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Found 31 results

  1. Hi All, Is anyone aware of what the equivalent roles are in Aus for Sister, Senior Sister, Matron? Are the roles/responsibilities broadly comparable or does it work a bit differently? Has anyone moved from the UK into one of these sorts of roles in Australia? Or is there generally an expectation that you would find a job as a nurse first, then work your way up? I would be interested in anyone's experience of either stepping down and working their way back up or moving directly into a more senior role, and how they found the transition. We're planning on visiting Brisbane/SC/GC in May and were hoping to visit a couple of hospitals, with a view to meeting someone to discuss what it's like working at the hospital and what sort of vacancies they currently have. Planning on contacting HR and seeing if this is feasible/practical. Has anyone else done this? In terms of searching for available roles, how do people generally go about this? Contact hospitals directly, searching online, applying through agencies? Did anyone managed to secure a role prior to moving out? I'm asking on behalf of my wife, but I'm very interested to hear how it works too, as I've done a fair amount of searching and it doesn't seem entirely clear. Apologies, lots of questions, any info/experiences greatly appreciated! Regards BFB
  2. Hi Can anyone out there help me? I have been a Australian Citizen for almost 20 years now and married with a daughter and grandchild, My parents applied for a contributary parent visa 2 years ago, they got accepted recently like in september but my father passed away in the August so a hard decision for mum who is 75 but she is going to come. I have 1 sister left over in the U.K who also would like to come and be with us all she is 42 not married no children so she qualifies for a 835 on shore visa then being able to apply for last remaining whilst being in Australia with us all together. Can anyone tell me how soon she can apply for this visa? Does mum have to be here actually living then she applies? How quick does that 835 bridging visa take? As we will all be in Australia we dont want her being over in the UK on her own for too long especially with the age of mum we want as much time altogether as a family as possible. Appeciate any info or experiences many thanks in advance:xmas23:Merry Chrismtmas to you all
  3. Jillyg65

    Sponsoring a Sibling??

    ​I have recently moved to Adelaide through my husbands State Sponsorship (permanent resident) My brother is currently on a skilled graduate visa going through the long haul and very expensive trade recognition route. Could anyone please tell me if I am eligible to sponsor my brother for him to gain his PR?? Thanks for any help...
  4. BoonTobais

    Contributory Parent Visa question

    Hi all, I moved to Sydney last year on a 457 (August) and got my PR soon after (December). My parents are considering moving over once I'm able to apply for a Contributory Parent Visa for them, which I understand will require me to be 'settled' (ie, 2 years here). My question is regarding my sister, who is 16 and in school, very much dependant on my parents. I see that if she is added to the application and turns 18 prior to the CPV grant, she would have to pay as much as my parents for her move here. Also, if she does move, she would still have to pay international tuition rates if she goes to university here even though she's on a PR (?) Would it be wise to apply for the visa only for my parents (and sister as non-migrating dependant on their visa) and wait to get a Child 101 visa for her sometime later? Is bringing her over with my parents and paying the full amount the only option? Finally, how long has the CPV been taking in general? Thank you!
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice... I've recently come out here to help support my sister, who is an Oz resident and has lived here for 12 years and has 3 children. She is separated from her ex-husband and is currently not in a relationship. I won't go into details, but she's having a pretty rough time and is really benefitting from having some family help. My tourist visa runs out at the beginning of October but I would like to be able to stay longer to help her out. Staying longer would mean being allowed to work and I can't put an EoI through Skill Select as I'm not qualified or experienced for any of the schedule 1 vocations. I have 10 years experience in the PR/marketing field. Does anyone know if there is any way that I could legally find work other than the Skill Select route? I quit my job to come over and I know if I leave my sister will probably only get worse. Is there any extenuating circumstances that could be taken into account to allow family members to stay and work? She has no other family here and has pretty much brought 3 children up single handed - but it's taken a strain on her. I would just like to be able to help but can't if I'm not allowed to work here. Any advice is most appreciated - thank you! Matt
  6. Hello all A newbie here with a question to which any advice would be much appreciated... I am a Permanent Aussie resident living in Sydney, I have been here 6 years but as of yet have not got round to organising my citizenship yet. I am married to an Aussie. I have one sister (44) who lives in Dublin with her husband (57) and 1 daughter (8). Both our parents are deceased. Without going into the nitty gritty details, things are seriously tough for them financially and my bro-in-law is having to close down his shop (he works in food retail). My sister runs a small design business which has been financially hit badly too. They are seeing little way out of their work situation and now considering other options previously they wouldn't. What are my chances based on my above info. of getting them out to Oz to live? Based on their age and employment situations, is it a total no-hoper? I am guessing it is the latter but interested to know if there is any glimmer of hope what I could pursue? Thanks in advance
  7. k3nj1

