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Found 70 results

  1. I know its been discussed before but not for a while... My hair is very thick and i have loads of it. In the UK my hairdresser was fab at thinning it out with a cut throat and doing loads of layers. I've been to 3 hairdressers since arriving all who didn't thin or cut it right the worst was today :cry: The side fringe was looking a bit square and messy so popped in somehwere local for a trim and she just cut it on a slant above my eyebrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :realmad: Please, please tell me there is a good hairdresser somewhere I dye it myself just want a trim cannot wear it pinned up with grips forever..... :wubclub:
  2. Foxy

    Arana Hills & surrounds

    Hi all, We move into our rental this coming weekend in Arana Hills and wondered if anyone could help with regards recommendations for the following please ? Pool maintenance / cleaning companies Doctors - bulk billing preferred but we are flexible - we are willing to travel for a nice doctor !! Decent Hairdresser who is good with colouring - again am willing to travel Have been doing research on the net but would prefer recommendations from those that have been tried and tested ! Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  3. Ok ladies, important question, how much can i expect to pay for: a) a cut and blow dry b) a wash and blow dry. I've been told to expect a shock when I first visit a hairdresser as they are much more expensive than back home.
  4. Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser. I went to the same hairdresser for about 17 years in the UK and I am dreading going into a hairdressers. I don't mind having to go into the city or even using a mobile hairdresser. Please help.
  5. Hi there - can anyone suggest a good/reasonably priced hairdresser on the Sunshine Coast? Have tried a few but still haven't found one that makes me have a good hair day! Any suggestions gratefully received
  6. Guest

    Hairdressers in melbourne

    Hi could anyone recommend a good hairdresser. I have just moved to Mooroolbark and I am in need of my hair been done, back in England I use to have half of head done in foils cut and blow wave for around £80. Thanks Tracey
  7. Hiya! I have read that Hairdressing is back on the SOL for western Australia, is there anyone out there having any luck getting work/sponsorship in this area? Or does it still exist in other areas even? I am coming out in October but I don't want to give up on my passion and i'd be interested to know if there are any othere people in or have been in the same position. Also how do you find the work out there and hours etc? I'm sooo excited about coming over just madly panicking that I won't get work, and then i'd have to go home.. nooooo! lol. :wink:I love my job but being 20 I don't know that people would see me as having enough experience although I have been qualified since I was 17 and trained in hair extensions done courses etc and overall worked in a salon for 6 years. Please don't burst my bubble!! good luck to anyone in the same situation in any other trades too Thaaaanks:cute:
  8. Guest


    ok we applied for 176 with WA state sponsorship in jan 2010. the question is what is the latest date to be assinged a CO. the latest date i know off is march 2009, the wait is getting shorter:biggrin: cant really belive this could be it.
  9. Hi only arrived in Canberra last Tuesday with husband and two kids. Does anyone know where I can get full head foils and a cut and blow dry a bit cheaper please? I have been to several hairdressers and the prices seem really high. I would be grateful for any advice, thanks very much
  10. My daughter is 3/4 thru her hairdressing apprenticeship , with our visa likely to be granted any day, how does she stand on continuing where she left off once arriving in oz. I can't surely think she will be back to square one ? We are hoping to be in. Perth by September , your advise please.
  11. helene73

    Hairdressers of SA SS list :(

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk As of the 10th may SA took us hairdresser off their state migration plan When I found out the news I was gutted!!! I have been told by my agent who has been great by the way that SA have filled their quota's and we will still be showing as assessing till they get to the rest of us that are lodged then we will get a refused put on there. I could jump states but I reckon that other states will be close to filling there quota's too. So now I am going to wait till July till the changes come in under the proposed system it looks like I have the points, I just hope that when the state migration plans come out some have hairdressers on them. I have been told the state migration plans come out December ish is this true? But they may come out earlier with the changes it now a waiting game I suppose!!! I am willing to go where ever I had originally wanted WA but they weren't taking hairdressers so had to go SA. Well I am up for a adventure and know most people have knock backs, l am looking forward to what the future brings who knows where I will end up (exciting)
  12. chickibabes

    English Hairdressers??

    Hi! My husband and I have been here for 6 months and are living in Werribee. We have been struggling to get a decent hair cut!! I just wondered if anyone knows of any English hairdressers that are any good? We have had our hair cut by the same person in England for well over 10 years. My husband has had 3 dodgy haircuts so far, by Australian hair cutters, and mine cut once - never again!! These have all been by different hair dressers and they all cut so different, and don't seem to be able to follow simple instructions let alone a straight line....need I say more!! :rolleyes: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!! We really need your help on this one - it is hard to look your best when your hair is such a mess!! :biggrin: Danielle
  13. HI there, I am planning on getting Employers sponsored. I do understand how difficult this maybe but I think I have a plan:idea: The question I would like some advice on, whether from a hairdresser or someone who can help, is: I am away to go on an advance course and have been offered 2 different Academy's; The Sassoon Academy in London or Toni & Guy. Which of the two would be an advantage, more recognizable on my CV over in Oz as they are both a very big advantage over here in Britain. Thank you for any advice,:witch-wink:
  14. HI there, I am planning on getting Employers sponsored. I do understand how difficult this maybe but I think I have a plan:idea: My mum and Dad immgrate in July and she is in the same trade, so hopefully she can help make good contact etc, to help secure sponsorship. The question I would like some advice on, whether from a hairdresser or someone who can help, is: I am away to go on an advance course and have been offered 2 different Academy's; The Sassoon Academy in London or Toni & Guy. Which of the two would be an advantage, more recognizable on my CV over in Oz as they are both a very big advantage over here in Britain. Thank you for any advice,:witch-wink:
  15. Guest

