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  1. Yes, I too still have bank accounts open in Aus, just changed address to UK one. No issues so far.
  2. Huggy75

    Do you regret moving back?

    Agree - the "certain friend" I'm talking about is British too.
  3. Huggy75

    Removals back to the UK

    I agree, if you're managing to live without this stuff now then maybe just get Pickfords to store it for you and then send it straight back when you have more definitive details of your move back. The company I used were going to store our stuff for about $17 a week until we were more settled in the UK (however, other things happened and we got our stuff back earlier anyway as the company weren't very good shall we say!) - it wasn't either of the companies mentioned in these posts. Good luck.
  4. Huggy75

    Do you regret moving back?

    No big regrets just missing small things like certain friends and favourite coffee shops! Been back 8 months after 6 years away and have slotted straight back in, got my old job back but doing less hours which suits me perfectly - I'm able to utilise the experiences gained from my job in Oz back here in the UK as my Managers are keen to learn about new ideas or suggestions that I can contribute (something I wasn't able to do when I moved to Oz as they weren't interested). We have our own house again now and are paying less than half what we paid in Oz each month with only a 19 year mortgage as opposed to a 30 year one in Oz. Of course, in the back of my mind I always wonder if I've done the right thing for my 2 1/2 year old son, especially as we left his best buddy back in Oz (they were born within 2 weeks of each other). But on the plus side, it's great to see him so happy when he's with his Grandparents so for the time being at least, our life is much better back here in the UK.
  5. Huggy75

    Moving to uk.. 17th edition electrician test!?

    Hi, not sure if my comments will help much but my husband is an Electrician and we moved back to the UK in June. He didn't get his 17th edition before we came back but he made it clear to potential employers of his intention to do the course. Anyway, he got a job and his new employer will be sending him to do the course soon. Good luck with your move.
  6. We moved to UK in June and I did my tax return online. I submitted it in mid September and finally got it sorted just before Christmas after some phone calls to find out why it was taking so long (apparently they were waiting on answers from Centrelink regarding my CCB). They sent my refund in a cheque even though I'd given them my Australian bank account details but I managed to get it cashed into my Halifax account. My husband submitted his online too at the end of October and we're still waiting on this one. Good luck.
  7. Huggy75

    Leaving oz, what to do with car seat at the airport

    We brought ours back in the shipping container and just used one with the hire car for the last couple of weeks.
  8. Good to hear from you again Kiwinaus, you sound very positive about your move(s), good luck with your new 5-year plan (or in your case 6-year!).
  9. Huggy75

    Stressed out, only 19 days to go!

    Good luck Rosiehome, lots of mixed emotions went around in my head just before we left, again I had "friends" who wanted me to keep in touch once settled back - naive as I am, I sent them update e-mails about my new life etc., never heard a thing back - that was nearly 6 months ago now! Of course I won't be bothering putting them on the Christmas Card list! With regard to your rental, we had some bother toward the end for petty little minor things (we'd had a cat who died 6 months before moving out but they were trying to blame him for holes in the carpet, which were actually proven to be caused by moths!), I contacted the RTA to check what is classed as wear and tear and from what I told them they agreed with me, they then helped me to resolve the issues and I ended up with $75 less from my bond (for a pest clean) as opposed to the $500 that the landlord was trying to claim (for a new carpet). Landlords think they have the upper hand because you're moving out and need the money but just stand your ground and it will hopefully work out.
  10. Huggy75

    Hello and some ramblings

    Hello and welcome. We came back 5 months ago and are just in the process of buying a house (just got our Mortgage Offer this week), we just needed 3 months wageslips to show. We have gone with the Halifax as we had a mortgage with them for 12 years prior to moving to Australia, other Banks told us we'd have to wait 3 years! We managed to get jobs before moving back but I guess it depends which sector you work in. My advice would be to do lots of research and be persistent when looking for answers. On the rental situation, do you have any family or friends that you could move in with for a few months whilst you get settled, we've been squashed in with my Mum & Stepdad since we got back (4 adults & 1 Child in a 2 bed bungalow!), but they're just glad to have us home and know it's only temporary, it's been a blessing to be able to save on rent. Good luck with your decision and keep in touch xx
  11. Huggy75

    UPDATE: Flights are booked!!

    Firstly, congratulations on your new little one. Good luck for your next adventures, we did the same re Citizenship as our two year old is also Australian, never regretted it - we are a very proud family of dual citizens
  12. Huggy75

    Shipping container back to Europe -headache!

    Ours was about $9,100 in total, Brisbane to Leeds. Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend the company as they gave me big headaches after I'd left Australia - lack of communication, trying to change the goalposts and charge us more money etc.
  13. Huggy75

    Back To Uk For Interviews

    Yes, both my husband and I secured jobs last November (we were back in the UK for a holiday at the time), my husband still had to have a couple of extra telephone interviews once back in Australia though but we finally moved back in June of this year. I'm a Nurse and hubby an Electrician. Good luck with your job search and move xx
  14. Huggy75

    Changing address on UK driving licence

    Our licences expired whilst in Oz but when we moved back to UK we just sent in the application forms for renewal of licence and change of address, paid the fee and we got our new licences within a couple of weeks. No issues.
  15. Huggy75

    moving back to UK and voluntary repossession in AUS!

    Have you tried taking it to a dealer of the make of car? We had two Toyotas, took them to our local Toyota garage who bought them both on the spot, cash in our account the day after. They did ask if we had finance on them but we didn't.