    Australian half sister

    I am currently on a 457 visa and have been working on this for 3 years here in Sydney. I am looking to apply for my PR. I have a half sister (same father) who is Australian - would she be able to sponsor my application? Or have me on some kind of family visa? Thanks
  8. Hi All, My BIL & SIL are looking into moving to the Gold Coast, he is a painter, they have looked in to work sponsorship, but as they are both over 45 (46 this year), they are to old, we have only been here 18 months (on a perm visa 175) and they have been told by a migration Agent that my husband can sponsor them, but I though we could not as we have not been here that long. Thanks Paula :hug:
  9. Guest

    Sister lives in Melbourne

    Hi, I am new here and hoping to get an understanding of life in Australia after you emigrate. My sister lives there and I have considered the move many times, but cant leave the UK. I am going to post on the Dilemmas thread as I am looking for insight into how you all relate to family back in the UK and how to perhaps keep the relationship going from such a distance.
  10. jimithechew

    What Cat if sponsored by sister???

    Im now going down the route of getting sponsored by my sister, now my Q is What cat would I be in? according to the DIAC (See below) 1 From people who are employer sponsored under the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS). Note: Priority Group 1 applications are not GSM applications. 2 From people who are nominated by a state or territory government agency with a nominated occupation that is specified on that state or territory's state migration plan. 3 From people who have nominated an occupation on the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL). See: Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 3 (120KB PDF file) 4 All other applications are to be processed in the order in which they are received. Where does family sponsorship fit in??? (Im a Joiner 331213, going for a 176, and im pretty sure im on all lists going) Im going along the lines of Cat 2???? (hoping lol!!!) Cheers
  11. Hi everyone. I hope it would be possible to find any advice on my problem, because it totally confuses me now. Frankly, I simply don't know what to do next and any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a widowed mother and a little sister of 13, and both of them have been dependent on me since my dad had died. We are planning to move to Oz, but after reading a lot of forums over the net, I decided it would be easier to migrate in two steps: firstly, me and my spouse via GSM, and afterwards, after two years of settling - my mother and sister via the parent visa. The above decision was made, because proving of dependency seemed to be a complicated and mysterious procedure, and we were going to support my family by sending them money, unless they eventually join us with a parent visa. I've lodged my offshore 176 application not long ago, and DID NOT include my mom and sis there, only spouse. Just a few days ago I suddenly realized (my terrible mistake!), that my mom will not be able to pass the balance of family test, once she has lodged a parent visa application: my deceased father had a child, my half-brother, which existence destroys everything. He has always been living separately, did not manage even to contact us, and we are not even sure where he is now. We simply do not have any relationship with him, and he also does not want this relationship to be. I've thoroughly explored the booklet 3 as well as the "Migration Regulations, 1994". The latter document claims that the mentioned child could be not taken into account, if my father is deceased and at the time when my mother had started the relationship with my dad - my half-bro had been over 18 (unfortunately, he had been 4 years old at that time). This means that it will be impossible to take my family with me to Oz - and this thought devastates me totally. I am now thinking of the possibility of including my mom and sis into the already lodged application. And I really need an advice here: 1. is it possible to change the list of dependents in the already lodged application? 2. do we have any chance of our application being approved in this case? 3. in case we do - what do we need to show as the evidence of the dependency? What comes to my mind is: - my mother is widowed, she is 53. - whe is currently unemployed, not on a pension, and it is unlikely for her to find any suitable employment in a small town where we live (she has 2 years remaining before the pension). - we live together - I've been transferring money to her account every month during almost a year till now (I can provide a bank statement). - she has a dependent daughter (my sis), which also requires money to live. 4. what else can help us to show the dependency? 5. Have there been any successful stories like mine ? May be someone could share his knowledge with me... Any help would be highly appreciated. We're on a CAT 2 now, and awaiting of a CO being allocated soon, therefore this becomes a matter of urgency now, and it stresses me up even more.. Many thanks in advance to everyone who could shed any light to the above matter, Regards, Evgeny.
  12. kissofthegypsy

