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  1. Just a quick update. Got my approval letter today 😊 Husband hasn't got his yet 😂
  2. Hi everyone 1. Date Applied: 03/03/2017 2. City/Council Area: Moreton Bay, Brisbane 3. Online / Paper: Online 4. Acknowledgement Email: 03/03/2017 5. Citizenship Test e-mail: 27/03/2017 6. Date of the Citizenship Test: 29/05/2017 (rearranged from 23/05/2017) 7. Approval letter: Waiting 8. Date of ceremony: Waiting
  3. Thank you, I still can't quite believe it. I think I've read our grant letters about ten times, just to make sure it's all approved! The doctor that carried out our medicals said that the decision would really be based on the letters from our oncologist, unless they required further clarification. It does play on your mind though and I've spent many a month wondering what else they might want. My advice to anyone applying with medical conditions is take as much information with you to your medical. Get letters from your specialists outlining your condition, treatment and prognosis.
  4. We have just had our visa approved. We did our medicals upfront and took surgery results and letters from our oncologist as we had both received a cancer diagnosis since arriving in Australia. I really cant believe they didn't ask for any further documents. To say i'm relieved is an understatement! All our details are below and I've updated the spreadsheet, hopefully it's the right version :wink: Nom 27/08/15 Visa 31/08/15 Nom & Visa approved 02/03/16 TRT LR Vic processing centre Mining production mananger
  5. That's rubbish we applied for our medicare card in October 2015 and our bridging visa didn't come into effect until December. Medicare did want to see the acknowledgment letter from immi before they would issue our interim medicare card
  6. Hi Everyone, our application finally went in at the end of August, medicals were done upfront. It seemed like our MA took forever to get it all together, but he really didn't. Now we play the waiting game, but we're slightly paranoid due to us both having medical issues since arriving in Australia. We're both fine now, but it just makes you wonder. I've updated the spreadsheet with our details. Good luck
  7. Does anyone know what happens to your 457 if your PR application is refused on medical grounds? Can you apply for another 457? Thanks
  8. My DH works FIFO on a 5/2. The crews that work for him do a 7/7. It's not the greatest, but it works for us.
  9. GOOD NEWS UPDATE! So; I pick my DH up from the airport the week before last and with him he has a piece of paper stating that he signed us up for private health care with his employer. He had completely forgotten about it, I could of throttled him after all the phone calls and stress of trying to figure out what we needed to do to get this surgery done! i spent the weekend calling and emailing documents to the insurer for them to assess. At the beginning of last week we got the go ahead for the surgery with all costs covered. We were so relieved, although my DH was understandably rather daunted. Anyway, surgery was on Friday, it went well. Surgeons fees were 50% more then estimated. Got the results of the biopsy today, cancer was confirmed although it was contained. Appointment with the oncologist is scheduled for the end of the month with one dose of chemo the likely treatment. i spoke to Medicare again today and the guy I spoke to advised me that they do not have different items numbers for public or private referrals. If this is true the item number his surgery was given would not have been covered. That being said, there could be a slightly different item number that would have been covered. I will try and find this out if I can. Thank you to those of you that offered advice and support whilst I was trying to figure out what we were going to do and how we would afford this surgery, it really was invaluable. I appreciate that we have so far been very lucky to have our costs fully covered. Sorry for the rather lengthy post!
  10. Thanks Jessie123, going to the GP later to see if we can figure out what's going. It would be nice to get something publicly considering 457 visa holders get treated as residents for tax purposes.
  11. Thanks everyone, it's just frustrating, the healthcare system is complicated enough without this extra drama! We're both pretty matter of fact about it, there's not much we can do apart from try and get this done with minimal expense to us. If we've got to pay then we will as the consequences of not doing it don't really bear thinking about.
  12. He needs the op, they can't biopsy it to see whether it is benign or malignant as that is more dangerous, so the only option is removal.
  13. We had cover to satisfy the visa requirements, but when we registered for Medicare we cancelled it. I haven't been able to discuss this with the doctor yet as he hasn't been at work the last few days.
  14. So far he's had an ultrasound that was part refunded by Medicare, a CT scan that was bulk billed, a blood test that we haven't been invoiced for yet and a consultation. Private fees for the op are roughly $3400.