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Found 36 results

  1. Cables

    CO contact timeline

    Hi all. Just wondering if there's a cut-off point for when a CO contacts you for the first time? Im on 32 days and wondering if when I get passed (i.e.) 40, I can start chilling the champagne... or could they possibly contact me later than that? Im going for Direct Grant, everything uploaded when payment made, so hoping I won't get assigned one and the golden ticket will come within 90 days! Thanks!
  2. JD3006

    Case Officer

    Hi I received notification of Tasmania sponsoring my 489 visa back in November 2017, I was then invited via Skill select to apply and pay for the visa which I did (13 Nov 2017) I now have an Immi Account where I can upload documents, apply for medical ( applied and passed ) and other things. I have uploaded all Docs apart from UK police check as I need to put down a Case Officer name on the UK police application. I have not yet heard anything from a "Case Officer" would I get an email from somebody i.e "Hi my name is Joe Blogs and I'm your case officer.. I will need documents A, B, C etc etc" ?? Im a bit concerned I haven't had any emails or notifications via Immi Account since 13 Nov 2016.. is this normal ? Many Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, my certificate of experience is issued from governmental body & I had it authenticated by ministry of state & the Australian embassy here in Egypt. Would that be enough evidence for the case officer? I'm asking this because I can't get any other evidence of experience.
  4. Hi all, We applied for 190 visa on 12th august from onshore, got our invite on 6th sept and we paid and responded for the invite on 15th sept after completing our health check up. Immediately we were granted the bridging visa. We have uploaded all the necessary documents but we have not been assigned a case officer yet. Could someone pls help us on this... thanks.
  5. My husband and I submitted our application on 1st March (background: I am an Australian citizen, we have been together 14 yrs, married 6 and have two children aged 8 & 3 both of whom are citizens by descent and have Aus passports) and we received an email on 8th April requested police checks and medical be completed. The email was signed with a persons name (not just a computer generated email) so can I assume that this would be our case officer? I understand that it is different in all cases but given that ours is very straightforward does it seem likely that our application with be processed quickly? Police checks came through very quickly and have already been uploaded to our Immi account. The medical was completed on 18th April but not yet submitted. I spoke to someone from the hospital today and they said the Dr will upload on Tuesday when next in. I am really hopeful that our wait won't be too long and have been reading some very encouraging posts from people saying they had their approval within weeks!
  6. Hi all, We lodged our 189 visa application on 8th June. I have sent off for our police clearance certificates and we're booked in for our medicals this Saturday (21st June). I plan on uploading all our other evidence over the next few days and I'm suddenly feeling really nervous about it! Is there anyone else out there at the same stage? It'd be great to be able to go through this bit with someone else! Also, does anyone know how long it takes to be allocated a case officer at the moment? Shelly x
  7. hello dear members, my immi account organise your health was updated to this status: Meeting the health requirement Health has been finalised for this person for this visa subclass based on the information provided to the department. If this person needs to do anything further to meet the health requirement, they will be contacted by the department. There is no need to contact the department at this time concerning this matter okay i understand this one but can i contact them to know about the status of my application as they have crossed their deadline of 3 months processing of 189 visa. furthermore, the underlined portion is giving me creeps and i am very worried. please some one help. thanks in advance
  8. hi everyone my meds were uploaded by emedical clinic on friday 27 march but immi acc says health evidence as requested ( not received)..should i be worried about the result of my medicals as the silence is worrying me alot..:frown: ( my meds were done during 28 days period given by case officer but were uploaded after it) one more thing is how much time in visa (189)is granted to shift from native country to australia after grant. pls help thanks in advance.
  9. Let discuss and update status on Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) people who have applied in the Month of MAY 2014. Let us share if a CASE officer is been allocated or No, Medical PCC etc. Let's keep it going...
  10. Sorry if this has been asked before but I was wondering how long it took for a CO to be allocated for people applying for the De Factor partner visa onshore? We applied in July before my working holiday visa ran out and uploaded most of our documents etc. However we only just this week finished uploading everything they need so assuming that we use this week as the start date how long will it take to hear from our CO? Its taken us a while to get sorted but hoping it won't be too much longer!?! :arghh: *edit should be 820/801
  11. Hello Everyone!!! I am new to this site and recently join it. I would like to know the processing time of the partner/spouse visa (subclass 309) applied from London, UK. I am living in Australia as a permanent resident since Nov, 2012. My wife living in UK and she posted subclass 300 visa application documents (through mail). We call them and they told that they have received our documents on 03-JAN-2014 and we will receive an email when a case officer will be assigned to our application. I am wondering that how long it usually take to get case officer assigned for the spouse application (because we are still waiting for the email) and also what is the usually overall processing time for this subclass applied from London, UK. Thanks.
  12. I haven't found any thread for 189 who applied in OCT 2013, so I thought to start one. My agent submitted the application on 02nd OCT 2013 and so far no update. Did anyone submit on Oct 2013 and got CO assigned? :mad: I was reading around and I found that some applications are processed within 2 months and some are processed in 5 or 6 months. So any idea about some timelines?
  13. Hi, I have recieved an email requesting for further information: Request for information or documents This letter refers to your application for a Skilled - (VE 175) Independent visa, which was lodged .... and the department is writing to you at this time to ensure all required documentation has been provided and is current. As you may be aware priority processing arrangements apply to all applications for General Skilled Migration (GSM) and determine the order in which the department considers applications. Priority processing arrangements are set through a direction issued by the Minister. Under the current ministerial direction your application is in Priority Group 5 and; subject to any changes in the priority processing direction; it is anticipated that your application will be allocated to a case officer within the next twelve (12) months. Has anyone received this email and is it likely that I will be allocated a case officer within the next 12 months? What's the process after being allocated a case officer, how long do things take? My reason for asking is that I'm not sure if I'm ready to move yet as we had completely given up hope and have just purchased a new home taking on a huge mortgage. We are settled in our jobs and to be honest quite happy with life as it is. over the past few years I've also spent quite a bit setting up a new business which is starting to pick up now and I could potentially do very well in. I really dread the thought of having to start all over again but my husband would be very happy to go as his family is in Aus. Having no savings at all at the moment I really don't know if being allocated a case officer within the next 12 months would be a good thing. If this news had come a year or so earlier I would have been over the moon but with life as it is now and our financial situation this couldn't have come at a worse time! Any help and advice would be much appreciated. Lilly
  14. Angela2012

    Dec 2012 189 visa lodged

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone, who has lodged a 189 visa application in December 2012 has actually been allocated a CO or have had any updates since ? Thanks.
  15. Hi I by mistake employed a Migration Agent who turned out to be a complete flop He was not even half aware of the processes and was surprisingly a fool. I got Victorian Nomination on March 3rd and we lodged an EOI on 9th March 13. Neither my agent nor I was aware that we need to write to Victoria(My chosen state) to proceed further. It was only after 3 long months of gruelling wait that I read about this information and wrote to Victoria about my EOI ID. Within next 2 days, I got the invitation from Victoria I have Lodged my Visa now on 7th July, Case officer is not yet assigned to my application. I have two questions: 1. Dont wish to repeat the same mistake as last time, I have written to Victoria already, Paid for the Visa and have shared the information and reference number with Victoria. Is there anything else which needs to be done? 2. What is the acknowledgement letter all about. I just received a Payment Confirmation letter which is a PDF file and no formal acknowledgement as such. (Can someone share with me a screenshot of acknowledgement letter so that I can drill my MARA agent just in case if he is still in his slumber) 3. My EOI status is displayed as "Suspended" is this normal. This happened after I applied the Visa once Victoria Invited me. 4. I checked with the Indian embassy in Singapore, they said they cannot issue me a PCC before they hear from embassy, kindly suggest If we get any letter from Case officer for PCC or can we do it ourselves (Download from somewhere etc) Thanks a lot in advance My timelines are as follows: IELTS: L:9, R:9, W:8, S:8.5 Overlall: 8.5 | EOI Points scored: 80 | Category: 261314 | 7.5 Years Exp | Staying and working in Singapore Victorian SS application submitted: 17 Oct 12 | SS Accepted 6th March 13 | EOI submitted: 9th March 13 | Victoria Invitation received:2nd July 13 | Victorian Visa applied: 7th July 13 | CO Assigned: Waiting | PCC Applied Waiting | Medicals Completed: Waiting | All documents confirmed received by CO: Waiting | Visa Granted: Waiting
  16. I lodged my application for 189 visa on 1st April from the uk and its now past the 8 week allocation period and I've not heard from immi with regards to a case officer being allocated :-( any others in the same boat? Do I contact immi?? was really hoping to hear something as we front loaded all docs so just been waiting doing nothing for 8 weeks!
  17. Hi all, We have recently lodged our 189 application (17/06/13). I've uploaded more or less all the requested/required documents and now await our Case Officer. I know there are no hard or fast rules, but are there any similar recent applicants out there who can advise how long the period between lodgment and being assigned a CO? From what I read, things can really move quickly once you have the CO, hence my interest! Much obliged, Neil
  18. Hi, I applied for 489 family sponsred (Queensland's regional area) visa on 21 Jan and i am still to get a CO. As per DIAC it should take maximum of 10 weeks for priority4 class. If anybody has been granted CO or visa in between please share your thoughs and processings. Any pointers are really appreciated. Thanks in advance, Punj
  19. Ok, So I realise now I should have read the small print before commencing but is anyone else having similar issues with the new online portal. 186 ENS application made on 31/01/13 and paid on 31/01/13. Got a long list of of documents to supply as online attachments most of which have to be certified. A big thanks to the local police in Sandringham who diligently certified over 100 pages !! So....started to load the documents online and arrrrgggggghhhh reached the limit of 60 files as adding them as individual files. Havent even managed to add the Decision Ready file. Now, with any normal online service you would expect to be able to rectify mistakes by deleting files added and starting again.....but NO thats asking a bit too much. Reading the help file it says once a case officer is assigned they will ask for additional information. Well they are missing over half of ours. Question. What is the experience of anyone else on here in the time it is taking to get a Case Officer assigned in Melbourne post July. Reading the threads there are some horror stories. It looks as though I shall now be in the call queue for a couple of hours tomorrow - I hope to get through on the phone. Wish me luck. Thoughts, ideas, suggestions gratefully received. Paul
  20. Red Hand

    how are CO's assigned??

    Any of the amazingly knowledgeable people on this forum know how CO's are assigned to 189 visa candidates? Is there any ranking profile based on EOI points or occupation or just done at random?? Curious to hear what people think or know? Thank you!!
  21. Hello Members. Great to see that you have been a limelight for all those who were in dark , I am writing to check if there will be any suggestion that you give to help my situation. I had completed my Masters back in 2009 and applied for subclass 487 (Family sponsored). The person who sponsored is an Australian Citizen ,who actually is my blood brother but since he was adopted by my uncle when he was 7 years old and lived with adopted parents longer than parents by birth -I was then suggested by immigration department that I have to refer him as first cousin. Anyway I have put him as first cousin and here I am 3 years 6 months and still in bridging visa. The main concern is , I am getting married in July 2013. She is a 22 year old B Tech graduate with 1 year 6 months experience in Tier 1 IT Company in India (Currently analyst programmer - will be 2 years on job on 31st May). I am looking for options to bring her in 1) First option that I looked at is getting her to apply directly on skilled migration programme since her role in in both sol and Regional Migrations scheme but she last than 2 years experience as of now -Is this a recommended option? 2)Second option that I thought of was to bring her in student visa for Ms in information technology (This was something that she has thought about long before we met). We are getting officially married in July but she will apply for student visa either in March or April as a Independent applicant. My intention is to bring her in student visa and change it to 489 dependent visa after I get approved.. ? In doing the second option ,I was advised by some people that Case officers may turn nasty when they access her for 489 since they may feel the entire student visa is a well orchestrated idea to bring her on-shore -As a result both of us may be thrown out(Not trying to exaggerate but just saying the worst situation). What would be your recommendation? Do you mind providing me some suggestion to help my situation ? Regards Victor
  22. Hi all Woke up to a fab email this morning on our 175 application requesting police clearances and medicals (hip hip hooray!):biggrin: However there are a few questions based on the fact that I am 7 months pregnant... I have read on previous posts that you can ask your case officer to put your application on hold until baby is born, and then add him to the application (so as to avoid paying the extra $2000 for a baby visa) - has anyone done this? Secondly with regard to police clearances, can we apply for those now or do we need different ones as "parents" in 8 weeks time? My only concern is we have lived part of the last 10 years in South Africa, and the police clearances can take quite a while and we want to get down under asap, so I would love to start those now! Any help or advice would be a huge help! Sorry if these questions seem a bit silly. Thanks Heather
  23. Guest

    Medicals Before or After CO?

    Just wondering if anyone can share their experience with this. Applied for our visa a couple of weeks ago and was wondering how many people go ahead and book medicals and PCCs before being allocated a CO? We have booked in a medical for Tuesday, is this a bad idea? Thanks
  24. Hi Everyone. We lodged our 175 visa on 13th June - no CO yet. I have been watching the "176 Lodged in June/May" Thread but I was just wondering what stage all the other 175's were at? Are we being allocated CO's as fast as 176's or does it depend on what state sponsorship you have gone for or what your skill is? I'm kinda hoping we have a CO by next week but maybe this is too ambitious. Good luck to everyone that has applied
  25. Guest

    CO Question

    Hi - Anyone has CO with initials RC? If yes please share time line, experience etc