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  1. lilmiss125

    Shipping cost Australia to the UK

    We're just in the process of asking for quotes from companies so I'll let you know. I'm hoping it'll be in our favour to ship things back rather than sell things over here. But not moving too much either, we can dismantle the bed, tv stand, side tables etc which is better. What size move cube are you getting @marenmatt1? Have you looked into shared containers?
  2. Hi @Larad86, It depends if you need to do the full ANMAC assessment or the modified one? Are you AHPRA registered? I'm in the same boat but I'm doing the PTE in order to obtain a 189 visa. I'm AHPRA registered though so don't need to prove English skills to ANMAC, I'm merely doing the PTE to bump up my points for visa reasons. Hope that helps!
  3. lilmiss125

    457 skilled sponsorship - who pays what?

    Hi MaggieMay24, Ahh ok that seems to add up then. What exactly is the temporary application charge? I haven't heard of it before :-) Thanks!
  4. lilmiss125

    457 skilled sponsorship - who pays what?

    So, I've filled out the application in full again today and it still says $3,450 for 2 people. I'm not entirely sure where the extra is coming from as the government estimates say $1,035 for the main applicant then the same again for an additional over 18. My company weren't aware of any increases and thought that the applicant was only to pay around $500 as previously (not sure how long ago that was!!). So looks like PR may be the option now for the 2 of us, for an extra little bit of money, seems to make sense. Thanks for your replies :-)
  5. Hi, Fantastic information, and consequently I have decided to book to do the PTE over the IELTS! I haven't attempted either but hopefully this will be the better option for me - I have been panicking something ruthless over the IELTS, and I have completed an A-Level English! The stories you hear and the money wasted just make you stress! @adele244 have you undertaken the PTE test yet? Thanks again @supercow !
  6. Hi, So my work have said they will sponsor me to stay working for them at the hospital I'm at. On my initial discussion they stated that they would be paying and I would be out of pocket approx $450 for medicals etc. Now they've done the nomination and the sponsorship, and now I have to submit my 457 application...which when I do so it comes up at the end as if I have to pay 2-3k (my partner included - which they also knew about). I've contacted them again and they reckon I'm doing it wrong? I can't see any other alternative. Has anyone else had any experience? Do your companies pay for it all? Do you pay initially and then they reimburse you? Or am I doing it wrong? I'm totally confused! Hope someone can help :-)
  7. Great, thanks for the reply. I was researching into PTE today actually, I'll have to have a closer look.
  8. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me! I just have a little query regarding the 189 visa which I'm currently looking to start delving into! The experience gained in and out of Australia, it says you can gain 20 points max as a combination of the two. I've worked in the UK for 30 months (so just short of the 3 years = 5 points), and in Aus for 6 months (so short of 6 months = 5 points), would they consider combining the 2 which would equal 3 years and therefore I'd gain 5 points, or doesn't it work like that!? I'm just trying all avenues before I start panicking over the 8's I need in my upcoming IELTS! Thanks guys :-)
  9. lilmiss125

    First day as an Ozzie Nurse - experiences?

    Sounds really positive overall :-) the education and progression side of it sounds brill, same with me, I asked back in the uk but nothing ever came other than a mandatory mentorship course! Thanks guys!! Excited now!
  10. Hey guys, So as a few of you already know we have just arrived in Melbourne and after a hefty waiting time with AHPRA I am now ready to tackle the big bad world of Australian nursing! I have had 3 years post degree experience working on a cardio thoracic ward, we had anything from medical/surgical/daycase/private/nhs/cystic fibrosis/cardiac/thoracic! I have signed up to an agency initially whilst I find my preferences and my feet, but I just wanted to hear any views/experiences anyone has had over here with regards to nursing. How different is it? Workload? Ratio? Abbreviations? Communication? Paperwork? How welcoming/expectant are they? Tips/hints? Anything really! Just curious to see what awaits me :-) Cheers!!...x
  11. lilmiss125

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Is it a top up degree or a full degree your doing? If it's a full one then you should have done a pharmacology module of some description - which you'll need evidence for for criteria 8, and you should be fine.
  12. lilmiss125

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    There were a few differences between degree and diploma were I trained, A&P and exam levels were different, the biggest one however was the research and ethics part (dissertation) in which we had to submit our own research proposal etc etc - and all I can think of is that how much research is such a massive part of healthcare these days, maybe that has something to do with it?? In the majority of places now too, to become a Band 6 or higher now though you have to either be degree trained or working towards, as an essential part of the job spec. That being said...again like jac2011 says and as I have said before, clinically I trained alongside diploma nurses on placement, many of my mentors too were diploma trained, and the majority of my work colleagues were also diploma trained - they taught me everything I know in the most important circumstance...actively on the ward, actively caring for patients, actively having people relying on my knowledge and my actions!!! Apart from small details in training courses I can't understand how AHPRA can say that nurses diploma trained are any less capable or academic than degree trained. We work alongside each other, helping each other, our nursing knowledge and skills ARE EQUAL!! Learning and progressing is the most integral part of transitioning to qualified nurse, degree or diploma, working competently in my job is where I learnt the most, definitely!!!
  13. lilmiss125

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Barbie, do you mean that you have you had your registration approved under the old framework, but your just waiting to provide the identity documents in person? If so then this should be fine, they can't grant you registration, let you travel and then withhold it surely. Ring them or contact your case worker, or tweet them even just to check. But I shouldn't worry, I think you've been just in the nick of time to get your registration by the sounds of it!
  14. lilmiss125

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    I too received my AHPRA registration today...it's a bitter sweet post as it's such a relief after a 7 month painful wait, but on the other hand I am angry and upset for all of you on here. Welshboy I wish you all the luck in the world, they should not and cannot justify their actions - and the angle of the story you are creating is the perfect one to go down. You've travelled here under false pretenses, the PR part is the larger part I would've thought, why would you ever think this would happen if they have granted you!! I'd even look at taking legal action. Keep going guys, don't give up without a fight. Us UK nurses are tough cookies ...and better trained ones at that!
  15. lilmiss125

    NURSES - Moving to Australia