    Sponsoring Sister

    Didnt really know what to put in title so tried to make it simple :wink: I have been in oz now for 20 months and have Permanent Residency through a sponsored 856 visa. I have since split from my partner and are now engaged to an awesome girl from Tasmania, we get married in February next year. My sister who is 35 has been to visit 3 times and wants to come out here and see if its for her, working part time maybe, studying with the option to go back to the UK if she doesnt like it. (She currently works on the line at Jaguar cars and has done for 10 years) I have searched around for visas and found the sponsoring last remaining relative one which is not appropriate as my mom is still alive and well. Hence does anyone know if I can use my residency to sponsor my sister in anyway, or will she have to look at a WHV (may be too old..dont know) or Study Visa?? Any help would be appreciated Thanks Sean
  13. We came to Perth in October 2009 on a 175 skilled independent visa. My sister would like to move here too, but has been told that she cannot. My parents are here on holiday and have gone to find out whether they are entitiled to move out here, they are, but my sister still isn't as she has aunts and uncles still in the UK, is this correct? is there no way she can come out. She is 43 and single with no dependents. Any help would be appreciated. Sue
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :hug: :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: I hope its today haha. A little birdie told me it was:wink:
  15. OH been ill since March with what docs thought was Ross River Fever. Those symptoms were recently replaced by others such as double vision and awful taste in mouth. He has lost so much weight. Last week he was in a confused state, and last Saturday I couldn't get a response from him and nurse at health centre said to dial triple 0. Ambulance took him to Nambour GH. He has had numerous blood tests, CT scans, MRI brain scan, lumbar puncture, ecco scan, a catheter fitted, and still no diagnosis. He has gone from being one positive happy go lucky person loving his life in Oz and just waiting for the day (30th May) when he has been here two years and can apply for PR (on 475 visa, is a painter). He is mainly in a comatose state now and is to be transferred to Brisbane where they have more specialist equipment. My sister who has just returned to the UK from Spain has quickly got an Australian visitor's visa and would like to book a flight for Tuesday, not a return, but open-ended. Is anyone able to offer any advice as to which would be the best airline and whether open ended is easy to arrange. I'll feel so much better to have my sis here. We don't have any family here. OH family all in South Africa and mine all in UK. His work colleagues have been v supportive and I am so grateful. I lost my confidence driving so have been using public transport which is good, but a lot slower.
  16. Shaz36

    Visa Grant! - 176

    Hi all, Just to let you know, that my sister got her visa granted today. It was a 176 family sponsored visa, and they were on the CSL. (aircraft engineer) Timeline below: March 2010 - 176 Submitted April - Case officer requests meds and pcc's Asked for extension for medicals due to baby due in May July - Got baby's passport 27 July - Meds done 9 Aug - Meds rec'd in Sydney 12 Aug - Meds finalised 18 Aug - Visa granted! Good luck to all those still waiting, Cheers Shaz
  17. Hi friends! I am a permanant resident of Australia, as I hold GSM-Subclass 175 visa. I am in Australia at present. My dependant-husband and child is also along with me. My sister is a student in Australia and on a student visa. I would like to know if I can apply for my sister as my secondary dependant?? I searched for visa categories and found :REMAINING RELATIVE (ONSHORE) SUBCLASS 835. But, It has a clause: Remaining Relative Visa (Onshore) (Subclass 835) I am confused on this below mentioned point on eligibility: "You and your partner cannot have any other brothers, sisters, parents (or step equivalents), or non-dependent children other than those who are usually resident in Australia and are Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens". We are 3 siblings(Brother, sister who is a student in Oz now and myself) in family. At present, I wish to apply for my sister. My brother is well settled in UK. Please help me find a possible visa and clear my doubt?? Regards, Shilpa
  18. melpaul

    sponsering my sister

    hi peps need some info i live i melb emigrated 08 but my sis whos a nurse is applying and needs me to sponser her im filling out form 1277 and it asks for my visa number there are so many numbers on my visa which one is it anybody now ? thanks for any info mel x
  19. scoots

    sister sponsoring

    hi there, does anyone know about family sponsoring you??my sister is a citizen and we heard that she may be able to sponsor us!!has anyone gone down this road before???if so can they advise us with any information?any help would be fantastic. thanks stacey.
  20. Hi, my first post! My Husband (38) an aircraft avionics engineer ASCO 4114 -15 on CSL with me (35) and kids Jade and Reece (7 & 5). We have sent off the TRA and awaiting the result. The changes have worried us as we have lost points from the MODL but I have a sister who has moved from New Zealand to Oz with her husband back in June 2008. I was just wondering if anybody knew if she has to have lived in Oz for a certain amount of time before she can sponsor us? They both have NZ Citzenship? Would really appreciate any info Tanya & Gordon :wacko:
  21. Guest

    Can my sister sponsor us

    Hi My only sister is a citizen in Australia and my husband and I are in the UK but would like to emigrate. My parents are still in the UK, does this mean the remaining resident visa does not work for us. I dont think it will because of my parents but I would like someone to confirm it. Thanks Tina
  22. Hi, would it be possible for me to move over based just on the fact i have a sister who is a permanent resident over there? I have already had a working visa a few years ago so that would be out of the question. any help on this issue would be of great help to me? many thanks Dave
  23. hi guys, wondering if any knows if i could sponsor my sister to come over here. she hasnt got a trade and ive got three other sisters still in england but no one here .any info on how i can get her over here would be greatly appreciated thanks guys x leanne:jiggy:
  24. I have a dilema and not sure best way go about it. Im in Australia going through a Spouse visa,My Mother is an Oz Citizen and my other sister arrived in Oz as a student. I have 1 other sister in UK who is 23 years old and we would love to get her out here somehow but dont know how to go about it and if its possible?maybe an agent could help us as we dont mind paying if we need to. Her Father lives in the UK but has nothing to do with her really as my Mother and him split up many years ago,i feel so sorry for her left in uk and would love her to be in Australia with us. Any info would be appreciated in how to go about this
  25. Once we have successfully emigrated to Australia on a permanent visa, is it possible to sponsor a direct member of family ? i.e. brother and family:hug: