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Found 10 results

  1. As of the 4th of February 2015, all new applicants who have lived outside of Australia for more than 6 months need to apply for a International Criminal History Check, before sending their application to AHPRA. This check needs to include ALL countries that you have lived in from more than 6 months from the age of 18. Here is the link: http://www.ahpra.gov.au/Registration/Registration-Process/Criminal-history-checks/International-Criminal-History.aspx Something to be aware of for new applicants or if your application will land with AHPRA after the 4th.
  2. Hi Guys, I am currently a third year student midwife, I will qualify in September this year :biggrin: I am wanting to move to preferably NSW area and begin work as a newly qualified midwife. I am completely lost as to where to start. There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice about what to do and how to do it. Was wondering if others have/had this experience and could perhaps shed a bit of light on the situation. I have researched that i could potentially undertake a Graduate Midwifery Programme (which a I understand is similar to our preceptorship) Whilst a few hospitals do not even require this. I have been trying to look for jobs or even just contact numbers for further info from employers but this is proving difficult and I am unsure as to whether an agency would be useful or not. Am I right in thinking that I will have to wait for my UK pin from the NMC before I can apply for registration from AHPRA?? And why is the IELTS exam necessary?? ​Sorry for the 20 questions. Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks Bailey xx
  3. Hi, I moved to Sydney in June 2014, I applied for AHPRA in April and it has still not come through. I have decided to move back to England in June 2015. I am thinking about cancelling my AHPRA registration application. Does anyone know if I will be reimbursed any of my application fee? Many thanks Sophie
  4. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has been successful in gaining their NMBA Nurses registration by submitting only a statuatory declaration to say that they've completed 20 hours CPD? I have read a lot of posts by nurses saying they've submitted quite detailed evidence to back it up, but I'm not sure if this is necessary after reading the FAQs page on the NMBA website. See Q.11: http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/documents/default.aspx?record=WD10%2F123&dbid=AP&chksum=%2BLKwi5LxlcRx%2Bsyaf3LHag%3D%3D Don't want to waste any time as will be arriving in Perth in around 3 months time and will need to start working ASAP or we'll be screwed! Any feedback from those who have their registrations hugely appreciated! Thanks, Mandy x
  5. tinaisrar

