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  1. weaver

    Perth Get Together 2016

    Is it too late to add me to the list?
  2. I once sent a text inviting a friend round for the evening. I ended the text with what I intended to be "got wine". However it came out as "got wind" instead. Well it did cause a good deal of hilarity for the evening.
  3. Congratulations Vicky. And guess what/ My visa was granted at 4pm this afternoon (WA time). Vac request was just yesterday. Wow
  4. weaver

    Xfactor australia

    sadly me too
  5. weaver

    Those were the days!

    Not sure I should be admitting to this one, but at High school, a group of us decided one lunch-time to have a game of strip poker in the local park. Sadly we got caught just before it got really interesting and got the belt. I had to explain the red hands to my parents so just said I got it for talking in class. happily they believed me.
  6. weaver

    Form 80??, seriously....

    I prepared form 80 in advance which took me forever. Was I glad I had as it was requested and with only 28 days to return it along with medical, police report and assurance of support confirmation, I was very grateful that I had prepared it in advance.
  7. I have no need to leave while waiting for my visa to be granted. I am here on a bridging visa, but if I wished to travel I believe I could apply for a bridging visa B. I'm not sure, but I think this will only allow 3 months out of the country. Hope this helps.
  8. weaver

    Toaster Cheaper than Loaf of Bread

    Compare the $7.90 loaf with Gail's potato and rosemary sourdough at £5.99 (would work out at about $13) in London http://gailsbread.co.uk/our-food/bread/
  9. weaver

    Bloody Pests Dilemma

    Lovely pics. I love them so ignore detractors. Any chance they can be gathered up and shuffled to the wild plants somewhere?
  10. Thanks Alan. I thought they took much the same time as the 143. Aside from the unexpected shock/panic. It's great news.
  11. Contributory aged visa 864. It was only submitted at the beginning of March this year. Such a surprise today when the e-mail came asking for the various forms as above and the form 80 (also prepared ready to submit). I was expecting to wait at least another year.
  12. Just received the e-mail requesting medicals, police report and assurance of support. Guess it's all happening at last. medical booked for Friday, police request made and daughter is on to assurance of support. But apparently they are taking more than 28 days currently to process the assurance of support so will not meet my 28 days for returning all the documents for my visa. I guess I'll need to request an extension. Has anyone else had a problem with this? Is it easy enough to get an extension, especially as it will be another government department causing the delay?
  13. weaver

    Those Horrible, Noisy, Australian Birds!

    Beautiful pictures
  14. weaver

    Please Sponsor Dom

  15. weaver

    Aussie Coffee

    My daughter has never been able to drink tea. It makes her sick too.