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  1. Rosie27

    457 De Facto Partner visa

    Thanks both. Do you think if I apply for a tourist visa after three months with a return flight to Australia, and say I just want to visit my boyfriend for a week, that would be okay? Then if I get in I can apply for my de facto whilst in the country and then be on a bridging visa, and if immigration say no then at least I have a flight that I can change and go straight back to NZ on? Getting into the country on a tourist visa in order to apply for my de facto wouldn't damage my chances of it going through would it? Like they wouldn't know/realise that I had said I was coming for a week then over stayed and penalise me for it, even though a tourist visa is three months long so I technically am not doing anything wrong? Does anyone know how much my de facto 47 visa application will cost, and if I'm allowed to keep applying until it goes through? Thanks
  2. Rosie27

    457 De Facto Partner visa

    Okay great, thank you. We've come up with a new plan, any opinions regarding feasibility of this would be welcome... When my WHV runs out on March 1st (immediately after my previous tourist visa) I'll go to NZ and apply for my second tourist visa. If this works, I'll come back and we can get a house for our next three months together, then put in our de facto application after having been together 12 months, 6 of which we will have proof (letters and landlord statements) that we have lived together. If not, I will work in NZ for 3 months before trying again - if granted, again live the next 3 months together before applying, if not, stay another 3 months there (so 6 months altogether) and hopefully get through on the next attempt. Am I right in thinking that there's no limit on how many times I can apply for the tourist visa? And if I get granted one with a no further stay clause, does that mean I can't go back after those three months or does it just mean that I'll have to apply and wait outside of the country for de facto? Also in that time my boyfriend will visit me every few weeks, which we can obviously use in our application, but do you think it's still safer to wait until we've lived together a further three months in Australia before applying for de facto rather than paying for the application (I'm not sure how much a de facto visa costs...?) when I first arrive and assuming that his flights between Australia and NZ are enough to prove that we'd have lived together those full six months if my visa hadn't been up? Thanks
  3. Rosie27

    457 De Facto Partner visa

    Thing is I need those extra three months living together to ensure that when I apply for de facto it goes through, as it is only our current home which we will be in three months by the time my WHV expires that we can prove we've lived in. Or if I'm not allowed back in on a tourist does that count as the particular circumstances in which case I can be exempt from that guideline? I read a lot of articles yesterday saying immigration don't like you staying over 12 months consecutively. How many months do you think I'd need to go home for from March for me to be able to come back and start 'afresh'? Do you think if I went home in March for three months, then applied for my tourist visa in order to come and live with my boyfriend for the further three months required for my de facto status that would be acceptable, or longer/shorter? If there isn't going to be much chance me getting in in the foreseeable future then I don't think he'll want to accept his sponsorship, sadly. Also, is it likely that my visa would go through by email and it's just at the airport I'd have issues, or is it likely that it'd be rejected at application stage? We were going to go to Bali for a week whilst I applied, but obviously I don't want to book a return flight when I get confirmation by email if the system is that they then pull you over in the airport. If I had a flight booked for the end of the tourist and some money would that not prove I'm just staying to be with him?
  4. Hi, I've already had a tourist visa followed by a working holiday visa, but want to get another tourist visa whilst me and my boyfriend prepare to apply for me as his de facto partner on his 457 visa. We keep hearing that this might not work... Does anyone know what my chances are? Because that obviously affect whether he takes his sponsorship. Are there any requirements we can fulfil to ensure I get back in the country, or any other option to come back in with him? We want to reenter together so we can get a home and tenancy evidence to support our de facto application, which won't work if I can't get back in the country. Thanks, Rosie
  5. Rosie27

    457 De Facto Partner visa

    Thanks Ozmaniac. What's the deal with coming back in on a tourist visa after a working visa? I had a tourist visa before my WHV too... Are there requirements that I can fulfil that will mean they let me in? Do you know what my chances are after having a tourist, a WHV then going for another one? Thanks
  6. Rosie27

    457 De Facto Partner visa

    Hi, Just looking on some advice on this as despite numerous Google searches we're struggling to find a definitive requirement list for De Facto Partners on a 457 visa. My boyfriend has just been offered sponsorship on a 457 visa, to start in March which is when my working holiday visa runs out. I plan to leave the country and re-enter on a tourist visa for three months whilst we sort out our de facto application. The main point we really want clarification on which we can't find in official terms on the internet is if the de facto requirement on a 457 is 6 months of being in a relationship rather than the 12 required for de facto normally? And for the 457 is this 6 months together or 6 months living together? In May we will have been living together 6 months (although our names aren't on the lease so I'm hoping a lead tenant statement and personal letters are enough?), and in June we will have been together for 12 months. We are considering registering our relationship as it seems this is enough to ensure that de facto sponsorship goes through - is that correct? We don't have joint bills or many official documents showing we are together currently,but we are planning to open a joint bank account soon. We have photos, whatsapp and messenger records for the past 12 months, flight tickets for trips and loads of friends we've made in Australia who can vouch for our relationship, but will this be enough? I'm terrified of being stuck in England (both of our home) whilst he is here working!! Any advice would be great, particularly clarification on the 6/12 months together/living together, the benefit of registering a relationship and whether the evidence and length of our relationship seems enough for the de facto visa to be granted. Thanks so much!