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  1. I moved back to the UK last year and doing my tax return. As a non-resident does anyone know if I need to do a tax return in future or can I tick 'final return'? I don't have any assets in Australia but do hold a super account that I can't touch for a number of years. Thanks!
  2. mouse

    Done the travelling, just want to work

    There are some FB groups for dancers in Perth which would be good for your partner. They are often looking for stand in teachers at short notice.
  3. mouse

    Finding a job in ACT with no security clearance

    I work in communications so not related to your field but got work in private enterprise easily (though that's a few years ago now). Not having citizenship definitely rules you out of lots of jobs though. You just need to be more flexible. I worked for a company that contracted to government...and there were lots of roles like that when I was there. The downside to non government is that the salary is often less.
  4. mouse

    Blue Cross Animal Services - anyone used?

    I'm leaving in December Sue. Just had Crown come round today to give me a quote and they work with Jet Pets. They said they get corporate rates so have asked for them to quote for my cat as well as all the household stuff. I'll let you know how I go. I agree about them being fur family and that we worry more than we do. I took her to the vets last week for her rabies vaccination and told the vet how anxious she is. The vet listened to her heart and pretty much told me she wasn't stressed, she's was just grumpy with me. That got me told!
  5. mouse

    Blue Cross Animal Services - anyone used?

    Well I haven't heard back from them so taking that as a sign and am getting quotes from your recommendations. Thank you! Good luck with it all Sue, I'm finding shipping the cat the most stressful part!
  6. My vet recommended this company to transport my cat back from Perth to the UK. I've just sent them a message but wondered if anyone has used them or heard anything about them?
  7. mouse

    Marriage breakup - heading back to the UK

    Your story is so very similar to mine. I didn't have a baby and have stayed in Australia after my marriage broke up but you're so very similar. I'm a few years down the track since my break-up so all I wanted to say is it gets better and in time you'll be able to look back and see it as an experience with both happy and sad moments. It gets better I promise. I'm going back to England in December too. It's scary but exciting at the same time - it's another adventure. You could have stayed in England and wondered what if.
  8. mouse

    Think I'm ready to go home

    I'm a bit further down the path in that I'm moving back in December (right into the middle of winter!). It took me three years to make the decision I'd say from when I first starting thinking about it. All I can add to what others have said is that the uncertainty started to drive me crazy. I was almost obsessed thinking about the pros and cons. As soon as I decided 'let's do it' and picked a date, I felt so much calmer - and certain it's the right thing to do. Good luck! One last thing actually - with the house, could you afford to rent it out. Yes i know you'll get taxed at non-resident rates but if you've only just bought, I'd imagine the interest you're paying would be fairly high and that would offset the taxable income.
  9. mouse

    My travel thread

    None of it is challenging in terms of distance and the weather will be great right now. There was one hike in Karrijini which was a bit challenging in terms of the terrain but the end result is worth it. You work your way down into one of the gorges and then we waded/swam through one of the pools there. For the more adventurous there were opportunities to do some huge jumps off the rocks into the pools. The beaches are beautiful but the inland landscapes will blow you away. Another bonus of camping is you get to see some amazing sunrises and sunsets and then spend the night round a huge campfire.
  10. mouse

    My travel thread

    Please do the trip - it was the highlight of my backpacking year. Yes it's expensive and it might only be camping - but you get to camp in places you'd never be able to find if you tried driving yourself. If you fly to Broome or one of the main tourist centres you'll miss out on the best of the west coast. You will never experience anything like it I promise. There's a lot of driving but no messing around. Each day is filled with something new and unique. I can't recommend it highly enough.
  11. mouse

    Things to do in Perth

    You should be here for Fringe World which is fantastic - lots of choices and many of them free. The city (especially Northbridge) really comes alive for this with lots of pop-up bars and entertainment areas. Rotto is an absolute must. Make sure you hire a bike even if you're not that energetic normally as it's relatively easy-going and means you get to enjoy the whole island. My Dad who is in his mid-60s did it and had a ball. If you haven't already been the Swan Valley is definitely worth a trip. If you have a car start in Guildford (the Rose and Crown is great for lunch) and then go from there. Lots of wineries, a few breweries and plenty of places where you can grab fruit and veg. That can be as cheap as you need it to be. Sunday session down at Cottesloe is always fun. Free day on the beach and then splash out on a pizza and a few wines at the Cott Hotel. Wander up and down Beaufort St - lots of cafes and bars and independent shops for window shopping. On Sunday's you can get a pizza and a pint for $10 at The Flying Scotsman at the top end. Good student hang-out and more of an alternative crowd. Freo - do the prison tour if you haven't already. Lunch and/or dinner at Little Creatures or the Norfolk. Go on a weekend for the markets and street entertainment. Try out one of the outdoor movies. I love the Northbridge venue (on top of a car park with views of the skyscrapers, deck-chairs and chinese lanterns) but there are other ones in Kings Park, one of the universities and Leederville I think. If you like jazz, you can now book the Jazz Cellar in Mount Hawthorn. This place is a bit of an institution - you enter through an old phone box and best of all its BYO so a relatively cheap night. Lazy Susan's Comedy Den at the Brisbane Hotel (easily walkable from the City) would be another fun night. The Saturday night show has more established comedians but if you go on a Tuesday it's only $5. Stay away from the bars in the City (some in Northbridge are ok) if you're trying to save money. I love a lot of them but my purse really doesn't! Further afield - hire a car or do day tours to the Pinnacles and you ABSOLUTELY MUST go down to Margaret River region. So beautiful. Oh and last thing - try out some Yum Cha in the city for breakfast one day. Pay by the number of bowls you grab from the trolley but always cheap no matter how much you get through! And more as I've realised I've posted a lot of food and drinks. If you're prepared to spend a bit of money check out Ballet at The Quarry, the Titanic Exhibition and see if you can grab cheap tickets to The Lion King (currently at the Burswood)
  12. mouse

    Stressed out, only 19 days to go!

    Glad you and your dog arrived safe and sound. Please come back and do an update on how it's going.
  13. mouse

    Ping Pom feelings

    I don't have experience yet but I would say if you've only just moved back you need to give it some time, especially as you say you find it quite difficult each time you do it. I'd say give yourself at least six months. I've got friends who constantly move and are never settled and I dread being one of those to be honest. It sounds like a horrible place to be and I feel for you.
  14. mouse

    Who's leaving Australia in 2016

    More and more sure I'm moving back. Looking at July and feeling a little bit more excited every day!