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Found 16 results

  1. Rosie27

    457 De Facto Partner visa

    Hi, Just looking on some advice on this as despite numerous Google searches we're struggling to find a definitive requirement list for De Facto Partners on a 457 visa. My boyfriend has just been offered sponsorship on a 457 visa, to start in March which is when my working holiday visa runs out. I plan to leave the country and re-enter on a tourist visa for three months whilst we sort out our de facto application. The main point we really want clarification on which we can't find in official terms on the internet is if the de facto requirement on a 457 is 6 months of being in a relationship rather than the 12 required for de facto normally? And for the 457 is this 6 months together or 6 months living together? In May we will have been living together 6 months (although our names aren't on the lease so I'm hoping a lead tenant statement and personal letters are enough?), and in June we will have been together for 12 months. We are considering registering our relationship as it seems this is enough to ensure that de facto sponsorship goes through - is that correct? We don't have joint bills or many official documents showing we are together currently,but we are planning to open a joint bank account soon. We have photos, whatsapp and messenger records for the past 12 months, flight tickets for trips and loads of friends we've made in Australia who can vouch for our relationship, but will this be enough? I'm terrified of being stuck in England (both of our home) whilst he is here working!! Any advice would be great, particularly clarification on the 6/12 months together/living together, the benefit of registering a relationship and whether the evidence and length of our relationship seems enough for the de facto visa to be granted. Thanks so much!
  2. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help with some advice or experience. I am looking to return in December to the UK for around 1 year with my Australian girlfriend, and then plan to apply Off-Shore for a De Facto Partner Visa for myself (then hoping to return to Australia once the visa is granted). We have docs confirming we've been living together for 6 months, and have registered our relationship. Is there anything else we need to consider when applying off-shore in the UK, for an Australian Partner Visa? I've been told the waiting times are around half of that On-Shore in Oz, at around 9 months... do anyone know if this is true? Thank you all in advance :-) Tom
  3. Hello all! Apologies if there is a better place for this type of post, or a thread already started. I had a look around and couldn't find anything. I just thought I'd share my timeline and experience of applying for (and being granted) the 820 De facto partner visa. While I've been waiting, I've been curious about people's timelines as it seems to vary quite a bit. First off, I'm American, not Pom, so I'm not sure how that might change things. I applied onshore in Melbourne. My partner and I met in the UK and dated for about five months before going home to our respective countries. We knew we wanted to stay together, though, so I applied for a work and holiday visa and arrived in Australia on 26 June 2012. I moved in with him and his sister right away, then I applied for the partner visa on 26 June 2013. In my application, I included police checks from the UK and US, but not the AFP check or the medical check (DIAC advised to wait until they requested them). 26 June 2013 Applied for visa (in person, in Melbourne) early Sept 2013 Applied for BVB to travel overseas (in person, in Melbourne) 13 Sept 2013 Contacted by DIAC: granted BVB, also asked to complete health check 19 Sept 2013 Completed health check 21 Feb 2014 Contacted by DIBP: asked to submit any other documents (in my case, this included the AFP police clearance) 26 Feb 2014 AFP police clearance completed and sent to me; I sent in onward to department shortly after. 7 July 2014 I phoned the Immigration help line hoping for I don't know what. He tells me to wait longer. 11 Aug 2014 Applied for second BVB in person, in Melbourne. The woman tells me they won't process my BVB application for a little while longer. (Travel dates are 5-22 Sept) 15 Aug 2014 Contacted by DIBP: granted BVB, charged $140. 26 Aug 2014 Contacted by DIBP: De factor partner visa granted. WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! So it was exactly 14 months to the day, applying onshore in Melbourne (and they took money from me for a BVB which I now don't need :mad: Small price to pay, I guess!) As you can see, I didn't hear a peep from them between February and August. And you might notice that my medical exam was only a month off expiring, though the woman at the Melbourne office told me this wouldn't be an issue. Also, I was never contacted directly by a human being. All contact from the department was via email, always an impersonal form letter. Other people have talked about chatting with case officers, but I've never been contacted by or given the name of one. Anyone else have a timeline to post, even if you haven't been awarded yet? Also, I'm certainly not a migration expert, but if nervous applicants have questions, feel free to PM me and I can tell you more about my experience (what I included, how I organised it, etc.)
  4. Hi Guys, I was wondering if you might be able to shed some light on this? I have just applied for my partner visa (820) and have received the receipt and acknowledgement including confirmation of Bridging Visa A. The details surrounding this are a little misleading on the form. As I understand it, my bridging visa doesn't kick in until my WHV ends (Nov 2nd 2014)? So can I still travel outside of Australia on the conditions of the WHV until November or will that have an impact on my Bridging Visa when I get back even if it hasn't come in to effect yet? I plan to travel back to the UK in July for 2 weeks and am now in a bit of a panic that I won't be able to get back in! Thanks in advance for your help. Catherine
  5. Hey guys! I'm new here, so firstly, apologies if I'm repeating any other posts here, or even posting in the wrong place! I'd like some very general advice - I know nothing can be taken as gospel, but the department of immigration has just shut shop for the night so I'm unable to speak to them until the morning, but I just wanted to put my feelers out regarding the following issue, and maybe, hopefully have a good banter about the situation I'm in, and I'm sure many others have faced. As the title states, I currently hold a bridging visa A, while my partner and I await a decision on our temporary 820 de facto visa (submitted March 2014). We are told by the department that this can take around a year to process, and as yet we haven't been assigned a case officer, which from what I gather, would be the next step after submitting. We plan to travel in July for 3 weeks, initially to South America, and then back home to the UK for a week or so, and the thought has suddenly struck us that this may not be possible! I know I need to apply for a bridging visa B in order to leave and return to Australia, however, in the notes of the form 1006 Application for Bridging Visa B, there needs to be substantial reasons for it to be granted. If anyone has any experience in such an application (and for whatever reason!) I would greatly appreciate some guidance. I have very substantial reasons for visiting the UK, to see family. However I don't know if I can 'use' that as the excuse and then hop off to South America en route! As much as I'd like to! We're about 3 weeks from booking, and that's something I obviously won't do until I've sorted the visa situation! But currently the suspense is killing me! :eek: Friends of ours have recently had their de facto visa approved in a seemingly record-breaking 5 months, so I'm currently keeping everything crossed that we'll receive the same speed of progress, although that would still be August at the earliest! If anyone can shed a little light on this topic, it'd be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  6. Luke Aveil

    Defacto 457 visa

    Hi, I am currently coming to the end of my 2nd WHV and shall be applying for a defacto visa as my girlfriend is here on a 457. We have lived together for over 6 months, have a joint lease, joint bank accounts and bills in both our names. The last piece of evidence we need is a letter from her employer, I am just wondering into what detail does this letter have to go? Does it simply have to say that they accept me being a defacto on her 457 visa? My second question is in regards to the new costing of said defacto visa......I found the immigration website fairly confusing, but from going through the visa costing table I have come to the conclusion that it shall be $1030....does anyone know from recent experience if this is correct? I originally thought it would be $1700, but because I applied (and was granted) for my 2nd WHV outside of Australia I am under the impression I do not have to pay the extra $700 had I applied for my current visa here. Any info would be greatly appreciated:biggrin:
  7. Hi everyone, I'm in a pretty unusual situation here. Basically I was on my first working holiday visa and met my partner on November 27th 2013, meaning we have been together only nearly four months. I had arranged to do my regional work beginning in January so that I could stay another year and allow things to develop with us at a normal rate, but on 2nd January I was a passenger in a car crash and broke my neck. My partner and I had only been together 5 weeks at the time, but things had been serious from the start and he flew straight to be with me and has supported me ever since (I've been living with him rent-free but am not on the tenancy agreement). My problem is that because of my injury I have been unable to do my regional work (I was in hospital for 3 weeks, and am now in a hefty halo brace with pending spinal surgery), and as such my visa will expire on 25th May. I am completely confused as to what to do about visas now, as a medical treatment visa (602) wouldn't give me the right to work and I am almost out of money. My partner says he will support me, but he is just about to buy an apartment for us to move into and I think it will be a stretch financially for him. On the medical visa application form there is a section where you can state your case in applying for the right to work - does anyone have any experience of this right having been granted? I'm not sure how best to outline my case. And I'm not even sure whether applying for a medical treatment visa is the best thing to do - in these circumstances would it be best to apply for a de facto visa and hope for the best? The cold hard facts of our relationship are as follows: Together 4 months Living together since 18th January (2 months) Have a joint bank account Evidence of him having spent a week with me in hospital, hired a car, paid for things I needed He is buying an apartment where we will both live His family are very supportive of our relationship (mother is a Justice of the Peace) He will support me financially Holiday plans for the future (tickets booked to see my parents in the UK in December) The issue with a medical visa is that A. it might not last much longer than my existing visa, and then I'd just be left with the option of a tourist visa. Also probably worth mentioning that I am going through the process of a CTP claim which will cover all my medical costs and loss of earnings. Thanks in advance for your help - any input would be gratefully received!
  8. My partner and I have been together for a year, and living together for 6 months. I am Australian, he is British, currently living in London. We would like to move to Australia to live at the second half of the year, around September. By then, we will have been together over 18 months and lived together over 12 months. We are beginning to get serious about preparing for a de facto visa application, eg. reading into all the forms, all the evidence we need, gathering documents and photos, approaching friends to write stat decs, working out the costs and timings for the application. We have joint rental lease, joint bank account, evidence of ongoing relationship, shared finances and will have no problem getting stat decs from Aussies. The questions are around timing and what constitutes a '12 month de facto relationship'. 1. Even though our relationship is now over 12 months, does it only count as 'de facto' from the time which we have been living together? Even though we have proof of commitment to each other prior to this date? 2. Do we definitely have to wait until we have been living together for 12 months before we apply? Or, could we apply after 9 months of living together with proof that the relationship has be ongoing for 15 months? Is there any flexibility on this? I am conscious that the processing can take a very long time! Have read that on-shore processing in 2013 was taking up to 12 months. 3. Does anyone know if these long processing times also apply to off-shore applications? Or if there is any difference? I am very keen to return to Australia at the end of this year. Does anyone know: 4. If the visa application for my partner is still processing, can we move to Australia whilst we are waiting. Eg, my partner on a 3 month tourist visa or a two year working holiday visa? Would appreciate any advice or tips on the questions above! thanks =)
  9. Hello, My name is Leon hopefully you guys and girls can help us. Ihave been in a relationship with Alex my partner for 4 months and weare waiting for one last document to register our relationship (itcould take up to 3 weeks) and then we will be able to apply for apartner visa. Myworking holiday visa will expire in 6 months and we should be able togather all the information required for the De Facto visa. Ourmain concern is the following; we are unsure of how long it will taketo gather all the relevant documents in order to launch theapplication for a partner visa. Do you think it would be wise if Ixcomplete 3 months of agricultural work to extend my stay in Australiain case something goes wrong after lodging the De Facto application ? Weare too afraid that in spite of lodging the application, I might bedenied a bridging Visa. Cheers
  10. Hi all! After years of lurking in the forums and getting tips and years of complex delays (family reasons), I finally lodged my De facto Partner (100/309) application on 19/02/2013 (having completed 5 versions of the 40SP/47SP over the years on various false starts!). Following the excellent advice on this forum, I submitted a comprehensive application proving 9 years de facto relationship with my Aussie partner, showing adequate funding, including owning an apartment in Melbourne. I more than qualify for progressing straight to the 100 visa and PR. I also already have family that have emigrated to Australia (2 sisters and husbands, their grown up families etc) so we both have extensive family support networks. But the processing time for partner migration is 8-9 months at least! We sold up and moved into rented nearly a year ago, so everything is in storage ready to go. Obviously, we can wait if we have to but I wonder what other options I have? Travel on a 3m visitors visa and try to get a bridging visa? Sponsored by one of my sisters, perhaps? Any advice on options to explore would be gratefully received! After years of waiting, I just want to get cracking!
  11. Helloooo, I've decided to apply for a 176 visa and am wondering how difficult this will be and whether I should pay for an agent? I am 30 yrs old, fully qualified accountant (ACCA) and have 5+ years of relevant work experience, plus I am from the UK and can only speak English so I assume I will have no problem proving my English skills?! I also have an uncle and aunty living in Cairns (they both hold perm resident visas) and when I took the test online I scored 75 so looking quite positive I think so wondering if the app will be straight forward in turn? I do plan to apply for a de facto spouse visa for my other half who is also from the UK but his occupation is not on the SOL so he will not qualify for any points... I've looked at one site so far called NationalVisas.com.au and there are a variety of services ranging from all inclusive end to end service for $4k AUD to 180 day access period with personalised app guide for $600 AUD to 15 day access period with personalised app guide for $110 AUD.... I know I have to be careful about finding a registered agent and avoid the dodgy ones, I will def do my research and background checks first before handing over any money! So if anyone has an opinion I'd love to hear it Also from a few threads that I've read on here I am getting the sense that 176 visas apps are being processed a lot quicker than the 12-18 mth guidelines so any thoughts on that are welcome too! Many thanks
  12. Hi everyone, Myself and my partner are currently compiling our De Facto Partner Visa. I am looking for advice and ANY opinions anyone has on our situation. Details are as follows: I am from Scotland and i immigrated to Australia in 2006 with my family, so i hold a permanent resident visa. I comeback to the UK in April 2007. Then i met my partner and it all changed to today's situation. Met my partner in my home town - April 2009 Moved in together - January 2010 - I moved in with my partner but i was not on the lease Decided we wanted to live together in Australia - September 2010 I moved back to Australia - April 2011 - Partner is still in the UK and hoping to come out with the visa whilst she finishes completing her college course and saves money. I am working away and now have the money to pay for our visa. Evidence: I have various letters with my name at her address, car insurance, hospital, bank statements, holiday itineries etc wide selection of photos with friends together lots of stat decs from friends and family very detailed statutory declarations from when we met joint bank account opened in April 2011 Looking at the above, the application looks very weak but our statutory declaration is a fantastic love story that makes all of the above make so much sense! I don't want to be here in Australia if i can't have my girl here with me :unsure:
  13. Guest

    De Facto Shortcut?

    Hi All, Just been doing a bit of research and wanted to make sure my interpretation is correct. Briefly, myself and my girlfriend have been together for approx seven years, but until recently never lived together or held a joint bank account. We do have various holiday invoices, insurance docs, photos, cards, invitations dating back to 2005 - present. As of the last few weeks, we now live together and hold a joint bank account. My girlfriend is a teacher and is looking to apply for a 175 visa. Only problem is me going over asap as her de facto partner. My girlfriend wants to submit her application by May 2011, i.e. 7 months strong evidence of de facto. However, I have explored the possibilty of applying seperately for a WHV 417 as soon as her visa is granted. Hopefully, we will have built up at least 12 months de facto by the time her 175 visa is granted. My idea was then to enter OZ on a WHV and apply to be her partner via a 820 visa with more than 12 months evidence to hopefully a 801 visa. I am aware of the seperate costs for all three visa rather than just one 175 de facto visa, but we are eager to go asap Any help much appreciated
  14. My partner is Australian and we have been together for a year. Unfortunately I have had to return to England (1) to work, and (2) because Australian Immigration have flagged me as a "visa hopper" and have stipulated I am unable to return without a permanent visa. My partner has two children and is unable to leave Australia. Unfortunately, the complications don't end there :err: My partner is seperated but not divorced. She is undergoing a very lengthy and legally intensive seperation due to owning a number of companies and real estate with her previous partner. Consequentially she has been unable to process a divorce. We can prove her seperation date but are lacking in the divorce stakes. I have been living with her in a defacto arrangement for about 9 months but as I have been "evicted" we are unable to continue this for a 12 month period. Prior to this I lived nearby as I have family in Perth, and this was a more sensible arrangement for a new couple. Due to the legal proceedings we have been unable to live as a fully fledged couple. If I had supported her financially with the house and utility bills it would mean that her ex-partner would have a claim on my assets (which, believe me, he would pursue), whereas he and his new partner have been very careful in this respect. We have a joint back account, but I realise that doesn't really prove much. We can provide a variety of information about our relationship, but I'm very scared that this won't be enough - family references, photographs, flight receipts, emails, usual stuff. I had to return to England in February for a number of weeks during which time my partner flew here to be with me and meet my family and friends. I am highly qualified in an industry that is in demand in Australia, but given the nature of my work as a consultant I rarely work longer than 6 months for a client. This has made it difficult to get sponsored on a 457 visa as an alternative. I did look into longer term work and was offered a $100k/year job on the condition I could arrange a visa as they were unable to do so. My last resort was Skilled Migration on a 175 visa, but have heard that can now take 3-4 years to process, and there's no way I can go even a fraction of that without working. At the heart of it I am absolutely devastated. It feels like we've looked into so many options but each lead has come to a dead end. It feels like the De Facto Partner Visa is our only real option, and despite our hazy evidence I am intending to pursue it regardless. I am at a stage when I do not have the finances available to use a migration agent, so we really will be winging this on our own. Any help and advice really would be greatly appreciated. I have been back in England a week and each and every day is hell, especially from not knowing when we can be together again. Surely if we can make a case to Immigration that proves we're a bonafide loving couple then that would be enough!?!
  15. Guest

    Medical checks

    Hi everyone, I am getting my application together for a de facto partner visa, hopefully to submit it at the end of this month. I have my medical booked for the 9th of Feb though - does it matter that this will be sent to the High Commission before I submit my application? I don't want to do my medical after I submit it, but should I delay my appointment? Thanks for your help... this is all quite overwhelming!! :eek:
  16. Guest

    Beirut Immigration centre

    Hi, I've just lodged my de facto partner application in Cyprus, which is then sent to Beirut for processing. The Cyprus High commission quoted me nine months for review of the visa! This seems to be v.long in comparison to the London processing time, which is anything between 2 days and 1 month. Has anyone been through the Beirut processing centre and what was your experience? Thanks, Catlady