    recently qualified nurse needs help

    Helloto everyone, i have come across this site after spending along time delving into the black hole of the worldwide web.I qualified in UK as an adult nurse in sept 2012 and currently working on an acute medical ward specialising in neurology. i aim to get at least 1 years experience before emigrating to Oz and by the looks of it need to get started on applications etc.. but what do i do first. Money is tight so i need to pay in stages, firstly which visa, i don't mind which sponsored or PR though prefer sound of PR though more expensive, and like idea of working where i want to. 2. if sponsored do i apply for job first they then sponsor my visa? if so where do i find these jobs. 3. when do you suggest i apply for APHRA 4. How you do skills assessment is this by APHRA, done before or after registration. 5. is the skills assessment and APHRA needed before visa application. 6. I am born in UK and educated here, confused....ielts or not im coming across conflicting info regarding this. My BSC degree is uk over 3 years 2 years prior to this was uk college for access course.. i am also 38 and done gcse over 20 years ago, have certificate ( a little scrap of paper i must say and old school only keeps records for 10 years so how do i prove i was at school here confused about this one . i must say i rather have PR but if alot more expensive i will go the other route. Also i like to do process myself to save on money also though i know more stressful. Apologies if my thread longwinded i just dont know where to start first and your site seems great for help and advice which is greatly appreciated. P.S my partner is overseas national with permanent residency in UK but not british passport holder and no children coming. (only 1 at uni and wants to stay with dad and may come after). so he will come on back of me thankyou in advance and sorry again x
  6. What a total nightmare that was! I applied in March and it has been driving me mental ever since!!! :arghh:I finally got my registration on friday! :biggrin:I'm so happy as I love nursing and Australia. I'm just waiting for my visa now. Hope I get it as I'm already in Oz. :twitcy: My advice would be....apply asap because it takes 6 months if you're lucky, well mine took a tad longer as my 1st application was never received. Also with your application if you are English you don't need to do the ielts exam, you just need a letter from your secondary school (on headed paper, dated and signed) stating that you were taught and assessed in English. Also your uni transcript must include how many hours in practice and theory you did in surgical, medical, community, mental health, elderly, child and midwifery if you did those. I'm an adult nurse so I didn't practice midwifery and child, just so you don't stress and think you need to. If you have been offered a job before getting your Australian nurses reg (like me), get a letter from your future employer with the job offer and start date and send to AHPRA (will need to be the orginal not a photocopy...you will also need a copy for your visa so either get 2 from your empolyers or visit AHPRA with your copy if you are already in Oz-hope that makes sense), this will prioritise your application. If it is prioritized it only takes 4 to 6 weeks! (with I knew this!) Make sure you get a notary to sign all the photocopies of your certificates, passports ect. Telephone your application assessor on a regular basis if you don't hear anything. I hope that will help someone. If you are looking for a job, you don't have to apply through an agency. If you apply yourself, you don't need a medical. I applied directly to the hospital. Here is a link if you fancy NSW. I was in London at the time of applying and had an interview over the phone at 4am one morning. Phone interviews are much easier as you can do notes and be prepared. I had policies and handy hints written and stuck all over my wall. Anyway I'm waffling, here is the link: http://www7.health.nsw.gov.au/healthjobs/Default.cfm?ID=1233 Here are the payscales too. Happy days! http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/nursing/employment/nurse_award_wage_rates_11.asp Good luck :smile: Emma xxx ## please note, you don't need a medical for AHPRA. You will need one at a later date for the visa process. ##
  7. Hi Guys,Thought I would share my experience of the dreaded registration process. Got my confirmation email today :yes: very impressed with the service considering what I have read about other peoples experiences.Filled in application & attached:- Copy of passport, birth & marriage certificates (Notarised) Copy of Diploma, GCSE & GNVQ certificates (Notarised) Copy of certificates & documents supporting my CPD (Notarised) Copy of CV & CPD (signed by manager) Statement of Service from all employers (original copies) NMC verification (sent directly by NMC) Diploma Transcript (sent directly by University) Professional reference from direct line manager (requested by AHPRA) I sent my app to Adelaide office on 30th Jan, they received it 8th Feb & took assessment fee ($220), requested reference 14th Feb, sent 20th Feb, approved 29th Feb! So if you exclude the delivery time it was pretty quick.I hope this helps. Thanks to all who posted on here re this subject. It really helped me to send the correct info & also helped me decide which office to send it too. The smaller ones like Adelaide seem to be processing quicker.Good luck everyoneSara :wink:
  8. Hello all, Just signed up to this today so this is my first post, but my husband and I have been reading threads on here for a while and there seems to be a lot of good advice going around so I thought it was time we tried to get some for ourselves!! :laugh: I completed my nursing degree in the UK in September 2011 and have been working as a registered nurse since my registration was confirmed in October 2011. My husband and I are very keen to make the move out to Australia as soon as we can after spending around 6 months travelling there a few years ago - we both fell in love with the country and lifestyle! We both used our working holiday visa while on that trip so would be looking at probably a 457 visa if sponsorship from an employer can be found. I am really looking for advice on what we should be doing first! I'm a bit confused about the registration process in Australia and what the differences are between the NMBA, AHPRA and ANMAC!? I've got the form to register with the AHPRA as an overseas qualified nurse. Is this a good starting point? Am I right in saying that due to having completed my degree and secondary school education in the UK that I do not need to complete the English test? I have started to apply for a few jobs but am jsut not sure when to be doing what in terms of registration and visa applications etc. Any advice or information from those who know or who have been through it already would be hugely appreciated. Thank you in anticipation! The Reids.
  9. Guest

    Registration in AHPRA

    Hi, Applied for registration in WA PERTH befor sept 19th with all documents recieved only a mail stating that registration in progress wil contact incase needed ,payment for application done.Now almost 2 months pls guide me where to contact and whom to .I need you advise.URGENT:jiggy:
  10. :confused:Hi all, I'm new to this form and am looking into coming to Aus. Spoke to some migration agents and was told I would need to get registration with AHPRA. I have been on the website and checked out all the info, however its no half confusing.... Has any1 been thru the process and can offer advice? btw i'm from the uk Thanks