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Found 104 results

  1. 5starp

    Training Visa 407

    Hi There, has anyone lodged an application for the training visa 407? my company will be lodging one soon but I haven’t met or come across anyone who has applied for it. any advice or tips most welcome
  2. villainrage

    489 Visa Question

    Hello, So after a few months I finally got a Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489). However, I've been having difficulty finding work due to my lack of local experience. I have a relative who might be willing to offer me some help with training or apprenticeship so I can get some local experience for better employability, however my relative is in another state. My question is, since this is not going to be a paid job but more of a training, would this be allowed with my visa type? According to http://www.immi.gov.au/visas/pages/489.aspx - I should "live, work and study in a specified regional area of Australia specified regional area of Australia". There is no mention prohibiting me from going to another state for training, so I wonder if this is allowed. I do not plan to stay there for a long while, just for a couple of months to train if the visa allows me to. Thanks.
  3. ahkbc123

    Training Benchmark B queries

    Hi, I am trying to assist my company in putting together the paperwork for a 186 nomination. We have a few questions about meeting Training Benchmark B. 1) I gather that expenditure will not count if the training is only undertaken by persons who are principals in the business or their family members. Do you think this would apply to Governance training for the Board of Directors? 2) Would an in-house multi-day Leadership training course be deemed too broad or do you think we could include it if we could demonstrate the learning outcomes/progress requirements? Looks like I may need the help of Agent but would appreciate any initial guidance!
  4. Hey all, When nominating a person for the 856 would you say immigration will need to be shown evidence of training in the company. And if so does the amount spent on training need to be a certain amount? Are they strict on this issue? Did your sponsor need to show this when nominating you for an 856?? Thanks so much.
  5. apickerell

    White card for ACT

    Can anyone give me some information on places to do White card training for ACT? My husband is a carpenter and needs to do this training. I found A list of RTO's but I am not having much luck finding a course for my husband in Aug when we arrive. I did find CIT but that one is almost 200 AUD. Is that the normal price? Thanks for your advice on this. Just trying to get things worked out for when we get over there.
  6. Hello, A lot of jobs I am looking at say must be fully compliant with OH&S regulations. I work in theatre so it is not as though I need particular skills or qualifications to trade but I do need to know the local regulations. I figured that I can do some courses over here whilst I am saving, does anyone know of some providers of training, preferably online otherwise by correspondance? Or if not can you tell me a bit about how long courses are etc to see if there is a possibility of me doing one as soon as I arrive (whenever that may be!!) Thanks
  7. A TAFE in Melbourne will commence February 2008 trades training in cabinet making, building and bricklaying (better in Melbourne than hot Sunshine Coast ) If anyone interested they should get in now, only accredited agents of this TAFE have been informed as of today More details will be available soon.
  8. We have been in Sydney now for 9 months and hubby has been working solidly since his PR came through. He drives a manitou and works 6 days, brings home around 1300 net per week. So it is not to shabby. He has always wanted to do the crane course and that will be about 2000 AUD and should increase his daily rate further. I am wondering about him doing excavator/loader type training also, again another 2000-3000 AUD. Paying 3000 AUD per month rent is killing us and I just want usto be able to buy somewhere 9and live the dream LOL). In Sydney where we are properties are around the mill mark!! I have seen places I like along the coast for half that. Childcare costs are extortionate in Sydney also and I have two under 4. I see loads of jobs advertised around QLD for excavators etc and even know someone working for Synergy on a FIFO from Sydney, was just wondering on the work propsects. Sorry this is all so disjointed. So assumig I can get another teaching job somewhere , what do you thing the best training options for the other half, to maximise employability and work chances. I have read the threads on here about mining slowing right down..... Cheers
  9. So I'm doing the TRA Pathway A as I did a 4 year government apprenticeship but I'm not sure what to put in the Formal Vocational Training bit. Is it just the first 2 years of my apprenticeship when I was on day release to college for my ONC or do I put the whole 4 year time down ? In other words is this referring to my college study only which was part time for 2 years or all the training undertaken as part of my apprenticeship ? Very confused ! :huh:
  10. stevie ellis

