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Found 32 results

  1. Jillyg65

    Sponsoring a Sibling??

    ​I have recently moved to Adelaide through my husbands State Sponsorship (permanent resident) My brother is currently on a skilled graduate visa going through the long haul and very expensive trade recognition route. Could anyone please tell me if I am eligible to sponsor my brother for him to gain his PR?? Thanks for any help...
  2. After I waited half an hour for him to come home and release me he showed me how to open the door from the inside. I sat in the shed alternately texting and holding my hand under the door for his dogs to lick my hand.
  3. All's well that end's well but for 24 hours my brother's family were all distraught. I thought I was pretty blase driving over there to help look but, as I got to within a kilometre of their home i started looking for little bundles by the side of the road & wondering what was in the bins. My nephew put posters up all over Picnic Point offering a reward and someone rang up. They had had her in their home overnight. My sister in law said that Amy (her daughter 22) will probably sleep with Tinkerbell tonight! I took my brother's other dog - 'Daisy' - out in the bush behind their house hoping I might find her there. All I found was a Black Snake (I think) - gave me a turn but it rushed off as quickly as I did in the other direction. That was the first time I've been for a walk with the dog and not enjoyed it.
  4. Fingers crossed she is OK, maybe in the pound (at Austral I think which is a long way from Picnic Point) or in a 'friendly' household. He's got two dogs and one was handed in at the vets. The wind blew the gate open. My brother sounded angry but I think that just masked the worry. My niece's birthday too.
  5. Guest

    Celebrity Big Brother

    uum, caught a glimpse of this earlier today while channel flicking, who are these people??? Sarah :goofy:
  6. Guest

    Brother travelling to OZ

    Hi there! This is with regard to a friend who has been just granted the PR.(He is originally from a HR country).How easy will it be for his brother to come down to Oz? If the brother does overstay,will it have any impact on my friend(the PR holder)?The Bro does not have the best of intentions,but still, can he apply for a tourist visa on the pretense of visiting his sibling? Hopefully someone out there will be able to clarify.... Thanks...
  7. my brother got confirmation today of his 457 sponsorship visa, he'll be headin to sydney in two weeks. i'm chuffed for him, and i'm jealous and i'm sad that he is going. i'm all over the place! we also called the TRA and they told us to wait till DH got his craft certificate to apply, we were hoping to apply with just a letter from FAS, so have to wait at least another six weeks. Standing still again! But at least my brother got sorted :biggrin:020
  8. Guest

    Can you sponsor brother in law?

    Hello everyone, i finally got my PR through a couple of weeks back and now i am looking into maybe sponsoring my family. Not right now, maybe in a year or so when im settle. Ive had a look and i think the most likely ones are going to be the 176 or 475 skilled regional sponsored visas. I just wondered if anybody knew if i could sponsor my brother in law? or sponsor my sister but its my brother in law that has the skills? I have checked the immigration website and its a bit unclear to me... thankyou
  9. Hi there, My brother is a permanent resident & is sponsoring my parents as part of their contributory parent/retirement visa. I'm re-applying as a pre-school teacher, (after being put in cat 4 limbo as a primary teacher!), however, I've discovered that I'm short of points under the new points system. Can my brother sponsor me, under a 176 visa, as well? I'd be grateful for any replies!
  10. Hi I have lived in Wa for 3 years with my wife and 2 children. I came out on a skilled working visa. My Brother and his wife have decided they would to also like to to come out to OZ. The big problem is that my brother is 29 and has been a Car Salesman since leaving school. So I think that his skills will not be in demand? His wife is 30 and is a Pharmacy dispenser. Now i know she had to do qualifications for this but again do not know if they are in demand. I have looked at the Skills list and can not see anything that recognises that. Obviously he has family here, us! But our Mum and Dad still live in England so again reading on the net I think my chances of sponsoring them is nil? Looking at their age i think they could scrape in on a WH visa but i think that its not really what they want. After a year they will have to go back which would be horrible for them if they have settled. Also there is work restrictions with that to. Basically I am open to any ideas you guys have on any other options or avenues we could pursue. Thanks Nathan.:wink:
  11. beastmaster2452

    Brother in-laws daughter

    G-Day POMSINOZ, Well, my family and I have been in OZ (Wagga Wagga NSW) for 18 months now and we are still living the dream, we may be moving to Townsville in January 2011 (OZ Army and we can only hope). My question is that my brother in-law came to OZ October 09 on a 12 month tourist visa to live with his partner (be together since January 09). Then had a baby daughter March this year and I was wondering what type of visa he could apply for having been with his misses for more than 12 months and having a daughter born in OZ with his surname on the birth certificate. Any help would be very much appreciated. Hope you all had a great easter and you are enjoying the bank holiday. Matt & family :cool:
  12. Im almost 50, no qualifications, been working all my life, have a brother who has full citizenship, can I get in Oz on a visa? (I also have other family in UK - two sisers - parents have passed), is there any use getting an agency, and does my two jobs experience (sales 10 years - then transport operations for local govenment) have any sway? Please advise if there is any hope?
  13. My OH's brother has been an Australian citizen for the last ten years and we were wondering if he was able to sponsor us to live/work in Australia. There is one problem though!!! and Googling this question has not provided any answers. My OH's brother is infact her foster brother and was brought up by her family since he was 18 months old. She thinks of him as her brother, refers to him as her brother yet the reality is, there is no blood relationship between them. Does anyone know how Australian immigration would view their relationship?
  14. Guest

    Brother as a remaining relative

    Hello everyone, I have read a lot of information about the remaining relative visa option but I still have a few questions I need answering. I was wondering if any of you would be kind enough to help.:biggrin: I am an Australian citizen and have a brother in the UK. He is my only sibling and both of our parents have passed away. My brother is keen to join me in Australia however, he has a little boy (9 years) who he has joint custody of with his ex partner. His son is dependent on him and stays with him half of the week. Here are the things I am not sure about:unsure: From what I have read my brother would still be classed as my remaining relative until his son is no longer a dependent. Is this the case? If my brother can apply for this visa can he add his son onto it even if he is not sure as to whether his son will come to Australia with him? (the split between my brother and his partner is messy) Would this visa allow my brother to go to the UK and spend a couple of months there each year (to see his son IF he didn't come out here)? If my brother was able to apply for this visa and it was granted would he have to live here straight away? I know that sounds like a strange question but depending on how long the visa took to be granted and what was happening with his son at that time, selling of his home etc could effect how quickly he could relocate. Many thanks for reading and any information you can offer would be very much appreciated. Eliza
  15. Hi, unfortunately I suspect the answer is 'no' but I thought I would ask before I give up hope.. I am aged 29, and I work as a sound engineer at television studios. My brother married an Australian and now has residency. Can he sponsor me? I suspect he can't as my Mum, Dad and sister all live in the UK. Also I have looked up my occupation as sound engineer on the on the list, so I don't think that will help me either.. Does anyone have any other ideas how I might obtain a visa please? Thankyou very much in advance. James
  16. Hi Everybody. Apologies if this is already a thread but I couldnt find one with the same situation. I am a dual national I have British and Australian Citizenship and have been in Sydney / Australia for 5 years and have no intention of living anywhere else now I came in as a skilled migrant on a PR visa and then got citizenship which I am very proud of. I have 2 brothers and no other siblings. My middle brother wants to apply to move to Australia. He has visited me on many occasions and loves it here. We have one other younger brother who lives in the UK and no other siblings. We lost our parents 9 & 11 years ago. Neither of my brothers have spoken to each other for 8 years. They had a huge falling out a year or so after my parents died and they have no desire to keep in touch with each other (which hurts me as I am close to both of them). The brother who wants to move here is finalising his divorce now and then he wants to start afresh over here. He works for himself as a graphic designer / media and has qualifications but not a degree. I know the last remaining relative visa states that there must be no other sibling but I wondered if there were ways around getting him a PR visa or on the road to one. ANY HELP would be greatly received by him and myself. Thanks in advance.
  17. Guest

    Found my Brother

    I just wanted to let you all know that we have contact with my Brother and his family. My Niece has contacted my eldest daughter via facebook. They are in Ballarat. I have not actually had a reply to my messages yet as we only had contact last night. I want to thank all those who tried to help with the search, I am very greatful to you all. Wendy.
  18. Guest

    Searching for my brother

    My name is Wendy and I have found out today that my brother and his family emigrated to Australia without telling us. We have no idea what part of Australia he went to only that he left in October and his wife and 2 daughters followed a couple of weeks before Christmas. His name is Micheal (Mick) Gordon he is 51 and his birthday is the 18th 0f December. His wife is Susan (Sue) and his children are Sarah and Ellen aged 16 and 13. Mick is working as a pastry chef. We have no idea why he left without telling anyone and would love to get in touch with him. We were never a close family having had a rough childhood but I always thought I was close to him and want him to know I love him and miss him. If anyone knows him could you please pass this message on to him and ask him to contact me by whichever means he chooses, just let me know you are OK. Wendy.
  19. Hi there. I wondered if anyone would be able to tell me if my brother's UK qualifications will be recognised here or if there is an Aussie equivalant. I am a permanent resident and am looking to sponser him and his wife and child. Here are his qualifications. HGV Class 1 and 2 (heavy goods licence) Hazmat (ADR) Class 1,2 and 3 BTEC NVQ Level 2- Transporting goods by road This is it. I have looked on the skilled A-Z occupations list but wondered if there was something similar to these. If this is not possible, he is looking to apply for a student visa and do a bricklaying course over here to work with my dad. My parents used their 'last remaining relative' for my other brother who moved here a few years ago. If he gets this he is quite restricted and can only work upto 20hrs a week. I thought if me and my fiance sponser him it might be better for them. Anyway help will be much appreciated Thanks
  20. Guest

    Aussie Big Brother

    Well, well, it has started tonight! Am I watching..........? Yeah Will I be hooked............? Yeah Am I sad...................?:yes: DONT ANSWER THAT!!!!!
  21. I am 31yrs old, a nurse, a mum of 2 and a wife. I have looked after my younger bro for about 12yrs now. He is only 25yrs now. I have been offered a sponsorship visa which I intend to go for, but can my bro come with me? Any comments greatly appreciated Thanks :nah:
  22. HI there I'm an Australian / British Citizen who has a brother (+ wife & 2 kids) living in England who are looking at coming out to Oz. I came here with my mum when she married in the mid-nighties hence I have Ozzy citizneship. He's never been to Oz. He's turning 35 this year and is an Aeronautical Engineer so shouldn't have a problem coming out on a 176 (I think) visa. However my concern is that he had cancer (testicular) four years ago and is he is also a little overweight. He was given the all clear approx 1 year after he was diagnosed however I'm not sure if this is going to give him problems with the health check. Does anyone have any experience of this at all? They are currently 'thinking about coming' and haven't started the ball rolling so I expect will use a migration agent. I just wondered if anyone had any experience in this at all. Cheers, Clare
  23. Hi I just want to make it clear that my thread is not about hating anybody or dismissing anybodies dream of moving abroad but I need advice or help or something My brother is 32 and is partner is a bit older. They have a son who is about 18 months and I have just found out that they are planning to move to Australia. Unfortunately they have never spoken to my parents about moving to oz and because my parents have heard rumours they are very upset as it has been very secretaive. They wouldn't try to stop them going but feel the whole process has been very underhand. My brother is very possessive over his son and will never let my parents spend any time with him on their own and my parents are now worried that they are not going to get to know their grandson before he is taken away. We are unsure how far along the process they are but they are visiting australia for a week and I think they might be doing this to activate their visas. What I am wanting to know is how long it will be before they move if they are going to activate their visas and how did other families cope with their relatives moving and the families being left behind
  24. Guest

    Brother and sister

    Just found out we might be moving to oz and we would like to know more about the country. Could you tell us the goods and bads about moving there?:no: Aaron is 12 and me Pryce is 11. Aaron likes football(soccer)and he supports Chelsea I am pryce and I enjoy arts and crafts.I also like playing on my nintendo DS and I play the violin.
  25. Guest

    Brother in prison

    Hi All, I have tried to dismiss the possibility, as logic would dictate, but can anyone give me a definitive answer? Will the fact that my brother is serving a life sentence in prison (for murder) affect my chances of having my visa application approved? I personally have no police record whatsoever. I tell myself that it shouldn't matter, but there is always that element of doubt. Many thanks. Paul