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  1. We have just moved back to the UK after 20 years in Australia. With regard to the car insurance, you will need to get a letter from your Australian insurer stating how many years no claims you have, make sure it is stated in years not percentage as we had our first attempt at getting it recognised rejected as they didn't read the letter properly. We went with Tesco insurance, they were happy to accept the no claims. Still cost quite a bit though. If you have a Uk or European license that helps too, it would have been an extra £500 on our Australian ones. Rental wise, we had no references , but it didn't seem to be a problem as long as we were willing to pay the whole amount up front for the term of our rental period. If this isn't an option for you then I'm not sure what they would need, maybe you could email a couple of agents and ask what their requirements would be in your situation.
  2. yorkiegirl

    Where to buy good value meat in Perth?

    When I lived in WA I used to go to Avon Valley butchers http://www.avonvalleybeef.com.au
  3. yorkiegirl

    6 days to go....

    29th October for us, can't believe it's finally time.
  4. yorkiegirl

    How best to handle a snake meeting??

    Please don't try and catch it, that's just asking for trouble. Best thing is to stay still and quiet and wait for it to move on. If you see one in your garden and you are concerned for your family's safety, you can call your local snake catcher (some charge a fee, some are volunteers so check around your local area to find the number and keep it handy in case you need it) I have done this in the past, (we have loads of snakes where we live in the Gold Coast hinterland , but I haven't seen too many) after a chat with the snake catcher , I just left it where it was and it slipped away after a while, I haven't seen it since but did find its skin that it had shed some time later.
  5. yorkiegirl

    Shipping back to the UK

    Our bed/mattress/ bedding etc,chest of drawers, a large sofa & large armchair, coffee table, sideboard, TV table, bedside tables, bookcase/shelf unit, plus some other bits of furniture, washing machine, 2 mountain bikes, a few garden tools, linen/towels kitchen stuff, books, large TV/speakers & amp/computer plus all the random crap I've accumulated over the years, so a reasonable amount. (there is just the 2 of us so no kids stuff or anything like that) We are taking the decent furniture but not the junky stuff. I suppose it depends what your furniture would cost to replace over there and how attached to it you are as to whether or not it's worth it.
  6. yorkiegirl

    Shipping back to the UK

    We are just about to head back, we have had about 5 quotes, they ranged from $4800 to $5900 for 21 cu metres, so in a shared container (but my OH managed to get a few hundred dollars knocked off the one we chose with his charm )
  7. yorkiegirl

    UK Spouse visa lapsed???

    I would think he would have to make a new application. I'm pretty sure the spouse visa only lasts the 27 months from it first being valid.
  8. Browns, greens, blacks, purples , orange, but in earthy type colours, not bright. (I have henna red hair ) Can't do anything "girly" like pink, frills, sequins etc. Definitely no animal print, I always think "Bet Lynch" (sorry Love Shoes ) when I see it! I like white for t shirts etc but it just doesn't seem to stay white for long here, don't know if that's an Aus / sun thing or if it's the way they make the fabrics these days.
  9. yorkiegirl

    Ipswich, Queensland

    If you do, don't forget your wooly jumpers!
  10. yorkiegirl

    Jubilee Concert and Tattoo

    Madness here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8Ka17LIIfU
  11. yorkiegirl

    Jubilee Concert and Tattoo

    Tom Jones was the best performer in my book, I'm certainly not a knicker throwing fan but he always puts on a great performance, his voice is just as good as it ever was, even at 72. Cliff looked a bit out of breath at times but then again I think he's also 72, and Paul Mc Cartney seemed to struggle but you can't really expect them to sound as good as they did at the heights of their careers (Mr Jones is an exception) As for Grace Jones, well she always was a bit nutty so it wasn't too much of a surprise, bet not many 64 yr olds can hula hoop like that though! Kylie was a bit ordinary, all I could hear was her backing singers, Madness were great, I especially loved the light show when they turned Buck Pal into a row of terraces and then a block of council flats!
  12. http://careers.bmj.com/careers/static/advice-salary-scales.html I remember when I was working as a registered nurse, as I was at the top of my pay scale I was getting paid as much as one of the registrars for our ward. The pay for Drs is really not that great unless you are at the top of the tree.
  13. yorkiegirl


    I have a friend who has one of those robotic vacuum cleaners. It found its way into the bathroom and had an argument with the toilet roll, it looked like a litter of Andrex puppies had been in there!
  14. yorkiegirl

    Return flight needed for settlement visa?

    I can't imagine that she would, we haven't moved over yet but we certainly aren't buying a return ticket! I think the whole point of the visa is that she is intending to settle in the UK and so therefore would not need a return flight. The visa would be valid for 2 years, can you even buy a flight that far ahead?