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  1. Good to see your catch up post. Had wondered how you were doing. Life eh!
  2. Somgirl

    I just bought a house

    Lovely house NSP, hope you have many happy years there. You know what they say, new house......... New baby Lol!
  3. Somgirl

    Great Sadness - the loss of a former mod

    So sad to hear the news, we were friends on PIO. A lovely lady!
  4. Married for 33 years this year, together for 40 years and life is still exciting!
  5. Somgirl

    What was the last thing you googled?

    "Rocking roosters"
  6. Somgirl

    Wanted down under on

    We were only in Oz on a secondment for 2 years, but have to agree it's interesting watching!
  7. Somgirl

    Moving dog back to UK from Sydney

    Sorry, can't help with your query, but bumping it up for you!
  8. Somgirl

    G'Day from Cairns

    Congrats on making it back guys! Keep us posted!
  9. Somgirl

    Worlds most dangerous run ways.

    I don't know about dangerous runways, but taking off from Chicago several years ago, I've never seen so many planes queuing to take off and land, and we were in the middle of it. Never seen it this bad at Heathrow either.
  10. Somgirl

    Just under a week........

    Not sure where you're heading MC but I'm in the south of the UK, and we are still hitting temperatures of 16 degrees, so not cold, but we have had a fair bit of rain. A big storm is also forecast for the South West on Monday.
  11. Somgirl

    End of the road for me .....

    Congrats! All your hard work and determination has paid off! Best wishes for your future in Oz!
  12. Somgirl

    Worst travel complaints

    Unbelievable! Lol!
  13. Somgirl


    This was recommended to us when we were in Perth, however, it was one thing on our to do list, that we didn't get round to doing!
  14. Somgirl

    Folding a fitted sheet

    That's one thing I never iron! Just fold roughly and put in the airing cupboard till needed.
  15. When we went to Perth, our container took 9 weeks to arrive. When it arrived there was a strike on so that took another extra week.