    Hope for Hairdressers and Cat 4

    Hi all i have just been advised by my Agent to apply for SA SS as Hairdressers is on their SMP. He also said that because its a PR Visa we can live anywhere we want in Australia even though its SA SS. It could take 9 -15 months to get SS granted, He also fully expects WA SMP list to be updated with Hairdressers on it but doesnt know when. Its not going to cost us a penny to apply for SA SS and we have got nothing to lose in applying. So whatever comes first either updated WA SMP or SA SS we could then move to Cat 2. I then spoke to a Hairdresser friend who is in exactly the same position as me with WA SS. She has been advised by her agent not to bother applying for SA SS as WA are going to honour all those sponsored before Sep 09 changes and that they are allready processing Cat 4,One example was a Cook who applied in Jan 09 and has now been granted a visa. The last thing i want to do is whip everybody concerned in to a frenzy but just wanted to share this info with you. Hope there is truth in all this.
  16. emma&vas

    Hairdressers in South Australia!

    Hi all Do you need licence and registration before you work as a hairdresser in south australia? I know you do to work in WA but i cant find anything on SA. It is 1 of the questions on the SS application. Thanks in advance Emma
  17. HI, Just wondered what all hairdressers who have SS but arent on their chosen states SMP are doing now? I have SS with WA, but not on their SMP so now wondering what to do. I have looked at other states, ACT want 7 in each band of ielts, I got 6.5 in two of them so cant apply to them, was wondering about NT or SA when it comes out. I relly dont know how easy it is to change from one state to another, I have lodged my 176 with DIAC back in june, does anyone know the procedure or do you just forget your states SS and apply all again. I really dont want to give up the dream, so at the moment I am willing to live anywhere just to get to OZ. Also does anyone have any advice on getting employer sponsorship? I would be very grateful if anyone could help? Thanks in advance april:sad:
  18. Hi there, i have been sending cv's out to anyone that will listen, trying to find sponsorship as a hairdresser. Is there any point in me carrying on, does anyone know if the success rate is good for getting sponsorship in my area of work?? i have been offering to pay the sponsorship fees if they accept me. but as of yet im not having much luck.
  19. Guest

    Hairdressers with WA SS

    Hi all Like so many other PIO waiting patiently for the release of SMP i was trying to get a rough idea of how many Hairdressers have got SS for WA. There has been some talk of quotas for certain occupations and if this is true i expect Hairdressers to be one of those. So lets try and get a rough idea of how many of us there are. Sarah.:hug:
  20. Hi all Just got off the phone from my uncle In WA who is a Hairdresser. My OH is WA SS for this trade and we are effected by the new processing order. This Bill if passed will make current rules that Hairdressers In Wa need to be registered obsolete. One Interesting exert is listed below. I have highlighted a strange point. !! Why deregulate the hairdressing industry? Since the Hairdressers Registration Act 1946 was introduced, a range of consumer protection, education and training and occupational health and safety laws have been put in place that provide a sufficient regulatory framework for the hairdressing industry. The current regime in Western Australia is inequitable because it does not apply to all areas of the State. Western Australia is the only State or Territory that has a registration scheme for hairdressers and a statutory board to administer that scheme. The proposal would reduce red tape by removing barriers to entering the hairdressing industry, reduce costs to small business and assist in addressing skills shortages. So a Bill might be introduced to help with Skills Shortages in WA . Surely dealing with experienced applicants in the pipeline is a quicker way to address this skill shortage. This is telling DIAC what everybody knows and that is that WA need hairdressers. My uncle feels that this Bill would make skilled workers leave the Industry as wages would be driven down as a result of people with little knowledge getting a job in a salon. Maybe this is positive and proves the shortage in WA and therefore allowing the Trade on the SMP or is it a negative as Evasn will be thinking anyone can be a Hairdressers. Any advice from ALan Gill George et al would be welcome. This is the link www.parliament.wa.gov.au/web/newwebparl.nsf/iframewebpages/Bills+-+All You have to type in the above Named Bill. Fingers crossed Shane
  21. Jackboots

    Baldivis.. re hairdressers?

    hi anyone living in baldivis area, do you know if there are any mobile hairdressers down there ? we are moveing there in sept so was wondering if anybody would be interested in having their hair done at home or my home , i am a fully qualified hairdresser have been for 22 years and am state registered here in wa .. so if any one is interested let me know please ,pm :wubclub: cheers all x
  22. Guest


    Hi Could anyone reccomend a hairdresser in the echuca cohuna area thanks in advance
  23. can anyone point me in the right direction please??? JOHN
  24. Guest

    Hairdressers Needed

    Looking for experienced hairdressers. Good at colouring and quick on men’s cut. (Vero K-Pak Colour) Salon is located in the city. If you interested, please send your CV, latest photo and highlight your expected wages (per hour) to qinretreat@hotmail.com Must be available to work on Friday’s nights and weekends.
  25. Just a thread to see if we can find out how many of us are potentially affected by this stupid poxy bill. Let start with Sophia my OH. She is offshore, UK WA State sponsored sc 176 visa Shane:biggrin: