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  1. richardcoull

    Vevo query

    JFI--CPV 143 is PR visa and i applied it offshore.Im planning to leave for australia on 18th feb.
  2. richardcoull

    Vevo query

    Hey guys, My CPV 143 was granted on 9th Jan,2015 and today for no reason, i decided to check my visa detail on Vevo. Everything was okay but my visa type was showing as temporary resident.Can anyone please explain why am i being considered as TR ? lol Thanks Rich
  3. Hey Jaimin This is the most difficult part of the process and i would advice you to consult this senstive matter with your RMA. Emotional Dependency doesnt work for over 18 dependents, you need solid evidence to get through the process. Evidence you can provide:- 1.Proof of Study 2.Proof of financial dependency (Any kinds of reciepts or bank statements involving your son in the last 12 months) 3.Affidavit 4.Address proof ( showing that hes staying with you ) Please write detailed answers in your questainnaire, CO doesnt like casual answers. Good luck Rich
  4. Hey Admin @Pomqueen I apologize for not abiding the copyright law, but my only motive was to help the future applicants of 143 Visa.The OP of the 143 guide ( Orphan ) worked really hard on the visa subject and im sure he would love to share it with anyone.If you want his official approval, i will send it you! @Petina you can check the links given by the admin, they may have the info your require. cheers Rich
  5. richardcoull

    Contributory parent visa - # of applicants

    @Ozmaniac It all makes sense now and i completely agree with you.TBH everything after my CO allottment got a bit confusing.I didnt expected that my son would be considered as an over 18 dependent cuz i lodged my application when he was just 17yo.I thought they would still consider him under18.Anyways, Sorry for the confusion @tostar, you gotta pay full fees for your dependent child.Good luck ! and if you have any other query about 143, post it on "parents visa thread" (located on migration issues page).
  6. richardcoull

    Contributory parent visa - # of applicants

    Hey tostar @MaggieMay24 is right! My son was 17yo when i applied for 143 visa.I even paid under18 category lodgement fees but i don't know why they considered him as an adult applicant during the grant O_o.When my CO was allotted i was asked to complete Dependency Questionnaire ( attached ) and to provide evidence for his dependency.Following statement was written by CO:- Please have the enclosed Dependency Questionnaire completed and provide evidence that the dependant is fully or largely financially dependent upon the applicant for the past twelve months or more. Evidence can include: o Details of the source and amount of the dependent’s income from work/pension/government assistance as well as total amounts of money provided by the applicant in that same period; o Dependent’s bank account records showing deposits/withdrawals for the past year or more; and o Receipts for payments the applicant has made on behalf of the dependent for their accommodation/study etc. I provided him evidence of study and few payments receipts showing that he is fully dependent on me.You can also give him statutory declaration. Rich Dependency Questionnaire.pdf Dependency Questionnaire.pdf
  7. Hey It takes 4-5 weeks approx.For detailed info- check out the 143 guide link on this page. Rich
  8. richardcoull

    Contributory parent visa - # of applicants

    Yes sir! but he was considered as an adult dependent.We were asked to provide evidence to prove his dependency.
  9. richardcoull

    Contributory parent visa - # of applicants

    Hey Ozmaniac, I paid for my Dependent adult son (19yrs old), so i kinda know the cost lol
  10. Complete guide for 143 Parent visa.Check it out!
  11. richardcoull

    Contributory parent visa - # of applicants

    Hey Tostar, It is extremely tough to prove dependency if your child is above 25.I advise you to contact a RMA before applying for this visa. If your child is considered dependent, then u only have to pay 2280$ as his main fee. rich
  12. Many many congratulations Cassie! Im still waiting for my grant. :\ Can u pls tell me after how many days PVC contacted you after submitting your aos acceptance letter? Rich
  13. does anyone knows when they gonna resume their work?
  14. richardcoull

    Dependency (over18)

    I hope everything goes fine *fingers crossed*. Thank you for your kind opinion. Rich
  15. richardcoull

    Dependency (over18)

    Hey diana Thank you for your response. He never filed tax returns and he never had a bank account.His only financial source is me. I was browsing other posts related to dependency and i found out that full time education is required?it it true? or distance education can work too?