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    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    hi katy weve been here 3 months now and we are all settled,our furniture was the same 1 week from it arriving,kids settled in school and they love it OH likes his job,weve settled in safety bay its a great area.CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your son.
  2. thewaltons

    Marmite or Vegemite?

    marmite i dont like veggie mite yuk
  3. thewaltons

    Bbq's in oz

    sell it and buy new here
  4. thewaltons

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    great just in time for summer
  5. we used crown and they were brilliant 9 weeks door to door
  6. hi everyone weve been here 11 weeks and would like to meet new people we live in safety bay rockingham we have 2 kids 12 and 10 im 38 and my husband is 42.
  7. thewaltons

    Hi from Perth

    hi where abouts you stopping in wa pm me if you want to weve been here 6 weeks nearly we are in rockingham.
  8. thewaltons

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    yes we are in our 6th week now and same as you sorted most things out like medicare,family assistance,rental,my husband is in his 3 week at work and kids are in there 3 week at school,had a email from crown on friday to say our stuff is here just waiting on quarantine so looking good no regrets its all good.
  9. we are moving into are rental on friday and i need a washing machine as our doesnt arrive for a few weeks if anyone can help
  10. thewaltons

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Congratulations its a fantastic feeling
  11. yes you will be fine we just secured a rental with no jobs and we had $23000 in oz account and £30000 in uk and we showed statement for both aswell as job refs from uk.my husband starts his new job monday but we didnt have that when we applied hope this helps from sara.
  12. we are in rockingham we have two kids 12 and 10 so we are up for a meet up
  13. thewaltons

    TRA unsuccessful :(

    it is worth it dont give up