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  1. DSouzas

    Sick stupid bastards

    I saw this on the news the other day, it was really upsetting, why do people do such horrible things to defenseless animals, I hope they catch the idiots responsible.
  2. DSouzas

    What is Woodvale like?

    Glad I've just stumbled on this thread, my OH is in Perth and is looking for rentals at the moment and we join him next week. He's submitted a couple of applications for rentals in Woodvale so glad that the schools and area is good, I'll have to mention to look in Edgewater too.
  3. DSouzas

    required documents for renting

    Hi, we will be looking to rent a property in Perth soon too. I've done a rental pack and provided: Passport Visa details Drivers licence Marriage certificate Birth certificates Police checks Bank statements from the UK UK Mortgage statement UK payslips Pictures of our UK home Reference from estate agents who we are using in the UK to rent our UK property A sample of UK household bills Reference from Billy's vet Reference from Billy’s dog groomer Hope this covers everything, it will be interesting to see what other people have included.
  4. DSouzas

    Beginning to feel guilty

    It's such an emotional time, when we talked about it initially my mom was upset but I think she thought it would never happen. Now we have 3 weeks before we fly, out furniture went today and my mom was even upset at seeing our empty house. She is really struggling at the moment and it's really hard as I'm excited to be moving to Perth but on the other hand I feel guilty as hell and find it really difficult watching my mom struggling, especially as we'll be taking her two young grand children away from her. I know though if we don't do it we will always regret it, it's better to try than always wonder what if. Good luck to everyone who will be making the move soon.
  5. DSouzas


    I love these houses, something to dream about, not sure we could ever actually afford one lol!
  6. DSouzas

    Moving to Perth soon and starting to brick it!

    Hey My OH leaves on Sat and we (me and two children - 6 & 4) follow in Sept. I'm really nervous too, can't wait to start our new adventure but feel really guilty about leaving family and friends behind, especially when they're cry most times that I see them....I think it's normal to feel like this, it's the unknown of uprooting your family to the other side of the world. I know if we don't do it now we'll always regret it. Good luck with the move x
  7. DSouzas

    Some great helpful links.

    Thanks for the links, these will come in handy - loads of great information!
  8. DSouzas

    It's nearly time

    Good luck for your new life in Sydney!
  9. Hey Scrumpy We're in the same situation as you, just I the process of renting our property out. Can I ask when you got the valuation on the property was that from a normal estate agent? Also did you ask them to write this down on any official paperwork so if you do decide to sell you have proof or do you just have to know the figure for future reference? Thanks DSouzas
  10. Love, Love, Love Muse, hopefully we'll be able to get tickets in Perth!
  11. Hi We've got our short term rental in Mindarie as it seemed lovely round there. We contacted the school and hoped we could get them in there but my OH has got a job! whoo! they seemed to think that Mindarie would be too far out to live so we may have to look at living a little bit closer to the city. My OH is leaving for Oz in 6 weeks so he's gonna have to look at areas / houses for us. So glad your settled and loving it over there! Keep in touch and we'll be joining you soon Clare
  12. Hi Jules, how funny is that! We fly from Heathrow with Malaysia, how about you? Accommodation is sorted, we booked with Let's-Perth, quite a while ago, there wasn't too much available back then, we've got the short term till 20 Oct so will have to find a long term rental by then. Good luck with your search, we're getting a bit nervous about the move now, it's not long! How about you? Clare
  13. Great news that you're enjoying it so much, where about's are you living now, have you moved far from your initial rental property? Did you find the schools easy to get the kids into? We've booked our flights and move over on 16 Sept! Clare x
  14. Hi Carmel Can't help you with the degree bit, OH does have a degree but it's not related to HR. The visa process is quite straightforward to do. We found the skills assessment bit the hardest to gather the information for and we did have the help of a migration agent with that part but the rest we did ourselves. It's just lots of forms to fill out and various bits of information to find (although don't know much about Skill Select and how this differs from when we applied).