times before so came here with eyes wide open and always been fairly expensive but that was prior to the pound taking a huge nosedive following Brexit. I know there are no Weatherspoons over here but a couple of pints and a bit of food can set you back a small fortune and I am used to drinking in London so no stranger to pricey beers. Its more like drinking in Dubai the prices they charge here and alcohol is meant to be illegal over there Does anyone have any tips or pointers for decent happy hours or anything like that they have found? Maybe somewhere decent they have found that is good value for food or drinks. Just trying to keep the costs down rather than walking back from the bar grimacing and worrying that I am going to get completely stung buying a huge round. I would use things like taste card back home and seen they have the entertainer book/app thing here but not sure that amazing also signed up with Groupon and Scoopon but they are a bit meh with their offers. Currently signing up with all the supermarkets, restaurants and shops reward schemes I can find so got more cards now than Clintons If there any really good ones let me know. I see that priceline give you $5 for signing up and then $5 for your birthday. So if anyone has any pointers or tips for a newbie feel free to ping them over as will be much appreciated. All the best
  2. This fridge/freezer was purchased 12 months ago and put in a holiday home, where it has only been in use for the last 6 months. So is in excellent condition and still looks brand new. It is a new line of no-frost refrigerators. Introduced by samsung, the no-frost refrigerators are believed to save more electricity. They require less periodic cleaning compared to direct cooling models. No-frost refrigerators also have optimum cooling temperature so they don’t require as much energy to power them. No-frost refrigerators are also more hygienic, for they prevent meat discoloration caused by freezer burns which contribute to a loss of flavor. Food freezes more quickly, preventing bacteria from forming between the time the food is in room temperature to the time it is in a frozen environment. This model features the air shower, which provides bursts of freezing air from the top and the back of the freezer compartment that freeze food quickly. Food items are evenly cooled as the multi-air flow system provides air ducts for each shelf. Cold air enters from the back via separate outlets for each shelf space. The cold curtain feature is a blast of cold air that prevents warm air from coming in whenever you open the ref. Health system The Silver Nano Health System is a basic feature of all models. Silver nano ions are integrated in the material used for building the inner walls of the refrigerator so when the bacteria from food hit the walls, they’re instantly destroyed. There’s also a Silver Nano Deodorizer which neutralizes unpleasant odors with silver nano particles. There’s no need to put baking soda or charcoal inside the refrigerator. Still selling at $950 - 367 litre white 2 door refrigerator SR367NW - top freezer - refrigerator | SAMSUNG Or on this site at $923 - Samsung SR367NW 367L White Refridgerator Pick Up must be before Monday 21st September. Local Delivery may be possible for an extra charge. Dimensions: Width 670mm x Length 1685 mm
  3. I have job offers (Maintenance Technician / Heavy Duty Diesel Fitter) from MacMahon, Komatsu and Cummins. Money wise they are pretty similar, however MacMahons and Komatsu are offering a better relocation package... Cummins flights only. I already have the visa (all were offering 457), but I am after any info / advice on the company's. I want to try and make the right decision initially and stay long term with a company. Many thanks in advance. Forgot to add the jobs are in Perth WA
  4. I've accepted a job in Brisbane and got my 457 visa in the bag. However, I have also just received an offer from a company in Sydney and now I'm not sure where is best for me and my family (wife and two girls 3 & 5). Can anyone offer their views on which city would be best for me and my wife to bring up our two girls as this is our main reason for moving to Australia. We went to Sydney in April and although we loved it we weren't sure about it being the best place for young family and shocked by the housing market. We've not been to Brisbane. To summarise: Job in Brisbane = $85k Job in Sydney = Was told 6 figures but not confirmed til Tuesday, I'm guessing around $100k + Super Looking for 3/4 bed to rent with view to buying in couple of years No more than 30 min commute to CBD Good schools Family activities Not bothered about clubbing and nightlife but like to go out for food/beers now and again. Not over bothered about beach but nice to be within 30 min drive Any comments will be very helpful as my head is spinning. Thanks
  5. The Pom Queen

