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  1. yay got a grant today. thanks and i hope the best for each one of u.
  2. hey i had submitted all docs to immi and have been waiting for 6 weeks for my grant but still no reply. is anyone out there who is waiting for their 189 grants and is pissed off by their slow processing.. share your thoughts
  3. hello dear members, my immi account organise your health was updated to this status: Meeting the health requirement Health has been finalised for this person for this visa subclass based on the information provided to the department. If this person needs to do anything further to meet the health requirement, they will be contacted by the department. There is no need to contact the department at this time concerning this matter okay i understand this one but can i contact them to know about the status of my application as they have crossed their deadline of 3 months processing of 189 visa. furthermore, the underlined portion is giving me creeps and i am very worried. please some one help. thanks in advance
  4. happyfeet90

    Visa without pay slip?

    it is better you provide them with your tax returns , income tax number, complete bank statement in which you received your salaries and it is in your favour if u can provide them with the recent coloured scans of your salary cheque..3-4 recent cheque would be enough hope it helps
  5. happyfeet90

    Form 80 Employment History - Working Without A Permit

    as you have said , you worked when you had a valid visa so in my opinion your experience might get accepted but you never know what your case officer decides.. i would emphasize you in getting a proper advise from a certified mara agent in your country and he can help you best.
  6. happyfeet90

    Which visa is best?

    go for @Ozmaniac advice.
  7. happyfeet90

    Any one done The Pearsons English Test Yet?

    just go for pte... buy their preparation book available on their website and practice. i went for it & after some prep i got my req score. not scoring in ielts made me question my english ability but it wasnt after i got my pte result that i found ielts was just a big flaw to begin with and lots of ppl are frustrated with its outcome. best of luck
  8. happyfeet90

    medicals submitted but no update in immi account

    thank you so much..you have been my savior in this forum :hug:
  9. happyfeet90

    How did you find your sponsor?

    i would rather advise you to make your mind in skilled independent 189 category as no sponsor is required. i wasted 1.5 years looking for a sponsor and after some tiring search i was able to find few of them but they were charging huge amounts and i did not wanted to be their cash milking cows like the ones on student visas. so i tried shifting my profession. hope it helps
  10. happyfeet90

    medicals submitted but no update in immi account

    thanks debbs. my organize your health link got vanished so it means they have received it. can sum1 help me with my second question please.. Ques; how much time does immi allows to move from current country to australia after 189 ( skilled indep) visa grant...i have heard that there is specific restricted period in which it is compulsory for the applicant to shift to aus?? :GEEK: thanks
  11. hi everyone my meds were uploaded by emedical clinic on friday 27 march but immi acc says health evidence as requested ( not received)..should i be worried about the result of my medicals as the silence is worrying me alot..:frown: ( my meds were done during 28 days period given by case officer but were uploaded after it) one more thing is how much time in visa (189)is granted to shift from native country to australia after grant. pls help thanks in advance.
  12. happyfeet90

    how to count my 28 days?

    oh my..my medicals are on 20 march friday and they take 3 days to upload..so what should i do?
  13. happyfeet90

    how to count my 28 days?

    hi everyone my co sent me mail on 23 feb 2015 and asked for form 80 , pcc and medicals..although i have uploaded everything except medicals but i want to know how should i count my 28 days as in whether i should include sat , sundays and aus public holidays? CO 'S MAILS SAID: Timeframe for responseYou must respond to this request within 28 days after you are taken to have received this letter. You should provide your response in writing. As this letter was sent to you by email, you are taken to have received it at the end of the day it was transmitted. Can someone please advise what is my last date??:wacko:
  14. happyfeet90

    form 80 size more than 5 mb help..pls

    hi all my last date is up in 5 days and i want to quickly submit my form 80 but after i scanned it its size is 5.24 mb.. can someone suggest what should i do as immi account says one cannot upload document more than 5mb.. or should i just upload it..m really concerned.pls help thanks:huh: