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  1. Hi All, Arrived in Brisbane two months ago and now my hair is in desperate need of a good cut and colour. Have looked at similar threads but the last one is over a year old and things change, people move salons etc........ Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser ? I am in Arana Hills but am willing to travel so any recommendations are most welcome ! Many thanks
  2. Foxy

    Brisbane - Utility providers

    Thanks all for the info - guess I have some shopping around to do !
  3. Foxy

    Brisbane - Utility providers

    Many thanks Johndoe & George D for the info Our property manager has informed us we are responsible for the electricity contract so need to arrange this ourselves. Any providers you could recommend, am searching google and am reading some horror stories about a few out there !
  4. Foxy

    Arana Hills & surrounds

    Hi all, We move into our rental this coming weekend in Arana Hills and wondered if anyone could help with regards recommendations for the following please ? Pool maintenance / cleaning companies Doctors - bulk billing preferred but we are flexible - we are willing to travel for a nice doctor !! Decent Hairdresser who is good with colouring - again am willing to travel Have been doing research on the net but would prefer recommendations from those that have been tried and tested ! Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  5. Hi all, Just secured a rental in Arana Hills and collect the keys at the weekend so looking forward to our own space at last ! The property has solar panels and also has gas bottles for cooking. We are in the process of sorting utility suppliers and wondered if anyone had any recommendations for electricity suppliers / contracts ? We are a bit confused how it will work as there are solar panels ! We also have a pool and know this can be costly. Also stupid question but I assume I can just refill the gas bottles at the local bunnings ?? Any help / advice / recommendations would be greatly appreciated !! Cheers
  6. Hello, I subscribed to "scottsenglish.com", I paid USD49 for one months unlimited access which gives online tuition and lots of hints and most importantly practice tests. I found it very helpful, I think the key is to practice under the time constraint as that's what causes people the most difficulty. I have heard that if you fall short by half a mark you can have your paper remarked but am not sure how you would go about this. Hopefully another member will be able to tell you how to request a remark. Good Luck !
  7. Foxy

    Shipping arrived damaged!

    Really sorry to hear that mizzmp. I can't believe that there are still companies that can do this and get away with it. We are currently getting quotes from companies, I guess when they get your money that's when they show their true colours. Can you PM me with their details please, hopefully the more people that know about them the less business they will get. Hopefully you will get it all resolved and the insurance will pay out - not helpful when it has sentimental value I know but wishing you luck with it all. Many thanks
  8. Foxy

    Points for Skills

    It may be worthwile having a chat with an agent or getting your experience assessed by CPA. I am ACCA and have read posts on here that skilled employment only starts once full membership is gained but I don't think this is the case. Skilled employment is based on what you actually do. To work in our field you do not need to be a full member of an accounting body, only if you want to practice so it is not a legal requirement as is with a solicitor or doctor. If you are heavily involved in accounts and accounts prep then this should be ok. Perhaps speak with an agent to see what they think to your duties, each case is different. Failing that then it's a re-sit on the IELTS. I subscribed to Scotts English for 30 days ,think it was USD 55 and was really helpful with lots of tips and lots of practice tests which is they key as time is your enemy. Good Luck !
  9. Foxy

    Points for Skills

    Hi Cath, Do you need to claim points for employment ? Your age gives you 30 points, if you get all 8's in IELTS then that's another 20, your sponsorships gives you 5 and your CIMA gives you 10 (or 15 if equivalent to bachelors degree) so that's the 65 you need. Cheers Foxy
  10. Hi Iron Chef, I have a Sept 09 Volvo S40 R-Design Sport 2.0 Diesel (with air-con). 16,000 miles, UK value £10-12K and AUS value $25-27K (not sure here as redbook only shows petrol 2.5 litre for the R Design so have gone with that ??) Thanks !
  11. Foxy

    Anyone going NOT State Sponsored?

    Hi TH82, All Independent 175 applications are classed a cat 3 processing and there is a thread "Category 3 - where are you now" that has all the 175 people in it which you will find useful for timelines etc... Cheers
  12. Foxy

    Wife got her IELTS scores today!

    Hi all You need to obtain a minimum of 8 in each category to get the extra 10 points. I know some occupations require a minumum score in each category so you need to check your occupation requirements also ! Cheers
  13. Hi Bellaboo Yes my agent is certain that we get at least the 10 points and I can only tell you what I have been told ! I have seen ICAA give negative assessments for other qualifications such as economics / accountancy degrees etc as they do not fulfull all of the criteria required to be an accountant which ACCA does. You do have to send them all your transcripts though which details everything covered in all the papers your husband sat which took me a while to get together but ACCA are really helpful when you tell them you want to migrate. If you look on the DIAC website under the "whats new" section it gives a breakdown of the new points system and for the qualification section states that 10 points are given for an "award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation". This is a broad cover for all occupations which basically means that if the qualification you submit to your assessing authority gives you a positive assessment then you get the 10 points and an ACCA qualification gets you a positive assessment from the ICAA and the CPA. Also as JB076 stated you need the academic IELTS also. I had no problem with getting all 9's and I am guessing neither will your husband. I registered with a site called Scotts English for 30 days, cost about 50 dollars. You can get sample tests from it so I did this for two weeks prior to my test, they are easy enough it's just that you have to get your mentality back into the time constrained tests as there is a lot to do in a very short space of time so I would recommend doing some practice tests under timed conditions ! It was a long time ago when I last sat exams so needed to practice a bit and it helps to see the style of the papers so you know what to expect ! You do have to book your test in advance and I had to wait for over a month for availability so if you are going to do it then get booked in asap as where I sat mine ran a limited timetable over the summer as it was at my local Uni ! Good luck !
  14. Hi Bellaboo I am in exactly the same position as your husband, am ACCA qualified 10+ years and without the qualification points am at 60 points under the new system. I have received a positive assessment from the ICAA for my ACCA qualification in which they stated it was "comparable to an Australian Bachelor degree". I too was worried about the points as currently I don't qualify for a 175 but my agent clarified at a DIAC meeting last week that if your qualification gets you a positive skills assessment then this qualifies you for the 10 points. As the ACCA is recognised by the ICAA as comparable to an Australian Bachelor degree then the DIAC agent said it was more than likely 15 points could be claimed but was not certain on this so worst case 10 points best case 15 points ! My application is going in on 1st July, good luck with yours !