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  1. hannah78

    Dual citizen studying law at UK university

    Are you referring to a visa post uni as opposed to a student visa? Assume he will still need a student visa before flying the UK to start University in September?
  2. We have been living in Australia as a family since 2013 and are dual citizens, holding both UK and Australian passports. My son has been accepted to study Law at Cardiff Uni starting Sept 2021. We are aware that he will be an international student and will therefore pay international fees to study. We are just wondering whether there are any benefits of having the UK passport regarding visas/healthcare/finances? We have searched posts and are aware of the 3 year rule regarding residency. As far as we can tell there are no benefits to being a dual citizen if you return to the UK to study...is that right?
  3. Thanks for the replies. Just to clarify - Exact wording of question is "Since the age of 18 has the applicant lived or travelled outside of Australia? Give details of all countries that the applicant has lived in or travelled to since turning age 18". It asks to include work/study, holiday/leisure etc no mention of only including travel outside Australia since obtaining permanent visa. I have searched online for help for this question but can't find info anywhere. I guess I will phone the helpline today, when the open. I certainly won't be able to list the exact dates every time I've been abroad in the past 20 years!
  4. We moved here from the UK in 2013 and are currently completing the citizenship application online lodgement. I have reached a question that asks me to state all overseas travel outside of Australia from age 18. To include work, holidays etc. It requires dates from and to...how on earth can I remember exactly when I went on holiday 20 years ago?! My husband will have even more problems as he frequently travelled on business from the UK all over the world, several times a year. How have other people tackled this section?
  5. Thanks for the feedback...I'll knock that idea on the head then!
  6. I loved searching for houses, schools, suburbs etc during our relocation to Australia 2 years ago. I successfully relocated my family from Buckinghamshire, UK to Sutherland Shire, NSW. My friends are in awe of how I managed to choose the house, the school, the activities etc which would ultimately make up our new lives. Since we moved I have helped other people relocate - advising them on suburbs, schools, properties as well as Medicare, Centrelink and plenty more aspects of day-to-day life that you might not even consider. I'm seriously considering turning this hobby into a career, so the question to all you people in the throes of relocating is....would you pay for someone else to get everything sorted out? Houses, schools, transport options to work, extra curricular opportunities for your children...the list goes on. I would love to hear your thoughts so please get in touch
  7. My son sat the Selective High School test for NSW in March 2014 and we await the outcome, due to be published in July 2014. In the meantime we also applied for him to be accepted into G&T classes at a couple of other high schools. We have just heard that he has been offered a place in the academically selective classes and on the accelerated technology program at our 3rd choice high school. We have been asked to complete a reply slip to accept or decline the place. What do we do? If he doesn't get offered a place at selective high school then we might well need him to go to our 3rd choice school, however we do not want to accept the place in preference to him going to the selective high school. Does anyone know if you can provisionally accept the place at the high school then reject it at a later date if we hear from the selective high school that he has a place? Looking forward to hearing from anyone who has experience in this area
  8. I have just looked online and found that I could do HSC Physics and Maths online through TAFE NSW (Oten)...would this be sufficient or should I contact universities? Any idea what I need to ask for when I contact universities i.e. what level of course am I looking at?
  9. wolvesaussie I have 2 kids (11 and 8) settled in a local school and a husband with a very good job so I cannot relocate. I am looking for a job because I want to work, luckily we don't need my salary. Sutherland Shire is about 30mins from Sydney, I can access many schools, but they specify Science: Chemistry/Physics in adverts and I am a Biologist. Offering to teach Physics or even Maths would not suffice, they are very strict here, you have to be 'approved' to teach subjects.
  10. Thanks Sammy1 - any idea how I would go about studying more secondary units? Do they do these at TAFE? I did an online search a while back and was unsuccessful at finding a college that does stand alone units of study.
  11. Title says it all...Any advice gratefully received! I have been in Australia (specifically Sutherland Shire, NSW) since January 2013. We migrated on my visa as a secondary school teacher, although ironically I can't secure a job! I'm registered for casual teaching in public schools, I've visited schools with my resume and I've phoned and sent speculative job applications to lots of private schools....no-one gets back to me, I chase and still nothing. I've also applied for a few jobs (not many have come up) but been rejected either at interval or before interview. I've seen lots of jobs for primary school teachers and now I'm wondering whether I should do a Masters of Teaching (Primary) which would give me an official Australian qualification to teach in primary schools. Anyone got any advice they'd like to give me??? The course is online with placements in schools (I have 2 children at school and a husband who works long hours, so campus based learning would not work for me) As you can probably tell i'm starting to despair! I left a really good job in the UK and now no-one wants me :frown:
  12. Hi Just wondering if anyone can offer me some advice? I am an experienced Biology teacher from the UK (10yrs teaching experience) and I had hoped to find teaching work in the Sutherland Shire area or within commutable distance. I have had one interview so far, but found that the school wanted a science teacher with the ability to teach Biology AND Chemistry to HSC level. I didn't get the job because I didn't already have experience to this level/equivalent. I cannot offer these two subjects to HSC if I haven't already taught them both to this level, so it's a bit of a vicious circle. I've seen a few jobs advertised for Science/Maths teachers and I can't offer maths either. I think I have become too specialised (just Biology with a bit of Chemistry) in the UK and now I am here in Australia I lack the skills to secure a permanent teaching job. I am currently on a Leave of Absence until Jan 2014, when I may secure casual work via CasualDirect, but in the meantime I am trying to decide whether I should retrain and try something new. I am lucky that my OH is in a good job, so money is not an issue and there is no pressure for me to work, but I miss working. I have a First class Biochemistry degree and a PGCE in Secondary Science:Biology. I still want to work with young people and I like working in a school setting. Could anyone offer me any career advice? I have considered doing a graduate diploma in counselling, which would take 2yrs, but would provide me with the skills to become a school counsellor, so satisfy my desire to work with young people. Does anyone know if there are any other jobs I could do without retraining? As a teenager and during uni I worked in retail and also as a temp in an office, but I can't really imagine doing either of those things for extended periods of time. I have considered tutoring Biology, but that would be evening and possibly weekends, which are the times of the day when I am needed by my family (I have 2 children aged 10 and 8). I would love to hear from anyone who can offer any advice thanks Hannah
  13. How about I suggest some dates and times to meet then if I hear back from people via pomsinoz I will know whether we can go ahead and meet up? It seems that most people are around the Caringbah/Cronulla area and some of you would have young children with you, so how about we aim to meet at a cafe near a park....maybe the cafe/ice cream parlour at South Cronulla beach? If anyone has a better suggestion I'm happy to go with it. What about dates? I can do Mon 2 Sept, Wed 4 Sept, Thurs 5 Sept, Fri 6 Sept, any time on those days arriving after 9:30/10am and leaving by 2:30pm. Let me know what you think. If next week's no good, I can post more possible dates. We can go with a general consensus, then once we've got a date that the majority of people can make we can finally get together! You can always PM me if you'd prefer. Hannah
  14. Hi all, I am mid thirties, I have 2 children aged 10 and 8 and we arrived in Jan 2013. We currently live in Barden Ridge (just about making it into The Shire!). I would be happy to head over Caringbah/Cronulla way if there's a meet up being planned. Anyone interested in meeting up over the next couple of weeks PM me and I'll get back to you. Hannah
  15. hannah78

    New Channel 4 Programme

    I was quite offended by Mongrel's comments. Diane1968 we did the programme for similar reasons to yours. We had only been in Sydney for just over a week and enjoyed being shown a few different areas, finding out what Aussie houses look like, what we could afford etc. It was also worth it for the free lunches!! I have been in touch with Raise the Roof and they say Channel 4 have put screening back to Autumn now.