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    Questions about the rules for a 190 (state sponsored) visa

    Thanks MaggieMay24!!
  2. iambritinoz

    Questions about the rules for a 190 (state sponsored) visa

    Hey, Couple more questions from the defacto in question :-) 1. Can u leave the country while waiting for PR to be granted. 2. Are there a certain number of days per year you must remain in country to ensure PR is maintained on a yearly basis. 3. Once on PR are there any stipulations to ensure it is maintained. 4. How long does PR last for. Thanks very much for the advice,
  3. Hey up pomsinoz, i have a couple of questions for the rules around the 190 visa - if you guys might know the answer / or recommend a good migration lawyer person that i can go ask the questions to? I will be the 190 visa holder, with my defacto partner on it as well. We are already on a 457 visa (and she as my defacto) for a couple of years. We've also been living together, in Australia for 4/5 years. my questions are: On the 190 visa, am i allowed to go on holiday, and is my partner? Are there any rules on the number of holidays, or the length of each holiday for either of us? Should i notify immi or 'liveinvictoria' each time i/we go on holiday? Are there places we can and cannot go (i want to go snowboarding in japan). As the 190 visa holder, i know that i must stay working in my nominating state (this is not an issue) - but is my partner bound by the same stipulation, or can she for example do 3 months locum/temp work in a different region if she wanted to? If i need to go ask a professional person expert this stuff / migration person - could anyone recommend me a good one that won't rip me off thanks massively! britinoz
  4. Hi there, I am a newb, so hopefully i get the terms right and someone can give me some good advice. I am currently on a 417 visa, which expires in february. I have applied for the 175 skilled visa - but I understand this can take quite a while to go through. Is there any way I can get a temporary visa / another visa / some mechanism to stay in oz whilst my 175 is processed? I am currently working and can get a letter of support from my employer... thanks for any help you might offer... bio