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Found 12 results

  1. Hi guys, Here is my situation. I receive state nomination on 6/4 from SkillSelect for visa 190 and was completing the visa application form on ImmiAccount website. It was still okay until last Friday when I logged in again and my existing application disappeared on the ImmiAccount website!!!! I have tried all the ways: - Click "Apply" again in SkillSelect but nothing appeared! - I tried to retrieve my application in ImmiAccount but there is this error: "Online applications cannot be imported until they have been submitted for processing." - I tried to look for visa 190 to apply again in ImmiAccount but there is no category for this visa!!!! I submitted a request to the IT but don't know when I will get the answer.... Any of your help is great here! My deadline for my submission is closing on very soon... Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I am really confused and hope someone can help me. I started a new application for an 887 residency visa through my immiaccount. However, I have gotten to the end of the questions and the only option left for me to do is to submit the application. Great, I hear you say...however, at no stage whatsoever have I been prompted to add supporting documentation such as proof of address, proof of work, identity etc etc. My friend applied for her residency 4 months ago and said she was prompted throughout to add supporting documentation. She also said she had warnings before she started that she should ensure she has all her supporting documentation ready and that if it was not attached her application would face delays. I have had non of these warnings. If I click submit, will I then be prompted to attach documents?? I am worried that if I click submit, that will be it, but then there will not be evidence for my case. Thanks in advance for your help
  3. Hi All, Can anyone please tell me where can I attach Form 1446 - Withdrawal of a visa application online? Is it just under "Attach documents"? And once uploaded, do I have to do anything else? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi - I am an Australian Citizen living in the UK. My husband and I have been together for 12 years, married 10 and with 2 children who are also Australian Citizens. I am just about to apply for our offshore partner visa and I don’t know whether to pay for a Migration agent to check through my evidence, or whether the Immi account website is really helpful once you pay the $7,160. I would hate to attempt it on my own and get rejected on the grounds that my evidence isn’t good enough. However, I’ve scanned in; Bank statements, some Utility bills, all our ID, all our tenancy agreements and mortgage documents, cards sent to us, travel documents, photos, Facebook screenshots, our photography website, tickets to gigs, invites. Is the Immi account straight forward once you pay the fees and start uploading your evidence and how can you feel secure that you’ve lodged enough? Thanks, Rachel
  5. Hello there, I am in the process of applying for my citizenship but I have come across an error while doing my online application through ImmiAccount. One of the items included in the application is the residence eligibility by way of using the residence calculator. I have been here in Australia since 2013 and while I have been deemed eligible and with the requirements "met" using the calculator, this doesn't seem to get me to go ahead with my application. Has anyone had the same problem? First Lawful Entry: 20 June 2013 (Tourist Visa) x 3 months PR granted: 23 February 2016
  6. RavenBlue

    Expired passport details?

