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Found 68 results

  1. The Australian Medical Association has released a paper outlining ways to get more doctors into the bush. The ‘Position Statement – Rural Workforce Initiatives’ outlines what the AMA says is a comprehensive five-point plan to encourage more doctors to work in rural and remote locations and improve patient access to health care. It says at least one-third of all new medical students should be from rural backgrounds, and more medical students should be required to do at least one year of training in a rural area to encourage graduates to live and work in regional Australia. The plan also proposes initiatives in education and training, work environments, support for doctors and their families, and financial incentives. “About seven million Australians live in regional, rural, and remote areas,” said AMA President Dr Michael Gannon, announcing the initiative. They often have more difficulty accessing health services than their city cousins. “They often have to travel long distances for care, and rural hospital closures and downgrades are seriously affecting the future delivery of health care in rural areas. For example, more than 50 percent of small rural maternity units have been closed in the past two decades. “Australia does not need more medical schools or more medical school places. Workforce projections suggest that Australia is heading for an oversupply of doctors,” said Dr Gannon. “What is required are targeted initiatives to increase the size of the rural medical, nursing, and allied health workforce. There has been a considerable increase in the number of medical graduates in recent years, but more than three-quarters of locally trained graduates live in capital cities. “International medical graduates make up more than 40 percent of the rural medical workforce and while they do excellent work, we must reduce this reliance and build a more sustainable system.” The AMA Rural Workforce Initiatives plan outlines five key areas where it believes governments and other stakeholders should focus their policy efforts: Encourage students from rural areas to enroll in medical school, and provide medical students with opportunities for positive and continuing exposure to regional and rural medical training. Provide a dedicated and quality training pathway with the right skill mix to ensure doctors are adequately trained to work in rural areas. Provide a rewarding and sustainable work environment with adequate facilities, professional support and education, and flexible work arrangements, including locum relief. Provide family support that includes spousal opportunities/employment, educational opportunities for children’s education, subsidies for housing/relocation and/or tax relief. Provide financial incentives to ensure competitive remuneration. “Rural workforce policy must reflect the evidence. Doctors who come from a rural background, or who spend time training in a rural area, are more likely to take up long-term practice in a rural location,” Dr Gannon said. “Selecting a greater proportion of medical students with a rural background, and giving medical students and graduates an early taste of rural practice, can have a profound effect on medical workforce distribution. “Our proposals to lift both the targeted intake of rural medical students and the proportion of medical students required to undertake at least one year of clinical training in a rural area from 25 percent to 33 percent are built on this approach. “All Australians deserve equitable access to high-speed broadband, and rural doctors and their families should not miss out on the benefits that the growing use of the internet is bringing.”
  2. Hi, I moved to Sydney (from London) 13 years ago and have finally had enough of the rat race. I'm moving with my family to the Sunshine Coast and looking for advice about the best locations for beaches, shops, schools etc My 2 boys have special needs and one will need to go to a special school - it appears that Nambour and Currimundi are the only options. My other boy has mild autism so I'm hoping to find a location that is best placed for him i.e. Primary schools that have a good reputation for helping kids on the spectrum and plenty of local therapists. If you have kids with special needs and live in the Sunshine Coast, I'd love to hear your thoughts and advice on our move to the Sunny Coast. Thanks Sue
  3. Guest

    Doctors' thread

    I am new to PIO and i have found it helpful but i would like specific info for doctors,cos things work quite differently in oz. I am a GP,my husband a banker, 2 children a 7year old and 3 months old.I am applying for ENS 121 hoping to move to melbourne. I will appreciate if doctors both in uk and oz can help (or from anywhere!)
  4. Does any body know of any Medicare/ bulk billing surgeries in West Perth , Subiaco , or the Perth CBD? Would be great help tried google but not had much luck, new to the area so a bit stuck! Many thanks Ben and Sharn
  5. Foxy

    Arana Hills & surrounds

    Hi all, We move into our rental this coming weekend in Arana Hills and wondered if anyone could help with regards recommendations for the following please ? Pool maintenance / cleaning companies Doctors - bulk billing preferred but we are flexible - we are willing to travel for a nice doctor !! Decent Hairdresser who is good with colouring - again am willing to travel Have been doing research on the net but would prefer recommendations from those that have been tried and tested ! Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  6. Guest

    47sp visa - panel of doctors

    hi all , new poster here. I am a dual national British born, Australian naturalised and passport holder. We live in Belfast. i wish to take my wife with me to australia, i have read through the panel of doctors, there is no one based in Northern Ireland !! Does this means that i have to travel to mainland UK to get the necessary reports ??? Does anyone know can i go to a doctor in Dublin (ROI) instead, as this would be less hassle and less of a cost. What kind of cost would i expect to pay in Dublin or mainland UK ? Thanks in Advance S
  7. I would love to contact OTD´s living and working in Australia. My husband and I (both doctors) are considering migrating to Australia.
  8. claireg

    Doctors in the ACT, how does it work?

    Hi Looking at registering with a doctor now that we are settlig in. Can anyone advise me how it works here. Do I just call round my nearest doctors and register or, do I wait until an actual doctor is needed, then find one? Any advice would be appreciated on how the system works here. Ta Claire
  9. My husband has finished Medical School ( 6 years ) + a Specialist study of 4 years ( Gynecologist ). In order to be eligible for a Registration , he needs 5 years of training, but he only has 4, so I think he will need to apply as a GP only. We know that a first step is taking the AMC test. Has anyone had similar experiences ? We would come to Oz on a 457 visa, we heard that doctors are needed. Do you have any advice ? Can you recommend any employment agency ? I am also eligible for a 457 visa, but the main issue is that he needs to be registered as a doctor, because he could come on my teacher`s visa, but he needs to work in his profession. Please help, any advice is welcomed, as well as experiences. I see that a lot of nurses are posting here, but I did not find any doctor`s experiences. Thanks a lot :smile:
  10. cartertucker

    Doctors ~ Where to start?

    We have just registered for medicare, so thats all sorted :wink: Now just need to find a Doctor, but where do I start? :unsure: We arent living in the area that we will settle, so how do I know which one to choose? :confused:
  11. Are there any doctors / physios or medical people out there who can help me?!! A couple of days ago my 12 year old daughter landed badly on her leg at gymnastics and hyper extended her knee. It swelled up and she can only bend it a small amount and cannot straighten it. She can hobble along on it, but she says it feels like it's going to collapse on her all the time. So my friend the Google doctor tells me this is a classic ACL injury. So yesterday we went to the docs and she sent my daughter for xrays and an ultra-sound. The xrays did not show a break (I did not expect them to) and I am not sure what the ultra-sound showed. When we were having it done the guy doing the ultra-sound said there was some damage to the cruciate ligament, but it did not look like a massive tear. He also said that what the ultra-sound could tell us was minimal, as it can only really see the outer parts of the knee and apparently the cruciate ligaments are further in. He suggested that if the scan did not reveal anything that an MRI would be needed, as there was obviously something going on with her knee. So later we had a phone call from the nurse at the surgery saying that everything was fine. OK I said, that's great news, but my daughter has a very swollen knee and is struggling to walk, so what should she be doing - resting or keeping it moving? She had NO idea and said she would talk to the doctor. She came back later and said when it stops hurting she can have physio on it. OK - so now we have "everything is fine" to "needs physio" so I was completely confused. I asked her how long it would be before we could expect it to feel better - her answer "when it stops hurting" yes I said, I get that, but are we talking days? weeks? months?. She just did not have a clue. So now I have my VERY active 12 year old, unable to walk properly, in pain and I have no real idea about what treatment she should be having and whether she should be moving, resting or what?! She was supposed to be on a Guide camp this weekend which she has had to pull out of, so she can have a quiet weekend and rest her leg, but what then? How long to I let it hurt for? How long to I wait to see a physio? Do I accept what the doctor says? I am completely at a loss here. She is a netballer and obviously needs her knee back working again asap in order to continue playing. HELP!! Any advice would be really useful! Love Rudi x
  12. Palmyradebanks

    Doctors in the house????

    Looking to move to Melbourne. Being courted by Allied, IPN and Primary - please let me know your views.
  13. A CHRONIC shortage of doctors is putting the lives of rural Queenslanders at risk. Babies are particularly vulnerable because of a steep decline in obstetric services. People in country areas are often forced to drive for hours to seek medical care and the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) is struggling with increased case loads. Several regions are suffering extreme doctor shortages, with 30 GP vacancies in Central Queensland and 40 in regional centres along the east coast. More than eight Queensland towns are without a doctor, Health Workforce Queensland figures reveal. And there is a shortage of more than 300 doctors in Queensland hospitals. "The attitude with Queensland Health is 'You chose to live in the bush so it's your problem'," Rural Doctors Association Queensland president Dr "Alpha is a prime example. They have had no doctor for at least five years but mining ventures are now going in and Queensland Health is quibbling about supplying a paramedic for the town." And 40 per cent of doctors servicing Queensland's rural and regional communities are international medical graduates with limited experience. The RFDS said there had been a steady increase in its workload in Queensland. "Last year we transported 11,000 patients to hospital via aircraft and did 40,000 primary health care consultations," a spokeswoman said. Dr McPhee, a GP in Emerald for more than 20 years, said the message he was getting from Queensland Health was that they didn't have the money to justify care to people in rural areas. "There is a move towards centralisation, with the attitude 'There is no problem that can't be fixed by getting a faster plane'. But we have people with complex medical needs who have to drive for hours for help. Health care is chaotic for these people because they often don't get to see the same doctor," he said. The Commonwealth ratio for good medical practice is one doctor per 1000 people. Centres such as Blackwater have two doctors servicing 8000 people in the region, Tully has two doctors servicing 8000 people and Emerald one for every 1780 people. Queensland Health relies on locums to fill vacancies at a cost of $2000-plus a day, with an annual bill of tens of millions of dollars. Queensland Health acting deputy director-general Bronwyn Nardi said the department had increased the number of doctors employed by almost 15 per cent since March 2009, to 7683 in July this year. Ms Nardi defended the use of locums: "The overall cost is approximately 2 per cent of the value of our annual staff wages."
  14. Harpersgirl

    How Do You Choose a Doctors Surgery?

    Have a couple of poorly kids. Nothing dire but its made me think :err: I did take one of my older ones to a close by doctors for a required medicheck for employment purposes and it was ok but am wondering how anyone else identified which surgery they wanted to register with? I've tried looking for some kind of directory but am not getting very far so any suggestions of where to look would be greatly appreciated...:wubclub:
  15. sm79

    doctors open on a Sunday

    Does anyone know of any GP's open on Sunday in Melbourne? Anywhere in the metropolitan area will do. It's not an emergency but rather was hoping to avoid time off work to visit. Had an appointment with one this morning but for various reasons was forced to cancel it last minute and Google hasn't helped thus far. Thanks
  16. Mrs Depp

    UK Panel Doctors under review

    Hi, I've done a search but can't find this anywhere so apologies if it's already been posted. I've just been having a nosey at the other panel doctors on the DIAC website and it now states: 'The United Kingdom and Ireland medical panel are currently under review. Please ensure you check doctor details close to the date of your intended appointment as changes may have been made and previously listed clinics may no longer be available. Failure to attend a formal clinic may result in you being requested to repeat your medical examination.' http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/overseas/u/united-kingdom/panel-doctors.htm I don't remember seeing this when I was booking our medicals at the end of May, does anyone know why this is or when it's likely to change? It'll be just my luck that they change it just as we are about to go for ours! :eek: Cheers Clare x P.S i'm computer illiterate - if the link doesn't work!
  17. cartertucker

    Doctors & Dentists in Australia

    I know a little about the healthcare system in Australia :idea: But could someone please explain it a bit more about medical & Dental care , with regard to costs for Familys etc :confused: Many thanks in advance :wubclub:
  18. Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me where the Panal doctors are in the South West Uk ? I live way down at the bottom of the map only eight miles of country left & then you're treading water :laugh: I want to know where the panal doc's are as I dont have my own transport & will have to arrange train travel. As everywhere is so far away from the UK's outback, journeys often take a fair bit of organising not just booking tickets in advance but arranging appointments where you have time to travel from Cornwall to elsewhere often takes hours . So appointments need to be made in the afternoon. Followed by hours of travel back. I live in a beautiful place down among the pirates :jimlad: but getting anywhere other than here takes major effort. On the Visa info link it says panel doctor for the South is located in Maidenhead. I'm really hoping there are others nearer than that. I had to travel up to Devon for the chest X-ray & that was a 3hr journey eachway . I wonder why there are so few doc's officially recognised by the Visa authorities. Plus an idea of price for an individual medical would be helpful to Thanks :wubclub:
  19. Does anyone know if there are any panel doctors for medicals near Milton Keynes or is London the closest ? If anyone has any info on this i will be very greatfull. Thanks :biggrin:
  20. Hi everyone, My first post so I thought I would say hello and see if there are any fellow docs in South Australia out there. I am very excited about coming over in August but I am also seeking a bit of advice from someone who has made the move recently! I am going to be moving to Adelaide to work as an EM doctor and am struggling with the AHPRA stuff. I am part way through training in the UK (UK qualified) so am coming over as an RMO initially but may then apply for training after my provisional year if I decide to stay. I have my provisional AMC certificate (CAP) and am now trying to work out which of the thousands of AHPRA forms I need to fill in-is it ALPS-03? One of my friends has mentioned I can fill stuff in online but I can't work out from the website how I can do that. Thanks in advance for any help! (feel free to offer any other useful tips- they will be VERY gratefully received) Ellie
  21. Ash123

    Panel Doctors in Oz???

    Ive been requested to do my medicals but cant find a list of panel doctors in OZ anywhere! Please help!!!!!!:arghh:
  22. hi there , if you know of any doctors thinking of coming to SA please direct then to Home Cheers!
  23. Guest

    Doctors records etc,

    Hi, we havesorted out our medicare cards and now we are regerstering at our local medical centre in Qld. Was wondering if anyone knows how they get your previos records? Is it all electronic? Do I only need to give our english doctors address in? And how long does it take?
  24. 3 Piccos

    Visit to the Doctors

    I was quite worried before coming to Australia about the costs of health care. I have a disabled husband who needs to see a doctor every month for treatment. I am so pleased to report that the experience we have had since arriving has been fantastic. We have found there are quite a lot of bulk billing (free) surgeries around the area we are in (north eastern suburbs of Melbourne) and you can actually see the same doctor when you visit if you are willing to wait. My husband woke up yesterday with a very bad rash which was spreading at a rate of knots. I rang an advice line and spoke to a nurse who was so helpful. After lots of questions, she suggested a visit to the doctor. Some of the surgeries around here are open Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 8pm, some to 11pm. We went to the surgery, was seen within 10 minutes, had great treatment from an extremely friendly doctor, who not only gave us verbal information but printed off three pages of information off the internet regarding my husband's problem whilst we were there. Never had that treatment in the UK at a GP surgery!!! I feel much more relaxed about everything now. I am told that some places in Australia, one being Tasmania, do not have bulk billing surgeries. Make enquiries before forking out money to see a doctor. Just because it is free, does not mean you get inferior treatment.:biggrin:
  25. scottntina

    waiting list for panel doctors ??

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if there is a long waiting list to see a panel doctor. We live in kent and from what i can gather it looks like we will have to go to knightsbridge in lodon for our nearest one. I thought there was one in Dover, but have heard that they no longer do them ?? Would appreciate any info ??? Thanks Tina and Scott