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  1. Well, I am...... But I'm asking for other's experiences of doing this.
  2. This is a question for anyone that has bought a property in Australia then returned to the UK and kept it as an investment property. Were you up for a big tax bill each year? As a foreign resident you don't get a tax-free threshold, so any rental income will be taxed.Did this along with any land tax make it worth your while, minus any deductions such as strata/loan interest etc? The aim would be to move back into the property down the track.
  3. n1ck


    Still waiting from May.
  4. n1ck


    In my case it was! Whoops
  5. n1ck

    Reference letter for citizenship application??

    You've been here for 7 years and you haven't met anyone on that list? How's that possible?
  6. n1ck

    Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    NXT did express their view that the changes shouldn't be back dated and only put in place from when this becomes law.. So does this then mean people who meet the CURRENT requirements and lodge before it becomes law will be approved ? Eg: in my case where I have had PR for 2 years and will have been in the country for 4 years at the end of the year.
  7. n1ck

    Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    5 months for me. This is BS. Hopefully they make it that it's only for new PR applicants.
  8. n1ck

    Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    This would be the ideal scenario. Have you seen anything to indicate this will happen, or is it just your personal opinion ?
  9. n1ck

    Brexit and northern Ireland will be a pain!

    Newjez.. what you have said makes no sense. I suggest you go and look at a map. Speaking as someone from NI the idea of "giving NI back to Ireland" is both delusional and stupid.
  10. n1ck

    Opinions on Abbotsford/Chiswick area?

    I lived in Chiswick for a year and a half until July there. It's a nice enough area but there is literally nothing there beside the apartment complex except for a convenience store and an Italian restaurant, albeit a very good one. There are frequent buses and ferries to the city if you want to go for a night out but it gets old after a while. As already mentioned check out Rozelle/Balmain, Glebe, Neutral Bay. Northern beaches may be worth a look too, Manly etc?
  11. n1ck

    coming to Sydney - Where to start?

    140k is a very good salary in Sydney, never mind the rest of Oz.
  12. There's plenty of places to park for free within a ten minute walk of the wharf. 6 bucks per trip with a smartcard.. getting the bus is saving like $1.30. What boarding process ? They're every 10 minutes so there aren't any queues.
  13. The fast ferry leaves every ten minutes in peak hour and takes 18 minutes... By far the best option.