    Hi All, We're trying to fill out the 'my health declarations' section on the immiaccount website so that we can get medicals booked. One of the questions is have we ever travelled to Aus before on an old passport and if so give the passport details. Both myself and my husband have, but several years ago and on passports which we renewed 5 years ago - and neither of us can find the old passports!! Has anybody else come across this issue? And if so what did you do please? Many Thanks!
  7. Dear All, I uploaded two documents to my visa application in the ImmiAccount, and I chose the wrong 'document type' in the combobox of the upload form. I chose "Work Experience - Australian, Evidence of" where it should have been "Work Experience - Offshore, Evidence of". I can't find a way to correct this. Apparently, once documents are uploaded, it's impossible to detach them or fix their descriptions. Has anyone faced any similar problem? I'm not sure if I should "do" something to get this fixed, or if I should just wait until a case officer starts processing my application, notices my mistake and asks me to fix it somehow. In addition, there doesn't seem to be any e-mail address that I could use to contact the department and ask about this. There is the "Notification of incorrect answer - 1023" form, but it doesn't seem applicable to this issue.
  8. I'm about to lodge a 189 visa application, and I can't find any button or link in the ImmiAccount to upload the supporting documents. Does anybody know if I have to make the payment first? I'm confused because I believe that making the payment should put my application in a 'submitted' state. But how could it be submitted without the supporting documents?
  9. I have come across this section in IMMIACCOUNT which is asking me to fill up my educational details: "Highest recognised qualification This is the highest recognised qualification that the applicant has undertaken and not the highest qualification relating to their nominated occupation. Example If the applicant has completed a Bachelor degree and a Masters degree, the applicant should select the Masters degree as the highest recognised qualification. If the applicant has nominated Accountant as their occupation and hold a Bachelor of Commerce, but have also completed a Doctor of Philosophy, the applicant should select the Doctor of Philosophy as their highest recognised qualification." I have completed a Bsc degree in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University and received a positive assessment on it. However, I have also completed all the 14 papers of ACCA qualification and I am an affiliate. Therefore, should I mention "ACCA qualification" as my highest recognised qualification. Please note that I dont know if it falls under the "Recognised" category since i have received neither positive nor negative assessment on it. Moreover, I have not mentioned it in my EOI. So, am I going to confuse CO by mentioning it? Or should I avoid mentioning it altogether? Please help. Tau
  10. hello dear members, my immi account organise your health was updated to this status: Meeting the health requirement Health has been finalised for this person for this visa subclass based on the information provided to the department. If this person needs to do anything further to meet the health requirement, they will be contacted by the department. There is no need to contact the department at this time concerning this matter okay i understand this one but can i contact them to know about the status of my application as they have crossed their deadline of 3 months processing of 189 visa. furthermore, the underlined portion is giving me creeps and i am very worried. please some one help. thanks in advance
  11. Hey Everyone, I wondered if there is anyone out there who has been in the same situation as us. We have not used a migration agent and lodged our 457 visa application ourselves using the immi-account online. This was done 2 weeks ago. We are struggling to understand the 'status' of our application because the website is somewhat ambigious and illogical. To put you in the picture here are the points of contention: 1. We uploaded a number of document attachments in support of our 457 application, after logging back into the account we noticed that the attachments have the progress status as 'received' but at the same time there is a small blue highlighted question mark next to each attachment, when we click on these blue question marks, it tells us the requirements of the attached documents. We are not sure if this is the case officer requesting the correct documents because our initial uploaded is wrong? or this is just a generic general guideline that pops up after you have uploaded your attachments. 2. We are confused because there has been no correspondence from the account, so we are not even sure if the status of the application has actually even been viewed by a human eye!? which leads us to believe the 'blue questions mark' are a automatic generic pop up, but then what makes it ambigious is that for one of the attachment (marriage certificate) there is no 'blue question mark' which then leads us to think someone has deliberately left out no question mark there. So does it mean some human eye (case officer ) has looked at our application and deliberately assigned those 'blue question marks' to only those that need attention to tell us to reload the correct attachment documents. 3. What adds to the confusion is that above the attachment progress column, there is a sentence that basically says 'not all attachment are required or necessary and only a status of 'required' is when attachments needs to be provided. Well all our attachments just says 'received' which makes me think its ok, because it doesn't say 'required' however then what is the point of the blue question marks being there?, because it feels like they are personal requests from the case officer to get more documents uploaded! but then why don't the case officer write us a correspondence to tell us specifically that you are required to re-submit these documents? I'm really confused by the ambiguity of the mix messages of how the eVISA process is presented, I would be grateful if there is anyone out there who has gone through this progress and can throw a light on the interpretation of the website and its presentation of the status of your online visa. Its important for us know because if those 'blue questions marks' are direct action requests from a case officer (and not a generic guideline) then we need to get alot of 'certified documents uploaded' that can cost alot of money and time, which if it is not necessary we don't want to do. Looking for any experienced advice please, tearing our hairs out with stress as to what this online eVISA is all about. It really doesn't help either that there is no correspondence from a case officer and no direct way of contacting the immigration for answers (if anyone has contacts for this purpose I would also appreciate it if they can share that too). Thanks a bunch in advance to all you lovely helpful people :-).
  12. Hi All, I was just about to send our 309/100 partner visa and I have noticed the option my be available online via Immiaccount. Just wondering if anyone has used this to apply for the same visa? and im guessing its still ok for an offshore applictation? Many thanks in advance stephen