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  1. Vanduex

    Teaching in Brisbane query?

    i applied from Uk but had no luck. However I started to make contact with schools. I made up packs to send in. CV, with covering letter etc. Brief summary of work experience and roles. It's really important to try and get a dialogue going. Checking websites like SEEK and CareerOne as well. I made a favourites folder of job pages for loads of schools and just went through them on a daily basis to see what came up. SMART are good, worth keeping in touch with them and ANZuk seem to be growing as well. Now I am here I can tell you that realistically you need your grant. No point in being considered until then as you are a gamble. That was some of the feedback I received. :-)
  2. Vanduex

    Teaching in Brisbane query?

    At my school we received 50% fees for our son. I think this applies to each kid you send. If if you want any extra info on teaching then feel free to PM me. :-). In short, I love it here.
  3. Vanduex

    Teaching in OZ

    The Teachers in Oz thread has a lot of info. You should defo check that out. Maths/Science stands a good shot based on my understanding. Primary will be tougher but again, I am a firm believer that good teachers are always in demand. :-)
  4. Vanduex

    457 to pr

    Yeah really well. Been a rapid 14 months and we are enjoying it. Been an adventure and we are pretty settled into out normal routine. We have made some great friends and our son is doing well at school. So far it has been exactly what we wanted. The key thing for you is that you ultimately made it and you are well on your way to making it permanent. A bit of a nightmare with all the changes but here you are! Still doing it!
  5. Vanduex

    Moving to Oz in 6 months

    Hey congrats and good luck with the move. You should state ehere where you are heading and then people can give you the best answers to your questions. Been her 14 months. Love it.
  6. Vanduex

    457 to pr

    Hey Kezzles! Been a while since I have seen you on here. Can't help with your query but wanted to wish you well If memory serves it was a long slog getting here. Hopefully it is all good now!
  7. Hello all, Hopefully a quick one. Our son (18) is visiting UK in December. We have updated his passport from the UK since we have been in OZ. As there are no stickers/labels/stamps these days, do we need to do anything with the 189 Visa Grant? Wasn't sure if it was linked to his former passport number etc. It may be that his name and DOB are the only things that matter. We will give him a copy of the official grant etc, just wanted to check the updated British passport number won't create any potential re-entry hurdles. Appreciate any feedback. V
  8. Vanduex

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Data data data. Analytics, external assessment and accountability. All the key QLD points right now.
  9. Yup, well done. Nearly there. EOI is next. Personally I would consider police checks and investigating medical prices etc. Always good to be ready for it.
  10. Vanduex

    Opinions on Upper Coomera

    This is a subjective reply Stayed there when we first arrived. We had a holiday let for a few weeks to settle in. Personally I was keen not to settle there. I did (once left) see some of the nicer parts but that wasn't where our let was. 2 observations: traffic regularly chokes up around the area - although I think they may have just confirmed a major road project to change that - could be a factor in itself its often on gold coast cops during the car chases . . . . Please take the reply as one mans perspective. I have a friend at Helensvale who says that's really really nice but is generally positive about parts of Coomera as well.
  11. Vanduex

    IELTS Writing Dilemma! (everything else 9.0)

    I scored 9s across the board and an 8.5 in the writing (academic) From recollection it was all about the structure. focused intro response rebuttal conclusion I ran out of time and rushed the conclusion which I attribute to the 0.5. I also went over the words by 150, but in my head they were valid and focused words. Sounds simple but this is the format and practice that I did and it paid of. In addition you need to keep spelling and grammar good. And where possible use connected sentences and improve flow as opposed to stacatto excessive short sentences and full stops. Most of all - answer the question/task
  12. Vanduex

    Broadband recommendations for Wellington Point QSLD??

    Hey, I live in wello, We are on the Telstra bundle. I think we get 500gb of data. The line is supposed to be a 30gb. It is 'Fast - Cable' but I don't really no what that means. 3 of us with multiple devices. We use Spotify, consoles, ipads, phones etc. No worries with speeds etc.
  13. Vanduex

    Visa options.

    189 Visa. That's what we are on. English Test (IELTS) AITSL Skills Assessment Register with QCT Expression of Interest Police Check Medical Apply That was my order.
  14. Vanduex

    2016-17 Skilled Occupations List

    Secondary School Teaching on the flagged list. I feared that it would appear soon.