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  1. Katie22

    eu referendum update

    The best thing to come out of this would be for Juncker and his cronies to get out and the whole EU reformed whereby we share trade and controlled migration. As it is it seems that the EU body is a corrupt and capitalist organisation. The sad thing is that Britain and Europe now seems divided and this is the fault of not only past and present British politicians but European leaders and the EU itself. Surely if the EU give the UK such a hard time in negotiations then this would not help their cause at all, it would only prove to the other doubters what a bullying organisation they really are and give even more power to the far right groups. Best thing is to let the dust settle and no one to make any rash decisions. None of those European leaders want to destroy their relationship with the UK, it will probably only be the bitter, spiteful EU leaders who do.
  2. I feel much the same about Australia as you do to be honest. Will have been here 14 yrs next month but I got my citizenship many years ago as soon as I was eligible. My main reason was the right to vote - live here permanently, pay taxes, children being brought up here etc so felt I needed to. My second reason was because of my kids, felt that they needed that security to give them choices in the future so I needed to follow suit. I don't think it's dishonest. Might be if you really hated the country but I don't hate it, I just hate being trapped living here. It's a good country to live in and full of great people but it's just not where I want to live. I'm actually going back in July - finally! No idea how it'll work out but it feels right even after so many years. I'm trying to be realistic though. Having that Australian passport does give me something to fall back on. On the other hand, if the UK and Australia didn't offer dual citizenship, then it would have been completely out of the question for me!
  3. Katie22

    staying or going.....running out of time - confused

    Tricky one as it's inevitable that everyone has last minute jitters before a big move. Are all of you feeling the same? If you don't go, will that be the end of it or will you both wonder "what if" in 6 mths, 6 yrs down the line? If you're not happy here now, why are you going to be happy deciding not to go? Sometimes I really do think we overthink things. Get one doubt in your mind and focus on it then it will multiply and then the genuine fear sets in. Breaking through that wall of fear though can be very liberating and open the door to many opportunities. Good luck with the decision. And if you decide not to go, it really isn't the end of the world. X
  4. Katie22

    Who's leaving Australia in 2016

    I'm moving back any time between May and July next year. Been 2 yrs since made decision and not changed my mind since. Went back several months ago for reccie as was expecting to feel a little "different" but if anything, it made us all even more sure. Good luck to everyone else making the move X
  5. Katie22

    Sad news from UK

    She was a massive support to many of us who are struggling and have struggled in Australia. I got to know her well via FB but unfortunately never had the privilege to meet her in person. She was a kind, thoughtful, positive, funny and amazingly supportive woman and will be missed by so many. Since she arrived back in the UK, she was so happy and thoroughly enjoying life that it's a blessing she finally got to return to England which is where she wanted to be.
  6. Katie22

    Decided to escape

    Not surprised they haven't come back, you lot are like a pack of wolves in for the kill!
  7. Katie22

    Decided to escape

    Not sure if it surprises me that the prospective migrants read the MBTUK posts but it does a little that the happy expats do, however at the end of the day like you say we need balanced opinions and everyone has a right to say what they want. When I first read this post I read it that the poster was either very unhappy at the time of writing or it was a wind up and they knew exactly what reactions they were going to get. And to all prospective migrants out there, don't worry it's only a minority of expats who do not like living in Australia!
  8. Katie22

    Decided to escape

    Sorry to say that I agree with a lot of Pomstar's comments and after reading the original post, knew exactly what would follow. What I don't get about this forum is that when a post on the MBTUK site comes up, you always get posters who are happy in Oz slamming them down and basically telling them to pee off if they don't like it. I didn't discover this forum until I decided to move back to UK and googled it. It was then a breath of fresh air to find MBTUK with useful info and some like minded folk but wasn't long before I realised quickly that the happy expats will very quickly contradict and argue with you. And I couldn't quite get why they did that as if they're so happy here, why does it bother them that a minority of expats don't share your views? A lot of the posts written on here are written when we're feeling anger, sadness, excitement etc and that's how they should be read too. Some are obviously also written to cause a stir and they're always successful - well done Pomstar! Also, you can't judge somebody's whole life through a few short sentences. The OP went on to say that they've had good times, travelled and made friends so haven't been wallowing in misery for 10 yrs like some posts have suggested. It can be very easy to tell people who are unhappy to pack up and leave but everybody's circumstances are different and life is never quite that easy. From a fellow expat who will soon be leaving, I wish the OP and their family all the best in their future X
  9. Katie22

    will i have to pay foreigner Uni fees in the UK???

    It's one thing being accepted by the university for domestic fees but then you have to apply for the finance if you cannot afford to pay upfront. https://www.gov.uk/student-finance/who-qualifies Looks like you could have been ok if you'd moved to a European country rather than a commonwealth one.
  10. Katie22

    will i have to pay foreigner Uni fees in the UK???

    Why is it so wrong to want to live overseas? If an Australian family wanted to relocate back to Australia and send their child to university, then I don't believe there are any residency requirements and I certainly wouldn't think they're cheeky for doing that either. Yes, if they're getting free fees but that's not the case, they have to pay the same as other Australian citizens. i suppose at the end of the day it's to stop people from sending their kids to uni in England and then them leaving the country again and not repaying their loans which is fair enough but 3 yrs I think is still a long time to wait it out for the genuine ones who intend to live in UK permanently. Also, it's not as if you get cheap fees at home status as they're hardly cheap. But rules are rules.
  11. Katie22

    will i have to pay foreigner Uni fees in the UK???

    Yes, unfortunately you have to be resident in UK or Europe for 3 yrs prior so considered international up to that time. Each individual university will assess his fee status once they've given him a place. They may consider him for home fees if he or you have had regular (as in yearly) trips back to England and close ties there eg house etc. Having the same problem as I'm moving back with my daughter once she's finishes yr 12 this year. i can understand there should be some conditions but 3 yrs seems a long time for person who was born in UK, lived in UK and parents worked in NHS & paid taxes for 20 yrs before leaving country. Seems a bit unfair - would have thought 1 to 2 yrs residency would be bit fairer for born and bred UK citizens but there you go ..... Such is life! We're still going and will try our hardest (forced to stay in Oz for many years as couldn't take her away from her dad who lives here) to plead our case but if no luck she'll either wait out the 3 yrs or return to Oz to study.
  12. Katie22

    Credit scoring issues

    Yep sure, did say it was just a shot in the dark. Just coincidence that I was talking to a friend yesterday about returning and setting up a credit history again and after googling, that was something I came across as a last resort but obviously not accurate. Also, getting yourself on the electoral roll is evidently a good start too.
  13. Katie22

    Credit scoring issues

    Just a shot in the dark here but do the pre-paid credit cards give you a credit history? Obviously as you load them with money they can't refuse giving you one.
  14. Katie22

    Six weeks back - my impressions (warning, whinge)

    I reckon the pitfalls of any new migrant is comparing. Inevitable to start but after a while it'll bring you down especially when you're homesick and longing for familiarity. Wow, 30 yrs living in Oz and then move to England, that's a massive undertaking and can imagine a massive culture shock too. I know very little of Southampton despite having lived in Bournemouth for several years but will be honest, have never heard great stories of the place and obviously never had any desire to visit it either. As lots of other posters have said, maybe a different town/city might be the go. I've lived in Canterbury, Salisbury and Shrewsbury and all lovely places to live so am sure plenty more out there too. You're not going to get the bistro scene of Sydney but once you're more settled in an area then surely you'll get to know more of the local cafes/restaurants that will suit you more. I'm going back to UK for trip next week and did plenty homework on transport. Yes, train fares are very expensive but you can get them cheaper with buying in advance and railcards. Coaches lot cheaper but I know that's not everyone's cup of tea but I'm more than happy sitting with a good book myself. Maybe, if you're feeling this down, focus on the reasons why you're there. Plan a short trip to a European city, day trip to London, book tickets to theatre, concert or whatever appeals to you. I've never been to Tasmania but if you moved there not sure the bistro scene of Sydney would be there either. Hope you start to feel better about it all soon!
  15. Katie22

    Moving back to the UK after 10 years

    Yes, I have felt and feel the same. Been here 13 yrs. Came here for my husband but I never settled, was just hoping to stay here for few years but then got trapped. He never wanted to return so I stayed for the children to grow up here as could not take them away from him. We split up properly last year and then I decided to move back but I'm very very lucky in that both my 20 yr and 17 yr old want to come with me. Would I feel the same if they didn't? Yes, I would but would be heartbreaking to leave them too. However, one's an adult and one finishes school next year and will then be itching to leave herself. After a 20 yr marriage ending, I am not only facing a future that was very different to the one I was anticipating - death do us part and all that - but my children are now embarking on their own lives and I need to make one for myself too. Saying that I'm scared (very!) so all 3 of us are going back for a trip in 2 weeks time to get a feel of the place, do some exploring and then make the definite decision on whether to move or not. If your sons are adamant they do not want to return then maybe just plan on going back initially for a year and then review the situation. During that time they may very well plan on visiting you and their minds may change. But you need to live your life for yourself as well as your family. Is it any more selfish than migrating in the first place which all of the posters here including myself have done? I often regret taking my children away from their extended family, their school, their friends just because my husband wanted a "better life" for them which what he really meant was a better life for him. My ex has told me the move will end in "disaster" but to be honest I couldn't give a monkeys what he thinks!