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  1. How do I know if I qualify for another RRV? How long would it take to extend travel facility on the current RRV once I enter Australia? I basically want to extend RRV while still not permanently moving to Australia. I can pay a short visit and extend travel facility. What do you suggest in this case?
  2. End of December 2018. So the point is: 1) what happens if I go to Australia and the visa expires in Australia? Can in extend it from Australia, how much time does it take? 2) what happens if visa expires outside of Australia?
  3. Hi guys, It's me again. Here is the situation, I got 155 Resident return visa. I submitted all the docs and they approved it. I have certain ties with Australia that were enough for them to give me visa. Now, I have travel facility until end of December 2018 on that visa. Does it mean that that I have to go there by the end of December 2018 to activate 155 visa? What if that travel facility expires? Do I lose visa immediately? I was thinking to go there and apply for extension of the travel facility so I can still have that visa? Is this proper way of thinking? Thank you very much!
  4. Hi again, could you please clarify what you mean that I might be misunderstanding the expiry date? Thank you! Further info: I got 190 visa in 2013 and activated it 2013. I visited the sponsor state. I was in Australia for 3 weeks. No entry since then. 190 visa expires in February 2018. In late 2017, I got 155 visa - I have to enter Australia by December 2018. Is there something I am getting wrong?
  5. Thank you very much for your quick reply! Could you please let me know what expiry date you are referring to? Which visa (155 or 190)?
  6. Hi all, I have not been here for a while. My 190 visa expired and I got 155 resident return visa. I still plan to move to AUS, I just had some bumps on the road to make it happen in the last 5 years. First question Now, I want to activate my 155 visa soon. Am I still obliged to visit the sponsor state of my 190 visa? / or I can activate my visa by landing anywhere in Australia? Second question Do I have any obligation regarding my 190 visa anymore (it expired)? Over the last 5 years, I think I changed my mind about the state where I want to live. Do I still have to permanently move to the sponsor state (for 2 initial years)? THANK YOU!
  7. Petar Petrovic

    Income tax - permanent resident

    Dear all, Let's say I do the permanent resident visa activation trip and stay in Australia for a couple of weeks (and apply for a tax number). Will I be Australian resident for tax purposes or Foreign resident? In both cases I need to pay taxes. Do I have to pay taxes to Australian government even if I never come back? How does it work? Should I apply for the tax number at all (in case I am unsure whether I'll be back)? Thank you very much, Petar.
  8. Petar Petrovic

    190 Visa Label - Do I really need that?

    Airline says I don't need it. But I still have the feeling it's risky. I also agree that it would make my life easier. Thank you all!
  9. Petar Petrovic

    190 Visa Label - Do I really need that?

    Airline says I don't need it. But I still have the feeling it's risky. Thank you all!
  10. Petar Petrovic

    190 Visa Label - Do I really need that?

    Dear all, I am planning my visa activation trip to Australia from Europe. I booked Emirates flight (Europe...Dubai-Kuala Lumpur....Australia). Do I need visa label in my passport / are the authorities in Dubai and KL aware of the fact that Australia does not require visa labels in this case? Please share your experiences. Thank you very much, Petar.
  11. Petar Petrovic

    190 Visa - Two year requirement

    OK, here it says: If this application is granted, my dependents and I intend to live in the state for at least two years. I understand that this two year commitment commences from the time that my sponsored visa is granted if I am already living in state; or upon my arrival in the state if I am currently living overseas. What if: I spend only 3 weeks upon my first arrival to the state (validation trip) and then come back after 3 years (my visa will still be valid)? Am I breaching the agreement? Thank you!
  12. Petar Petrovic

    Questions about secondary applicant

    I have two of questions about the secondary applicant - 189 and 190 visas: 1. What happens if the main and secondary applicant get divorced (in case they are married) or just separate (in case they are partners) before their first arrival to Australia? Will visa be valid for both of them after the DIAC gets notification about the change? 2. Are the main and secondary applicant obliged to come together for the first time to Australia? Thanks.
  13. Petar Petrovic

    190 Visa - Two year requirement

    OK. But first two years starting from when? Example- visa 190: Visa period 01.01.2014-01.01.2019. (I can travel in and out as much as I want but work/live only in sponsored state for minimum two years in total; after this period I can work and live in any other state). Hypothetically, if I am allowed to move to Australia within 5 years (until my visa expires), can I come the day before the expiry date and then start my two year state requirement? (Or it is started from the date of visa activation?). Any help? Thanks.
  14. Petar Petrovic

    190 Visa - Two year requirement

    Thank you very much!