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  1. Hi, I have been waiting for months to see an assesment date for carpentry with Vetasses. Does anybody know what's going on? Regards, Terry
  2. Hi guys, Any help would be great. I'm a time served carpenter with 8 years experience and I currently am a director of a ltd company in the UK (construction). I want to know if I need to go through the skills test to go through a 457 sponsorship as I have no official qualification? I've heard they are not necessary but i'm not so sure! Seeing if I can save some time and money! Can anyone please tell me what will be required of myself to go through the process? I am aware carpentry 457's are hard to come by but think I have a firm that will take me on. Many thanks, Terry
  3. Hi Guys, Any help on this would be great. So my girlfriend whom I have been with (and met in Australia) for 5 years has a job offer in Sydney through her company in the UK. So she is allowed to go on a 457 visa as they are going to sponsor her. I myself overstayed by 2 months when I was out in Australia 3 and a half years ago. It was an honest mistake as I believed my paper work for sponsorship was being processed. However it was not and they called me to say I was overstaying! I missed the cut off point to not be banned by a couple of weeks and so received the mandatory 3yr ban. I have rung the Immigration Dept and they have assured me that now my ban is served I am free to follow the processes to go back to Australia without hindrance (although I must obviously tell them about the ban). I was going to go on my girlfriends 457. She is a bit paranoid that they may refuse me even though they have said all is well. Can anyone please shed any light as to what we are up against? I'm assuming as they said I had completed my ban and free to apply for a Skilled visa that I can go on my partners as well? (just quicker!). Thanks for any help guys! Regards, Terry
  4. That's great to know. Thanks a bunch! I thought as much but she is a bit worried! Cheers!
  5. Hi Guys, So I have some questions that i'm going to keep in the one post if that's ok. If anyone can shed any light for me I would be hugely appreciative! So i'm a 26 year old carpenter from the UK. I've been to Oz on a WHV and came back to this "country" 6 months ago. I am now desperate to go back. I have no paper qualification- time served. I have a Grandfather in Perth that will sponsor me on a 475. On the current points system I have 30 for my age, 10 for my IELTS (8.0), 10 for my grandad sponsoring me, 5 for working year in Oz 5 for working 3 or more years in UK So 60 points at the moment. Now the questions: On my IELTS I received a score of 8.0-(7.5,7.0,8.5,8.5), Does this definitely mean I will only get classed as a level 7 having not cleared 8 in all 4 areas? If so then I will re-take and providing I pass this will give me my 70 points. Just rather not do it again! Alternatively (and I may still do this regardless) there is a very short course for time-served tradies such as myself that I could complete- It is an NVQ- would this be recognised as a trade qualification for 10 points? I need to have my skills assessed by I believe the TRA? Does anyone know who does this in the UK (I am based in London-although will obviously travel anywhere), how much this generally costs and potentially most important- how long this takes in terms of booking it now and completing? Where all the applications are changing on July 1st I really need to book a test in between now and then- does anyone know what the wait time is on this kind of thing? Would I be able to start the visa process without this in place first- providing it will be completed shortly after application? Are points given if you complete this assessment? How difficult is this course? If they chuck up something i've not done loads of how harsh will they be? Do I get a chance to re-take? I have my girlfriend that I would like to place on the visa also- does this cost extra? She is French, has an IELTS of 7.5 and we have been together for long enough and can get the evidence to prove etc. How difficult a process is it to add her? If she did not qualify for any reason would it affect my visa application? Or would they just minus hers off? One other option that I would like to know about is State sponsorship. I know it make no difference in terms of points but is this easier in any way to get? Do they have to place you in their own specified area? For instance WA has itself completely as a designated area but if I go state sponsorship with them will they still allow me to choose where to go within WA? Help on any of the above would be greatly appreciated as I really don't want to go into this EOI thing they're doing now! Many thanks. Terry
  6. Thanks for this info. Guess i'll be doomed for another couple of years until/if they get in contact through the EOI.