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    Newly Qualified Midwife - Job Prospects.......

    Hey Guys, Just to tell you about my experience as it may help...? I qualified as a mental health nurse in March 2013 and had a job offer in November 2012 before I had even qualified!!! Dont let other people tell you you need working experience to get a job as you dont and you certainly dont need to do the Aussie grad year as this is an extra year of study that the Aussie nurses need to do to specialise in their chosen area....UK training is already specialised...the aussie nurses need to do 3 years as a general nurse and then 1 or 2 years as a grad to specialise in their chosen field...ie..it would mean me as a mental health nurse would do 3 years as a general nurse and then just 1 as a mental health nurse...its crazy!!! Basically I applied to several hospitals with my wobbly CV and had a telephone interview and was offered the job. I got it over newly qualified Aussie nurses as my boss told me my UK training is much better and this meant I had much more experience!! I was in exactly the same situation as you guys, bricking it as to whether AHPRA would even register me with no experience but it all went well for me. My hospital sponsors 457 visas and has recruited several other UK nurses, some on working holiday visas and offered sponsorship within a few months... It is possible!!! Hope this is of some help..... PM me if anyone wants a chat!
  2. Hi Jess, I was lucky as I had a de facto visa (I have an Aussie other half) I applied in April and mine was granted in October last year. I started applying for jobs that week and was offered a job in November. I am not a visa expert so probs not the right person to ask but I suppose if your visa isnt finalised soon, then you could go over on a working holliday until it is?? I am not sure if thats possible but im sure there will be someone here who can help. A police check was incorporated into the AHPRA registration for me so I didnt have to do anyhing extra other than pay $540 for the pleasure and wait! I know if you apply from the UK you have to present yourself to the office and then you have a police check but not 100% sure.... Any more help needed, pm me xx
  3. Bobdylansbird

    changing cats diet prior to quarrantine

    My cats are the same, extremely fussy and if they dont like it, wont eat it! I was worried they wouldnt eat when in quarantine but they did just fine. They weigh them weekly and monitor them whilst they are there and although I didnt visit them (I would have just cried the whole time) I called weekly and they advised me of their weight. Both cats lost a little weight during their ordeal (!) and wolfed down their IAMS once they came to their new home but are both fine now. I suppose they will eat when they are hungry but the stress also plays a part. Try not to worry and as the above posts say, order your furkids fave food to be delivered to the quarantine station or take some with you if you are brave enough to visit and he will be fine.
  4. Hi All, Just wanted to share my experience with AHPRA as when I started on my journey I found it very difficult to get a straight answer whether or not I would be able to register. I was very anxious as the website says Degree OR a Diploma with experience. Obviously as a newly qualified nurse, I had no experience..... I qualified in March 2013 and arrived in Aus the same month. I got my AHPRA registration today after 10 weeks. I applied mid April once I was on NMC database and after a wait from my Uni providing the transcript, and certificate of good standing from NMC (even though I have not practiced as a nurse in UK and only went on the NMC register 4 weeks ago) AHPRA took 3 weeks to issue my registration! I did have a job offer so perhaps this speeded things up a little ,and I did call and email at least every other day begging! I found the people in the AHPRA call centre either extremely helpful or totally uninterested and had no idea! I suppose it all depends who you get on the day....so keep trying until you get your answers! But!!.....It is possible to be a newly qualified diploma nurse and be able to be fully registered and practice as a nurse in Australia! I hope this puts other newbies in my position minds at rest. I have never been so anxious in my life!! Id be happy to help anyone who needs a bit of hand holding or advice. PM me Gem xx
  5. Bobdylansbird

    Excess Baggage - a warning and help!

