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    hi Komalami How was the test? I have mine soon. Are there lots of questions ? and how did you revise please ?
  2. Yep, I have been to some of those places. But, always for one night. And never too regularly
  3. Yep, I will call Monday and let you know.
  4. So, i am about to apply for citizenship. I was cabin crew in the uk. 2 years European flights, then 13 years Long haul. I've been around the world a few times. How on earth will i fill in the form. We didn't get stamps in our passports. I certainly haven't saved any rosters. I have no way of getting a copy of the roster for 15 years!! Looks like i need to call the help line monday too. I am sure i am not the only cabin crew member to have applied for citizenship
  5. Jillyg65

    Sponsoring a Sibling??

    Ok.thanks. just wondered if there was any other way. But, we have our answer now. Appreciate your replies..
  6. Jillyg65

    Sponsoring a Sibling??

    Hi again. I am a bit of a novice with all this visa lingo. Who are RMA please? My brother does not live in Adelaide. I do. I have a PR visa. My brother did carpentry at college ($26000 later) Now has to do a year working in the trade. then pay to be assessed. And then start the visa process and pay for all that. So wondered If me sponsoring him was an easier option ( but doesn't sound like it is)
  7. Jillyg65

    Sponsoring a Sibling??

    14 years??? thats insane!! Carpenter, but he went through the international student system and needs to complete the job ready program which seems to a massive mess about...
  8. Jillyg65

    Sponsoring a Sibling??

    Other family member, Remaining Relative (Subclass 835) ?? would that be permanent?
  9. Jillyg65

    Sponsoring a Sibling??

    ​I have recently moved to Adelaide through my husbands State Sponsorship (permanent resident) My brother is currently on a skilled graduate visa going through the long haul and very expensive trade recognition route. Could anyone please tell me if I am eligible to sponsor my brother for him to gain his PR?? Thanks for any help...
  10. Thank you Diane. Great advice My little girl is a big worrier. Asks a LOT of questions and thinks too much about things. So I am happy with the decision not to tell her too early. I'll tell her next week and then she'll have 2 months to get used to the idea. Hopefully that will be long enough!! Good luck with your move too! xx
  11. Thank so much for all the good advice. I certainly wasn't going to NOT tell her. I am planning on telling her in the next week, just want to tell the school and then her. As once I tell her I would imagine she'll tell everyone. She has quite a lot of friends as she's done pre school with them too. She has an amazing teacher too. But, hopefully we will sort of re create it in Oz plus more!! thanks again x
  12. Hi there We are leaving the UK 18 January 2013 As yet, we haven't told our 5 year old. She 'thinks' we are going on holiday to Australia after Xmas. (as she hears so much about OZ!) She has just started her first year of school here, back in September and obviously we will be taking her out in January. So can anyone tell me their stories about how they told their children, 5 is still quite young, but obviously she will know something is going on, I am telling the school next week, and will then probably tell her pretty soon after that thanks
  13. Jillyg65

    removals within oz

    thanks very much. just want to get a rough idea of prices. thanks
  14. Jillyg65

    removals within oz

    hi there has anyone used any removal companies in OZ that they could please recommend? thanks
  15. Hello We are just wondering how successful people are getting jobs while still in the UK before even getting to OZ? And how far in advance did you start applying? We are hoping to be there end of January. Family are saying we should have started applying ages ago. My husband who is in IT and does recruiting himself, believes companies want you there in the flesh and won't look at CV's 4 months away. Just wondered what the general opinion was please. And if you did start looking before hand, did you just go through lots of agencies? Thanks very much