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  1. spicton1979

    Is it really cheaper to live in Queensland than in WA?

    Hi, I haven't lived in both places but I can tell you that the cost of living QLD is silly expensive as well. I currently live in the Redlands and we are really struggling as a family of 5 on $100k+super+family assist. We have cut our spends again and again but are facing the reality of possibly having to leave as more than 6 months has gone by and we are still supplementing our income with our previous savings. Your situation will be very different to mine so giving you a breakdown of the spends might not help but as food goes, we only shop at Aldi at the moment and can't bring the cost down from $300 per week.
  2. spicton1979

    Software Developer Brisbane

    Hi, I arrive in Brisbane on 2nd September (so a week on Sunday) and will be looking for work (175 permanent residency visa). I have heard two things recently that have concerned me; apparently the IT sector in QLD is heavily reliant on the insurance and public service sectors and both have been hit hard recently, I've been told the following: 1) Due to the floods from 18 months ago, the insurance companies are on their knees and have had to make a lot of cuts to IT services etc. 2) There have been big cuts to the government service sector due to some new austerity measures. I have a strong CV and haven't had any problems getting work in the UK but I must admit that I am concerned as I don't have any contacts over there and can't afford to be out of work for months on end. If anyone is in the know about how the market is for Software Developers, I'd be greatful to hear what you think? Thanks Steve
  3. spicton1979

    Newly qualified nurse

    Hi, My younger sister(21) is just about to finish her nursing degree (expecting a 2:1) and she wants to move to Australia (Brisbane in particular) as soon as possible but doesn't know how to go about it. I know you can get a working holiday visa for 12 months but would that allow her to work in nursing? ideally she would like to get a nursing job as soon as possible so she can build up her experience. Does anyone know if she can gain her work experience in Australia and if so, what are her options? Thanks Steve
  4. spicton1979

    What to ship in container

    Hi All, My wife, 3 kids and I are flying out to sunny Brisbane on 1st September this year and are in the process of booking a shipping company. My question is this: Due to the exchange rate, lots of things seem to be a lot cheaper in the UK, so is there anything that anyone can recommend that we should buy over here in advance and ship (we have some spare room in the 20ft container so won't cost us extra)? I.e. stationary, etc, etc ... is there anything in particular, electrical goods perhaps? Also, one of the shipping companies mentioned that we shouldn't bother shipping our main bedroom wardrobe as 99% of housing in Australia have walk in wardrobes, is this true? Thanks in advance, Steve

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    <p><p>Hi Nic and Jay,</p></p>

    <p><p> </p></p>

    <p><p>Sorry for the slow reply, I missed your message for some reason.</p></p>

    <p><p>Our flights are booked and we go on 1st Sept this year ... unbelievably excited!</p></p>

    <p><p> </p></p>

    <p><p>We don't know whereabouts yet ... we have a few places on the shortlist but we change our minds with the weather, I guess we'll get a better idea when we're there and checking places out. Springfield lakes or Cleveland are the two flavours of the day at the moment <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p></p>

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    <p><p>Returning to Brissy? where were you previously and why did you leave?</p></p>

    <p><p>Whereabouts are you in Manchester? We are just outside Manchester in Wigan</p></p>

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    <p><p>Steve & Nic</p></p>

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  6. spicton1979

    Brisbane Heat

    Hi all I read a comment the other day about the heat in Brisbane which alarmed me and I would like to get some perspective on it from other people who live there ... the comment was that I'd be relieved to be indoors as it is so hot outdoors; the trouble is that we are moving to Brisbane for a more outdoor lifestyle and I don't want to go from being stuck indoors because of the cold, to being stuck indoors because of the heat ... so here are my questions: Roughly for how much of the year does the Brisbane heat/humidity make you want to stay indoors for the air con? and for how much of the day? Also there were comments about the rain that got me as well: I know it has rained more than usual this last couple of years but how much does that affect your outdoors lifestyle? I.e. is it short sharp bursts of rain followed by sunshine or is it constant rain which forces you indoors for days on end? Thanks in advance ...

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    <p><p>Hi, </p></p>

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    <p><p>We are looking at returning to Brissy at some point this year, where are you thinking of moving to ?</p></p>

    <p><p>We also live in Manchester .</p></p>

    <p><p> </p></p>

    <p><p>Nic and Jay</p></p>

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  8. spicton1979

    Moving to Brisbane.

    Hi Evie, We land in Brisbane on Sept 1st with 3 children - 7, 3, 1. So excited at the moment! If you're on FB there's a group called the Brisbannites where you can get some good views, also the people who run that group have their own family blog. So far we have a short term rental sorted for when we arrive but we plan to have a good look around and really get a feel for places before choosing our live-in rental. I think it's the only way you can do a big move like this. Other people's opinions are good but you really need to see something for yourself. PM us if you like and we'll keep you updated with our views and experiences - maybe we can have a family meet-up once you arrive!
  9. spicton1979

    How long should I book the short term rental for?

    Thank you for your replies, very helpful. I am going to try for 4 weeks
  10. Hi, We are a family of 5 and are struggling to narrow down which area we would like to settle in in Brisbane without actually seeing the areas that look right for us. We are in the process of booking a short term rental but we don't know how long to book it for. I know every family/circumstance is different and some people will find a place quicker than others but if you have any experiences with how long it took you to find a longer term rental and any advice on how long you booked your short term rental for please? Thanks, Steve
  11. spicton1979

    Short term rental in Brisbane

    Hi, Me and my family (me, the wife & 3 children (7,3,1)) are moving to Brisbane 01/09/12, flights all booked! I am looking to find some short term accommodation for when we first land so we can scope out areas etc, we are not really fussed where it is exactly as we want to look at several places all over the the Brisbane area (Springfield lakes, Cleveland, the Gap & Aspley to name a few...) I have looked on stayz.com but haven't found much (don't know whether this is because its 7 months or so in advance or I'm not selecting the right options?). Ideally we want a 4 beds (as my mother is coming out to help out for the first 3 weeks) and a pool to amuse the kids. Does anyone have any recommendations? our budget is flexible but price is always a consideration Thanks in advance, Steve