    RMS training

    Alright folks. has anyone used these in perth wa? they do training for driving trucks in stuff and say they can get you in the mines? just being nosey and to ask if anyone has used them ats a:wubclub:
  11. spicton1979

    Newly qualified nurse

    Hi, My younger sister(21) is just about to finish her nursing degree (expecting a 2:1) and she wants to move to Australia (Brisbane in particular) as soon as possible but doesn't know how to go about it. I know you can get a working holiday visa for 12 months but would that allow her to work in nursing? ideally she would like to get a nursing job as soon as possible so she can build up her experience. Does anyone know if she can gain her work experience in Australia and if so, what are her options? Thanks Steve
  12. Hi, I wondered if anyone has experience of training as a nurse once they get to Australia? I am thinking of JCU in Cairns. I already have PR so will have to pay the same fees as the Aussies, about $5000 each year. I was wondering how people have found it, is there as funding provision to get you through to registration (I imagine not) and what was the workload like? I already have a relevent science degree so was thinking of doing the shortened 2 year course for graduates, but unfortunately I think this would mean I wouldn't be able to practise in the UK should we ever return! Does anyone know anything about this? Would I be better to do the Div 2 Nursing course and then go into the 2nd year of the Bac of Nursing, so I have actually studied for the 3 years stipulated by the NMC in the UK? Would this be acceptable?? Any info/comments welcome. Thanks
  13. Guest

    Midwifery in Queensland

    G'day peoples. I was born in Perth WA but have spent most of my life in England. I am returning to Australia this year with my husband and my son. I do not have much in the way of work experience or qualifications, but I would love to become a midwife in Queensland. What suggested route could anyone suggest for me to take when I arrive in Queensland and what will this entail? Also, I will need to work so a role as an assistant or trainee would be great if possible? Many thanks Chantel
  14. whichway

    dog training advice- please

    I'd really love any advice anyone has to help with my dog. We have had a baby and we have a 4 year old labrador, who is never growing up. He is an inside dog but he goes out when we are at work or when he is driving me crazy. I am grateful because he is not aggresive to the baby, although of course we watch them like hawks. These are our problems. 1) he is very very hyper, he always has been but we thought it might get a bit better, which it hasn't. He gets exercised every day (only 30 or 40 minutes mind you) but it doesn't make any difference. We had to put away all his toys cos he goes too crazy with them. 2) he is constantly licking or trying to lick the baby which at first was ok but he is obsessed with it and just never stops. 3) He is not aggressive off lead but on a lead he has become so aggressive to other dogs (this is the least of my problems cos I can control him and he'll never get the opportunity to hurt another dog). But I would like to enjoy our walks again. He was attacked by another dog when he was on lead and I guess it could be related but I don't know what to do about it. 4)He does not respond to commands anymore. Everything is said about 3 times. I am sick of hearing myself chastise him and he is driving me mad:arghh: I want to be able to still have him inside most of the time but I am getting to the point where I just can't. Please help if you can.
  15. hi there! I am 26 and have completed 2 years studying Electrical Intallation at college here in england. I need a company to take me on as an apprentice so I can complete my training and become a qualified electrician but as there is such a slump in our economy i cant find an apprenticeship anywhere over the last two years!! perhaps because i am a little older i dont know... does anyone know if it is possible for me to move to australia to complete my training and work and live? i have spent some time in australia before over 4 different visits and my plan has been to live there for years now,I didnt expect to hit this hurdle in my training.... if anyone can help me with any info then i would be so gratefull, many thanks, rynoward
  16. Is anybody already or thinking of training in natural therapies in Perth? I would like to train with AIHM in Perth and become a qualified nutritional medicine therapist but wondered how much work there is out there. I will probably train in massage, aromatherapy as well but it seems uni is the way forward for most thing in oz. Thanks.
  17. In the last six months or so there's been fairly substantial changes to the way your basic compulsory qualifications have been presented; you'll see an advert asking for "A generic, SGS and S1, S2, S3" but most of them have changed their names which is really going to confuse you when you go to apply for them, so here's a summary: The Generic Passport is the mining equivalent of the blue/white card, but is increasingly becoming known as Standard 11. It's increased from 1 to 3 days but you can get RPL if you've been active on a mine site and is now easier to get renewed because of this The BMA passport, previously known as an SGS is now three days long and can only be provided through BMA themselves these days. There's currently a huge backlog as there are very limited providers (4 weeks at the moment) S1, S2, S3 (basic supervisor course) has already been through a name change to G1, G8, G9 but has undergone another to RIIRIS301A, RIIOHS301A, RIICOM301A. It's normally 3 days but I've seen 4-5 days advertised too. Cheers
  18. Hi can anyone help. My OH needs to do his white card training prior to stating job. We arrive in Darwin in August. We have searched the internet and cant seem to find anywhere we he can do it. Hasanyone else had any probs or can offer any advice thanks Laura
  19. Hi. Im due to arrive in Perth in about a month with my family.My husband has work there on a secondment basis with a view to becoming permanent if all works out. I am an experienced college lecturer in hairdressing and would be grateful for any information on how hairdressing training goes on in Perth. I have been directed to TAFE colleges but there was a vagueness regarding what quals etc were needed and which sites did hairdressing. Any info would be great:biggrin:
  20. AaronS