    Sales and Offers

    Do you often find yourself buying something just because it's on offer even if you don't really need it?
  6. Good afternoon all. What amount do people knock off for making offers on rentals? Would you say 20% or would this be a tad too high? maybe 10-15%? Any thoughts or do most just pay what people are asking? Thanks in advance Andy
  7. You know them sites that run offers from businesses as long as x amount of people buy the offer. What are them sites, for Perth specifically. Example, massage at xyz salon usually $100 on offer at $45 as long as 300 are sold. Thanks
  8. I've spent the last couple of weeks disheartened by the lack of carpenter's jobs advertised on seek, careerone etc. bored of waiting at the computer for new jobs to be added all day i decided to get more proactive. while touring around buderim and moloolaba this weeken, i stopped at any building sites taking the main contractors details off sign boards, later at home i sent nice emails that i was looking for work and was wanting to settle my family on the sunshine coast etc, and attached my resume. Yesterday I coldcalled construction companies out of yellow pages. nobody was pissed off with this and a couple asked for my resume, and i mailed it straight away. After a nice long phone call today i've accepted a nice job for a great looking company (going from their website) and start on monday. Im stoked. I started out too timid, 2 weeks waiting for people to contact me after applying through jobsites. I got pissed off this weekend and went for it, got 2 job offers and an interview in the space of 3 days. Not sure if this approach would work for all but if you're in construction. It seems you have to go to them, the good companies often dont need to advertise for staff.
  9. Hi All, I am in a fantastic position where after months of applying for jobs and interviews I now have 3 job offers and need to make a decision this weekend. I have tons of questions and would be grateful of a little help; 1. Only 1 of the offers mentions LAFHA, on a salary of 150k + super how can I work out what the impact of having it would mean? 2. Has anyone the experience of resigning before the 457 is approved? As 1 of the offers wants me there in 6 weeks which would mean I need to resign now. They are happy to wait a little longer if the visa is not approved. 3. All 3 are approved sponsors with nominated headcount, I have all my paperwork ready as I lodged with my current employer (application is still being processed), so what sort of timeline am I looking at for a 457 (I know this differs wildly). 4. If I have lodged a 457 visa application that is currently being processed can the employer take over this application as the new sponsor or do they need to start from scratch? 5. 2 of the jobs are sydney and 1 is in melbourne, is there a significant cost of living difference? 6. And finally, 1 of the jobs offers salary sacrifice for a company car, this is around 23k but includes all fuel costs as well as the usual insurance and running costs - is this a good deal as I will be doing around 250 miles a week for work travel alone? Many Thanks in advance Tracy:chatterbox:
  10. *APOLOGIES FOR DOUBLE POST - put this in News, Goss & Chat too so more people would see it!!!* :chatterbox: Hi all Just in case you were unaware, today, Thursday 13th January 2011 is the Major Offer Round for most tertiary courses in Queensland. Unfortunately due to the flooding, QTAC's servers went down and areas around the QTAC offices are flooded out. Consequently their website is all down and it is not know when they will resume service but hopefully it shouldn't be too long. If you're sat tight waiting in the UK to hear in regards to a tertiary offer, or you're already here in Australia waiting on the news, or you know someone who is in this position, advise them they are unlikely to hear just yet. If I or anyone else knows any more on the situation as it develops, let them know/post here! I apologise on behalf of QTAC... I don't work for them or anything, but I heard it all on the QUT News Facebook page and I work just around the corner from QTAC's building. Thanks, and good luck (when you hear!) LukeM. :biggrin:
  11. watneyni

    Flight Offers?

    Is anyone aware of any flight deals for the end of May or suggestions of carriers that offer good value fligths to Sydney? cheers Nick
  12. Hi, we are moving up to the GC in a couple of months and was wondering if the $99 annual deals for Dreamworld and the other 3 was still on and if so, when does it end? Thank you. Julie
  13. Strick

    475 Visa and job offers

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the site, so forgive me if this question has been asked before - I had a good dig around, but I can't see that it has. I want to know if it is necessary to have a job offer as a condition of Victorian state sponsorship for the 475 visa? The Liveinvictoria website implies that it is, but this seems to differ from the other states' stipulation. I have recently had my welfare work qualification approved by the relevant Australian authority. Where is a good place to look for this type of work? Most of the ads I have seen stipulate that the applicant should already have the right Aus/NZ paperwork. Am I missing something? Thanks Strick
  14. Hi there.. just a quickie about mortgage offers. Out of interest, what is the average that the banks will lend in Oz in relation to your salary? Is it 2 or 3 times your salary for instance? Thanks for your advice ....
  15. From: AirAsiaX sale offers $700 UK return airfare | Travel News | News.com.au I know absolutely nothing about this sale so I suggest that anyone interested check out the Air Asia X website. Welcome to AirAsia.com...now everyone can fly... ( http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/business/story/0,28124,25572848-36418,00.html)
  16. Guest

