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  1. Hi guys. I just thought that I would share (to help others keep hope) that my 820 temporary onshore partner visa was granted yesterday (just over 15 months from application). I applied 5th Aug 2015, I was requested for more info end of Aug 2016, and now finally granted. After so much hard work, paper work completing, stress and worry it finally all came together. I hope more people out there are getting theirs through soon!
  2. naomi1990

    Partner 801/820 Visa - more info requested

    hey, thanks for the help. For some reason I have missed the supporting statement that you had just talked about. I have had all the Stat decs done but I guess they are different. I've got a lot more evidence than what I mentioned above but I will go through it all again. I guess it was hard as when we did start living together we weren't expecting to be getting this VISA so it's not as if we were able to fully prep from the very beginning.
  3. Hi everyone! I applied for my temp partner visa in august 2015 and scrimped and scraped every bit of evidence I could possibly find. I have plenty of statements from friends and family, bank statement (for joint and personal showing transfers) and all the usual thanks to this forum for helping me know what to include. However, I have now had an e-mail requesting for more info (and have seen someone else who seems to haave received a similar e-mail) They are asking for Evidence of length of de facto relationship (at least 12 months) - which I thought came with our mail dates and msgs and pics and statements and bank accnts etc I uploaded also Evidence of your relationship with your de facto partner (financial aspects, nature of household, social aspects and our commitments to each other). It seems like a bit of a generic email and I am just wondering if they want more details personally for my partner and I telling our true versions, or whether they will want to interview us. I'm just feeling a bit worried and annoyed, and feel that if they did just take the time to interview us and meet us it would mean and be worth a lot more than just words on paper.... thoughts anyone????
  4. Hey! I applied for my 820/801 visa back in August and thought I had every bit of evidence possible. I had an e-mail the other day asking for eviden of the length of our relationship, nature of our household, the social context, financial evidence (even though I have given proof of bank accnts etc) and also our commitment to each other. Reading your post I am wondering if there is a new thing happening and they want worded statements from myself and my partner (maybe instead of interviews I don't know). But I have been panicking because I have really thought that I was doing pretty well and now they've asked for this....... I do feel though that if they now just met my partner and I and interviewed us they could tell a lot more from that than words on paper........
  5. Hi everyone, Just a general question about case officers. I submitted my application for a 801/820 partner visa on the 5th August 2015 and I still haven't been assigned a case officer. I know it can take a while but I thought that by 3months surely I would have had something???? Any ideas from anyone or their experiences to share??? Thanks!
  6. naomi1990

    partner visa - police and health checks

    Thats great thankyou. And with my evidence that I have to upload online, do I need to have every single piece stamped and witnessed by a JP (or the witness that I choose) ????
  7. Hi everyone, so it is getting close for me to submit my partner 820 visa, however on the document check list it says I need to show evidence of requring a police check and a health check. But I've seen so many people say don't get it until asked to because it could run out or something. What's the best thing to do? Thanks
  8. naomi1990

    working on Bridging visa for Partner 820.

    Ok. So when I get my bridging visa watiting for my Partner visa to be granted I don't need to fill in any extra forms to be able to work is that right?
  9. naomi1990

    working on Bridging visa for Partner 820.

    The Form 1445 is for extending a WHV - I'm a bit lost about which form to fill out now
  10. naomi1990

    820/809 partner visa - evidence

    Hi, I am about to submit my application for the de-facto partner visa, and I know that I can't upload evidence yet. When I do submit it though can I just start uploading stuff right away or wait to be asked? Also I know that I will need statements from people, again do I wait to be asked to get them or can I get them straight away - and how should people write them/lay out of the statements. thaaaaaanks :-)
  11. naomi1990

    Going for Partner Visa (820)

    Can you work on the bridging visa for the 820???
  12. Hi all I am about to get a new job, which I desperately need to pay for my next visa. So… I am currently on my last 5 months of my Working Holiday Visa, and will be applying for the Partner subclass 820 visa. Whilst I am on a bridging visa am I still eligible to work??????
  13. naomi1990

    De-Facto 820/801 Visa Help

    ThAnks for the advice!! Two more questions that's have popped up in my mind.... 1 - what is process time for the 820 and does it automatically come with a bridging visa? 2- if I did the offshore version of this visa how long approx would I be offshore for before its granted?
  14. naomi1990

    De-Facto 820/801 Visa Help

    Thanks guys! That's lots of help!! Also would using an agent or lawyer be a help or useful for me??
  15. naomi1990

    De-Facto 820/801 Visa Help

    Hi, I am starting to look at getting together my application for a onshore de-facto Partner visa. I am willing to get help from an agent/lawyer, although do as much as I can myself or through here to bring down costs. I have one question before starting, I am in Queensland and wondering if my de-facto has to be officially registered for 12 months? My partner and I have been together for 12months and in de-facto since July 2014 (and my current WHV ends in sept 2015 giving us 12 months de-facto). Any help or advice would be so so so greatly appreciated.