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  1. nicandjay

    3rd time lucky ?????

    Hahah thanks T bone this makes me feel a whole lot better !! As you say its not that you dislike the places its just a love of both but a bloody expensive love affair !!
  2. nicandjay

    3rd time lucky ?????

    Thanks guys ... nothing in stone yet just pondering over things with kids ... we would sure sell our house next time here in the Uk , then no strings attached .
  3. nicandjay

    3rd time lucky ?????

    So im not looking for doubters .... i am looking for if anyone else has been crazy enough to make the move 3 times- ?? we are looking at it as 3rd time lucky !! .....
  4. nicandjay

    Sell me your town/city

    I love the Gold Coast ! Close to everything . We are looking at buying very soon and would love to buy in Helensvale ! Wondering what Arundel,is like ???
  5. nicandjay

    Nursing in brisbane

    Have a look on seek.com loads of nursing jobs , I can assure you, you won't have a problem as an ITU nurse !!
  6. Hello I have a 13year old from my first marriage and all I did was have a chat with him and get an official letter from a solictor. He didnt want her to go (he doesnt have contact either !! ) but said he wouldnt stop me either as long as i sent him emails etc..... Within 2weeks of arriving he had cancelled CSA payments and didnt answer emails ????
  7. Hi to u all , I am from worsley in Manchester and returned back to the uk last new yr eve and ever since we have considered a return !! We lived in upper coomera and also in helensvale .
  8. nicandjay

    2nd attempt will i feel any different ?

    I can see now I was stupid to jump back on that plane so quick but hey emotions are wicked when you are in a predicament !! I know there are defiantly things I would do different next time for one i would give my job up here and not take an employment break !!! That way I know when my job gets tough out there I haven't anything to return to here !! The ironic thing is the children still want to return !! So if we don't I know I will regret it and that is the main reason for going ! Giving the children the opportunities they deserve and not stuck in a country that can't give them the life they want !! So I will get the manic Xmas over with and start planning oz part 2 !!
  9. Hi All Well last June we made the leap and moved to the Gold coast , both me and hubby secured good jobs and kids settled in well , then the first big blip of homesickness and i crumbled !! Ended up returning new years eve and within the first few weeks thought oh lord what have we done !!! (Or me)...So now its a case of we realise why we made the jump last year and now are considering a move again .... Will i be more prepared this next time ???
  10. nicandjay

    Who has lasted 2nd time round ?

    we shall remain in limbo for the next few months i would say as my brain hurts from wondering what ifs constantly !!!:huh: I read the fors and againsts and think one min yehhhh lets go and then the next is GULP what we doing again ..... So who knows , i know its our decision and we will make our own destiny .... but god why does it have to be so god dam difficult !!!
  11. nicandjay

    what has the uk got that australia lacks

    fashion/ close proximity of friends and family/ owning my own house :wink:/ cant say i miss the ozzy weather as ity rained the majority of our time there :eek: !!!
  12. nicandjay

    Who has lasted 2nd time round ?

    Hi Just wondering if anyone ping ponged but lasted on the 2nd attempt ? what was so different that made you stay ?
  13. nicandjay

    Is it the wrong time ?

    same here !!! Its a nightmare of emotions :wacko:
  14. nicandjay

    Is it the wrong time ?

    I sit quietly to try find the answer and my heart argues with my head !!! So many positives so many negatives... In these times of economic crisis is it silly to even consider ?
  15. nicandjay

    what has the uk got that australia lacks

    For me it was family ! But once back here you realise they do ur bloody head in:biglaugh: