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Found 7 results

  1. About a decade ago we had applied for a Partner 820 visa gaining a Bridging Visa. It was a slow process which is normal, but at the time we changed the bridging visa and flew to the USA in order to visit my wife's family. While there we decided to stay and do the US immigration for the green card which was fast and approved. Because we didn't go back to Australia for the application, the application was refused, obviously. But over the years I've really missed home, which is Australia. My wife and I have children now which we got them Aussie Citizens by Descent through my Citizenship. So here is what I'm wondering. We are currently trying to do the Partner 309 Visa, and there is a question that asks if the Sponsor (myself) has previously sponsored someone. Do we answer YES or NO? I had previously sponsored my wife around a decade ago and now would sponsor my wife AGAIN, being the same partner applicant. Do I answer YES, I have sponsored someone else previously and then just give the details or answer NO cause does this question really relate to if I sponsored someone ELSE other than my wife? Any direction would greatly help on this. Thanks in advance.
  2. I arrived in Australia a month ago on an e-visitor visa, have since applied for a partner visa onshore, but in order to maintain my current employment, would like to travel back to India (I have been working there on a UK diplomatic posting) in a few days: - Is it possible to do this without starting my e-visitor again and counting back down from 3 months until Bridging Visa A is granted? - As I have applied for a Partner Visa 820 and believe we meet the conditions (more than 12 months living together, shared finances, social invitations and recognition etc); will Bridging Visa A give me the right to work once it is granted? What is the typical expiry date? Have others had experience of searching for work on Bridging Visa A - what do you tell potential employers about your work rights? Ideas and experiences most welcome!! Thanks.
  3. Hi all I am about to get a new job, which I desperately need to pay for my next visa. So… I am currently on my last 5 months of my Working Holiday Visa, and will be applying for the Partner subclass 820 visa. Whilst I am on a bridging visa am I still eligible to work??????
  4. Hi all, new to this but hope someone can give me some advice. I am currently on the 1st 2 years of the partner visa (temporary). This would of then through my understanding turned into a 2 year permanent partner visa. However we have just seperated. We have an 18 month old little boy. We have agreed to 50% custody of him each. We have a mortgage together and I have car debts taken on from the relationship break up. Does anyone have any advice as to how I go about a new visa. Whether I would be asked leave before I come back. Just any advice. My parents and brother (all immediate family) are residents. I will be moving in with them. I obviously would rather not leave the country and stay with my boy full time. Any help at all will be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi, My partner and I have been de facto for 3 months. I'm currently on a working holiday visa, when it expires we will have only been together for 9 months. We are going to register our relationship which bypasses the 12 months criteria however is there a set amount of time you need to be registered for? The issue we have is that I am only allowed to work for the same company for 6 months on my current visa and will need an extension as we need the money from my wages to pay rent on the house we rent etc so we are thinking of applying when we will have only been de facto for 6 months but we would have been registered for 3. Has anyone been in this situation before and got any advice on whether by applying early we may struggle to get the visa granted? And on whether or not the registered relationship carries a set amount of time to be eligible. Thanks, Matt
  6. Hello all! Apologies if there is a better place for this type of post, or a thread already started. I had a look around and couldn't find anything. I just thought I'd share my timeline and experience of applying for (and being granted) the 820 De facto partner visa. While I've been waiting, I've been curious about people's timelines as it seems to vary quite a bit. First off, I'm American, not Pom, so I'm not sure how that might change things. I applied onshore in Melbourne. My partner and I met in the UK and dated for about five months before going home to our respective countries. We knew we wanted to stay together, though, so I applied for a work and holiday visa and arrived in Australia on 26 June 2012. I moved in with him and his sister right away, then I applied for the partner visa on 26 June 2013. In my application, I included police checks from the UK and US, but not the AFP check or the medical check (DIAC advised to wait until they requested them). 26 June 2013 Applied for visa (in person, in Melbourne) early Sept 2013 Applied for BVB to travel overseas (in person, in Melbourne) 13 Sept 2013 Contacted by DIAC: granted BVB, also asked to complete health check 19 Sept 2013 Completed health check 21 Feb 2014 Contacted by DIBP: asked to submit any other documents (in my case, this included the AFP police clearance) 26 Feb 2014 AFP police clearance completed and sent to me; I sent in onward to department shortly after. 7 July 2014 I phoned the Immigration help line hoping for I don't know what. He tells me to wait longer. 11 Aug 2014 Applied for second BVB in person, in Melbourne. The woman tells me they won't process my BVB application for a little while longer. (Travel dates are 5-22 Sept) 15 Aug 2014 Contacted by DIBP: granted BVB, charged $140. 26 Aug 2014 Contacted by DIBP: De factor partner visa granted. WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! So it was exactly 14 months to the day, applying onshore in Melbourne (and they took money from me for a BVB which I now don't need :mad: Small price to pay, I guess!) As you can see, I didn't hear a peep from them between February and August. And you might notice that my medical exam was only a month off expiring, though the woman at the Melbourne office told me this wouldn't be an issue. Also, I was never contacted directly by a human being. All contact from the department was via email, always an impersonal form letter. Other people have talked about chatting with case officers, but I've never been contacted by or given the name of one. Anyone else have a timeline to post, even if you haven't been awarded yet? Also, I'm certainly not a migration expert, but if nervous applicants have questions, feel free to PM me and I can tell you more about my experience (what I included, how I organised it, etc.)
  7. Hi everyone I have been reading posts on here for ages and am finding so many useful tips, so thank you all for being incredible and such a supportive bunch. I haven't posted myself since my initial post so I feel bad for now coming back with questions. Please forgive me and bear with me! If there is a thread where this is answered that I've missed, please feel free to point me in that direction. I just have a few small questions. I am about to lodge my online application for the partner visa (in Australia) and am getting everything ready. 1. Do we still need passport size photos when applying online? If so do we scan them in or upload digital ones or what? The boy and I have recently had passport photos done for paper applications for other things but it seems like an odd one for online. Anyone able to enlighten me, or will it all become clear once I actually lodge? 2. My current working holiday visa expires in December. I assume that I will remain on that until then and then hopefully be granted a bridging visa. We intend to visit the UK next year for a month, so where during the application process can I advise them of that? They say you have to let them know so I'm hoping I can do it when I lodge. 3. Is it just me (the applicant) who needs health and character checks, or should my boyfriend have them too? He's Australian but spent a few years in the UK on working and ancestry visas. 4. General consensus - is lodging all the stuff and then adding the medical and police checks at a slightly later date a good way to go? It would seem so but I just want to make sure that others who have done it that way have encountered no big issues please? Those are the main questions for now, I am feeling fairly confident with all my documentation, just have to get a few bits witnessed and I'm good. They can only say yes or no in the end, right!? And all bridges can be crossed as they are approached. My life is here so I have to believe in a positive outcome. There is no reason why I should't get what I want. I deserve to have my dreams come true :cute: I'd love to hear any other experiences or recommendations that people have. Especially from anyone who, like me, started out on a WHV then decided to stick around for true love! Thank you all so much for your time, I really appreciate it. I hope to get on and provide lots of advice for other people once I am a little more secure my own self.