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  1. PontePom

    Thousands fined in Easter roads blitz (Qld)

    homewardbound you win...
  2. PontePom

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

    Doing this on the QT Enjoy the victory guys whoever gets the title My health and well being is more important to me A stalker and then a warning bye...
  3. PontePom

    Thousands fined in Easter roads blitz (Qld)

    All I will say is if you're happy to say that getting done for speeding is wrong then fine You're condoning breaking the law However you get caught out doesn't matter You've been caught speeding The other morning a police car was hidden out of view and 2 police offices were hiding behind a lamp post with their radar gun They stepped out in front of cars speeding What is wrong with that??? It was in front of a school where I saw this happening If they had not been there maybe a child could've been knocked down?? But if you can live with it then keep on debating how wrong it is
  4. PontePom

    Australia what do you like best about living here?

    I'm sure you'll love it So many of us do But on the other hand so many don't You'll see both sides here for sure Just see how you find it and you'll be fine That's what we did Howard
  5. PontePom

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

    just dropping in before bed to win Might be letting you guys win for good One guy and a warning might stop me posting here Shame eh Lets see how i feel in morning Life's too busy for this ****
  6. No idea Better stop now because I've had a warning from staff If it gets any more serious I will report it to the authorities as I've had enough now I'm beginning to wonder if this forum is worth it to get **** like this from one guy?
  7. PontePom

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

    Time for TV Back to take the title before bed
  8. PontePom

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

  9. PontePom

    Time to Leave

    Not at all Never been happier At least said person is liking your posts and not mine now I feel safe again lol
  10. PontePom

    Time to Leave

    Well I'm glad I know he's in UK Cos I'd really be worried about having a stalker from Aus On a forum it's fine At least I work in IT and know a thing or two about tracking and tracing if required Plus I know people all over the world from forums I've worked on in the past with more knowledge than me if I ever need it But it's only someone's bit of a laugh atm so no need to go anywhere with it
  11. Well getting a like from nearly everything you post from the same member and you'd understand So like my posts if you want to And don't if you don't lol I don't actually know what actually mean if it affects anything or not If I like a post I like it simple I only posted to hope that said person might stop what they're doing
  12. For me its very hard to explain in words as I was so happy in the UK But for me I feel like my life as been fulfilled by moving here like it was my destiny? Might sound strange but my Dad was born in Australia so I always had an urge to go to Australia and now living here as made my life complete I have so many great memories of the UK I have so few of living in Australia for only 3 years But I'm sure things will change and I'm looking forward to having many more years here I know so many have gone back to the UK but lets try and keep this thread for those who are still living in Australia and their views on how they feel Good and bad as Australia is not perfect
  13. PontePom

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

  14. PontePom

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

    Do what you just did