    I did exactly the same!! sent an extra large suitcase weighing 36 kilos full of clothes, shoes, bags, electrical items like hairdrier and tongs, paperwork and all kinds that we couldnt fit into our cases and within the weight limit with Transglobal and it was £101 door to door and took 4 days!!
  6. So POI has been amazing with all of its help and guidance I have needed to start my new life in Australia so I thought, Im feeling worried and frustrated so perhaps you guys can help me?? I am a newly qualified Diploma Mental Health Nurse (finished March 2013) and have recently emigrated to Melbourne. I have an amazing job to start once AHPRA register me. I sent my application last week and have received a letter asking for cert of good standing or cert of registration which I have duly asked NMC for (well begged them to send me the application form by email despite them saying they post a pack out... got my fingers crossed)..and requested my uni send the transcripts they want. So all OK, however, I feel so anxious this is going to take a long time and really want to start work! Anyone applied from inside Australia and had a speedy result?? The 6 weeks they are telling me is a little too long for comfort. Thanks guys, just need a bit of a hand squeeze!! Gem xx
  7. Hi Guys, Im Gem, a 30 year old Mental Health Nurse. Arrived here with my boyf 5 weeks ago. Living and working in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Would love to meet up and meet some new people. Lets make some plans guys! G x
  8. Hi Guys, I moved out here just 2 short weeks ago and already missing BBC Radio 2!!! I am finding it hard to find an Aussie radio station which has the perfect mix of music that Radio 2 does in the UK!!! Any suggestions would be most welcome. We love our 60s/70s rock and roll, Doors, Stones, Led Zep etc..... and are based in Melbourne. Silly post I know but back in the UK we had the radio on constantly and miss it!! Thanks!
  9. i appreciate your reply but thats what im asking advice on what i need to do! my case is different as i do not require a skills assessment due to my visa so dont apply as an overseas but cant register as a graduate as i am UK trained......its all very confusing.....i suppose i need to be a little more patient and wait for aphras reply. Thanks though x
  10. Haha! Of course! I sent an email asking the same things but just thought some kind soul who has experienced the same thing could shed some light whilst I wait for AHPRA response. It can take a good few days. I just seem to be the only person in this situation! surely thats not the case!
  11. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help?! My situation seems to be so unusual!! I have been granted perm residency through a spouse visa (been with my Aussie boyf for 8 years ), I am due to qualify as a mental health nurse in March 2013,( just handed in all of my assignments so essentially waiting on results and my NMC pin number.......) However, I have been offered a job in a private psych hospital in Melbourne and they are amazingly willing to wait until I have my AHPRA registration which will be approx April/May..... I am not being sponsored by them as already have perm residency and do not have to sit IELTS as I have confirmation I have been taught and assessed in English throughout my education, Im finding it hard to know what documents AHPRA require as essentially I am registering as a graduate nurse, but there is the complication of me being an overseas applicant. The website either caters for Aussie graduates or overseas applicants, and I am both!! Anyone any experience of this and give me an idea of what docs AHPRA will ask for? I am due to land in Melbourne in 3 weeks time (Feb 24th 2013) and once my UK pin is set up, I will then be able to apply to AHPRA so obviously time is of the essence as I want to start my fab job sooner rather than later! Thanks so much Gem xx
  12. Bobdylansbird

    Removals companies?? can anyone recommend the best from my 3 quotes?

    Thanks guys, We will be only needing part of a container so thats the problem. Think we are going to go with Crowne as they see to have the best continuiy. If i can help anyone out, just give me a shout gem x
  13. Hiya, I am due to move to Melbourne from Liverpoool UK in February and have 3 different quotes from removals companies. PSS John Mason and Crowne Relocations. All of the quotes are pretty much the same price but I need my stuff to be in Melbourne mid March so need a reputable company who can do this for us definitely. I do know of the 8-14 week timescale given but need our stuff to leave the UK quickly and not be sitting for ages waiting to be filled. Any horror stories with any of these or any recommnedations to help us decide which one to use?? Thanks so much Gem x
  14. Hi Guys, I am due to qualify in March 2013 so have around 7 months to go. Luckily my other half is an Aussie so we are moving back to Melbourne! I am a lucky lady indeed and my partner visa has been granted with permanant residency- YAY! I will be looking to start work as a newly qualified nurse in March/April next year when im all registered with ANMC and AHPRA and am fully aware of what to do with those tough cookies. Im hoping to have a job offer on condition I get my Aussie Pin which sould be fine...well if AHPRA pull their finger out and fast track me! Can anyone help with suggestions of when to apply for a job and an approximation of a starting rate salary for me? I dont really fancy a graduate position as this is for the Aussie Nurses who have less experience than us UK Mental Health nurses as thye do less MH training. I will apply for anything and everything going though!! Any info or experience from any other new nurses or indeed mental health nurses would be amazing help. I am 30 yrs old and have a lot of experience as a MH support worker prior to my nurse training as well as a previous Sociology and Psycholog degree im hoping will help. We are leaving the UK at the end of Feb 2013 and everything is in motion, removals, cats, visa, etc...i would just love to have a job offer before I go. Thanks! Gem xx
  15. Bobdylansbird

    Posted my Partner visa 309/100 off this morning!!

    Hiya, Had medical and posting police certificate tomorrow so then to wait 5-6 months!! eeeek!!!!! xx