    Etihad airline - offers

    This may be of some use to someone out there. Etihad seem to have some good flight prices at the moment, Sydney £494 and Melbourne £550 return. There is a catch (of course) fly dates now until end June then September to end November. Book by 1st June. http://www.etihadairways.com/sites/etihad/UK/EN/home/pages/home.aspx I hope it saves someone a bit of hard earned cash! regards Michelle
  17. Hi, Another question for you about the Gold Coast Theme Parks. Can you get special deals into the parks, like you can for Theme Parks here in UK.? Anyone know would be grateful. Thanks
  18. The Qantas flight sale is now over! Anyone know of any offers? Thanks John
  19. 2 offers on the house in the last week! I desperately need some advice as not sure what to do.... Firstly - I have massively reduced my house (by £40k total!) January £240k then May £225k, then September £215k now £199,950 with a 'no offers' tag attached as its as low as I can really afford to go! In the last 3 weeks we've had 3 viewings and 3 offers - the first was just silly so am not even going to mention it! Then last week we had 2 viewings (I've burned the green candles, Crushed the rose petals & cinnamon into the front doormat, put the picture of the house in the frame with the key and the coin, thrown the red envelope in the river... you name it we've done it!) and both viewings attracted offers. Offer 1) £195,000. A nice elderly lady who will be a cash buyer. She has sold her house to a couple who have sold their house (to a cash buyer) and arranged their mortgage so a small chain and all should progress smoothly with plans to exchange quite promptly and definitely before Christmas. Offer 2) £199,950 (yes! the FULL asking price!) She LOVED the house and was desperate to get it. She's a middle aged lady who is going through a divorce. Her 'final hearing' is not until the 15th December but she is hoping to receive a big enough settlement to buy outright (lucky thing! although unlucky in love I guess!) She has said that she's happy to offer the full asking price but is not willing to instruct a solicitor until she's had the settlement hearing. This is the sticking point. In my head I'm thinking I should wait and take the higher offer - every £ counts... Then I think.... 15th Dec is a whole month away. What if she doesn't get the amount she's expecting or what if she does and then offers a lower price as she'll know she's in a very good position??!! Then I'm thinking I should go with the old dear - it will leave me with literally £8k to pay for our 20ft container, 4 one way flights and sort a few bills out before we leave.... VERY tight, BUT at least we'll know we're definitely on our way.... The worst thing that could happen is that house prices drop even further and the house doesn't sell at all! I have promised the children we'll be in Sydney in time for the new school year (29th January) so I'd have to leave my friend in England to try and sell the house and go out with the children with very limited funds..... What would you do???? :wacko: Zoe xx
  20. Hi All, Here's a hypothetical question. What if you apply for a 175 visa with a job offer and the job doesn't work out (either before of after you get to Australia)? Is there some rule that says you have to take up the job and stay in it for a certain period of time? If you need the job offer points to get to the 120 points for the the 175 visa, would the visa be withdrawn? Anyone have any knowledge or experience of this kind of thing? Thanks Lindy Clogs
  21. Can't believe it!! Been looking for admin work for about 6 weeks with no joy. Found out last week that my b-tec nursery nursing is valid over here, so decided to utilize it and look for a job in daycare. Redid my resume last night and just visted 5 local settings, one on the spot full time job offer (told them only want 2 days at moment so they offered me that instead) been put on the 'relief' register for 2 more, offered 3 days at another one and number 5 said they will definatly have something but will call me when the director comes in to confirm days etc!! Can't believe that now I get to choose! So pleased I can relieve the financial burdon from hubby a bit (we are struggling over here!!) Sad that my son has not settled in his daycare yet though, that will make it all harder Just wondering why everyone I saw was so desperate!! lol
  22. Guest

    Job Offers??

    has anyone in the construction industry been offered job before actually arriving in Oz, or is it best to just wait til get there, OH is carpentry background, currently site manager, sent cvs etc to some companies but not heard anything as yet
  23. Hi I have noticed on some posts that people have job offers, but how do these come about? Can you just contact employers from a directory or from job ads or do you put your cv or details somewhere??? Tony is a welder, so just wondering is there anyway to try and have something set up before arrival? Also, his details will eventually be on the 'skills matching database', and I was wondering if anyone knows if many employers actually use this list? Thanks Sheena
  24. Guest

    Job offers!!!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE It's been a while since I was on and thought I'd just say hello and let you know our ***fingers crossed *** good news!!!! but don't want to tempt anything. We sent 3 emails asking about possible jobs and company sponsorship for Dave as the skilled route is now not possible for us since the changes and .... we got 3 emails back giving potential job offers!!! Nothing is guaranteed of course but so far it looks really promising. I presume Dave will have to have some sort of interview but he knows his stuff/all technical so .... 2 are for WA and 1 for Victoria and so at some time it will be decision time but we're going to ask loads of info for all 3 and compare them. So we're looking into areas to live at the mo for both states. Any help would be much appreciated....:notworthy: Loads of Christmas cheer Donna x
  25. Guest

    Job offers?

    Just wondered really what anybody thought about the chances of getting job offers once starting the visa application here before getting out to oz? I'm a teacher here and would think the chances of getting a job offer from here are pretty slim because I would imagine no school would really employ somebody to look after children without first meeting them? But my oh is an engineer/mechanic and we were really hoping to get a job offer before getting out there for a bit of security really as we've got 2 young boys. But reading a lot of people's stories on here sounds like most are actually getting to oz and then looking for jobs. I suppose it worries me incase we didn't find jobs and had to come back failing at the first hurdle. :? Also worried about this because still to find the thousands of jobs for skilled professions as it says on the immigration websites!!