    Training my replacement

    Guh....I've been training my replacement for my job all week. I'm having a hard time staying focused. All I can think about is the move. The director of my division has been running screen for me in that he's fending off people trying to harass me to do more than train. He's a great guy and totally understands that I have the "leavin' disease". I can tell it's only going to get worse though.
  21. Guest

    Potty training?

    Was a breeze with my daughter it was all done and dusted at about 20 months through the day then at 2 she was sleeping through dry. But bloody hell my son is proving hard work he's now 2yrs and 9 months and through the day he has to be sat on the toilet every half hour..........he goes but 15 minutes later he'll P1ss his pants.....................any tips?
  22. jgt

    job training

    Hi all ,as their appears to be a lack of work over their in perth at the mo can anyone suggest training in a particular area or something that they would like to have trained in before they went so as to open their job options, any ideas are appreciated,im a plasterer and their doesnt seem to be owt happening, hoipe to hear from ya all,:chatterbox:
  23. Piewie

    Further training on 457 Visa

    As a tradesman on a 457 visa there is a certain amount of re-training required to bring my skills up to par with the required norms in Australia. This includes having my VETASSESS assessment and skills assessed locally or RPL. My employer seems to be telling me that this is for my cost, I don't wholley disagree but expected some help with this considering that they knew everything about me prior to my sponsorship. Is this correct them asking me to pay? I have looked on the DIAC website and cannot find anything about further training. Also included in my Contract of employment is a list of items that they will want me to repay should I end my contract before 3 years. One of these items is costs associated with getting my visa including agents fee. I have now found on the DIAC website that they cannot seek to recover these costs from me. ShouldI keep quiet and wait until such time that I wish to cease my contract and then argue the toss with them or let them know that they have made an error and maybe allow them to correct the mistake. (issue new contract). Any help much appreceiated.:hug:
  24. Afternoon everybody, I have been thinking a lot recently about maybe re training for another career not sure exactly what but i certainly have a few ideas, i am a builder and over the last few years have been getting a bit disillusioned with it all for various reasons, for example there are to many builders fighting over the same jobs at the moment and i cant see that changing for a long time, also the massive influx of foreign workers has really had a big affect on buisness ( but thats another argument for another day ) and thats without the massive amount of paperwork and elf n safety ( beurocracy ) involved. Not only all of the above but i am knocking on a bit (40 this year) and i dont think physically i could do what i now do until retirement age. Obviously i will have to take moving to oz ( if we do ) into consideration and if i could re train over there. So basically have any of you guys got to a certain age and decided you wanted a change, what have you done about it, and was it a succesful transition, also anyone out there feel like me about your respective career?:unsure:
  25. I am graduating in July with a double honours degree in Criminology social policy and wondered if degrees in australia are worth anything like they are here in terms of employment? In england theres a graduate programe by the government where you can top up any degree to become a teacher by doing a years training. firstly i did want to go into the police but now i would like to become a primary school teacher so wondering if anyone knows if there are any graduate programes like there is in england, in auz? any help much appreciated, zoe :biggrin: