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Found 76 results

  1. Guest

    fully qualified bricklayer

    Hi hope someone can give us a bit of advice.Has anyone heard of an rsms visa which basically the employer sponsors you to get permanent visa,thing is how do you get the employer without being in oz???We are hoping to move as soon as poss after july 07 I am a bricklayer with 28 yrs experience and we are looking to move to Lismore NSW area hoping someone can fill me in Thanks BB(and family) ps ,brilliant site you have here
  2. Hi Guys, I am currently a third year student midwife, I will qualify in September this year :biggrin: I am wanting to move to preferably NSW area and begin work as a newly qualified midwife. I am completely lost as to where to start. There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice about what to do and how to do it. Was wondering if others have/had this experience and could perhaps shed a bit of light on the situation. I have researched that i could potentially undertake a Graduate Midwifery Programme (which a I understand is similar to our preceptorship) Whilst a few hospitals do not even require this. I have been trying to look for jobs or even just contact numbers for further info from employers but this is proving difficult and I am unsure as to whether an agency would be useful or not. Am I right in thinking that I will have to wait for my UK pin from the NMC before I can apply for registration from AHPRA?? And why is the IELTS exam necessary?? ​Sorry for the 20 questions. Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks Bailey xx
  3. Hi, I am a qualified accounting technician seeking a career in Accountancy in Australia with an employer who will provide me with sponsorship. I am planning on becoming a chartered accountant and so would love to proceed with this in Australia. If anyone can help me I would be eternally grateful!!! Any location in Oz is could for me!! Thanks :biggrin: Vicky
  4. I am 31 years old and looking to relocate to Western Australia from Scotland with my Fiancee and our son. I have 14 years experience in the Engineering & Fabrication trade as a Fitter/Fabricator and plus I have recently been awarded by the TRA a Metal Fabricator Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade (Heavy Fabrication). I have also just completed my IELTS exam and would be looking to come across on a 457 visa. I believe I am very skilled in my trade, take great pride in my work, very reliable and also willing to learn new skills. If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me via private mail. Thank you for your time. Mr S Gow
  5. Hi I am a qualified accountant looking for employer sponsorship to australia, preferably perth. Can anyone help find potential employers? Navin
  6. Hello there, Just wanted to know if anybody can help me, i do not seem to be having much luck in finding any sponsership social work jobs in Darwin NT. I have recently returned form Darwin on a working Holiday Visa ( Dec 2009) I had the best time and fell in love with Darwin- Wet season also:biggrin: Can anybody help point me in the right direction with what i need to do and if i can get any sort of visa to support me?? I have heard of a programme that has been offering 1 yr Job opportunities in Social work but can not seem to locate it on the internet! Any information at all will really help me out..... thank you:hug:
  7. We are seeking a painter & decorator to join our family business, must have vehicle, own tools, blue/green card, whites & abn. We have work available for the right applicant to start Monday 22nd August 2011.
  8. Hello everyone Apologies for my naivety but this is my first post on this forum and I would really appreciate some advice. I am a recently qualified chartered accountant from N Ireland and my other half is a joiner with approximately 10 years experience. We are seriously fed up with life at home and are considering a move to Australia in February 2011 on a 12 month working holiday visa. Will we both be able to secure work without much hassle? I have a feeling Paul will be able to find something more easily than me? Would employers consider someone on a working holiday visa for temporary accountancy jobs? We are pretty sure that we will go to Perth but if jobs are more likely to be readily available elsewhere then we would of course go wherever we have most chance of getting work. Is there any way that we could secure work before we leave home? If not, where do we start looking for employment when we get there? Also, if we love life in Oz what are the chances of securing a 2nd year working holiday visa having worked in the construction and accountancy sectors? I'm sure these are probably pretty basic questions but we really do need some help, we have only just begun our research and it is an absolute minefield!! Thanks in advance
  9. Currently work for British Gas am would love someone to sponsor me to come and work in Australia, I have both plumbing and gas qualifications and experience, have been self employed and now British Gas, any offers or advice would be welcome. Thank you
  10. Hi, Im a 24 year old irishman just arrived into Perth (2 weeks here). My girlfriend has already found employment in her chosen field, and Im looking to do the same! Im a fully qualified plasterer, and would appretiate it if anybody who reads here could point me in the right direction as to where I might find some work. I dont mind doing labour work if I cant get a job as a plasterer. Jamie
  11. Hi, I am in my final year of a teaching degree. I will qualify with a BA Hons in education with a subject specialism in special needs and inclusion. Will this qualify me to apply for a visa on the skilled migration list for special needs teacher? I have 3 years experience of being a special support assistant to children with special needs in a mainstream school. I was doing this job whilst completing the first 3 years of my degree. However, as I am now in my final year I have had to give up my job as the 4th Year is full time. I am 32 years old and have a husband and a 3 year old and a 5 year old. Please can anyone give me advice on applying for a visa through this route. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello! My name is Beccy and I am near the end of my 2nd year training on a diploma course. Me and my partner would love to come to Australia (looking at Queensland) as soon as possible from me qualifying! However, from doing some reading around we know it might not happen! I have looked into the graduate nursing scheme, however on the queensland health website it says you can only apply once your right to work has been granted. So I would need a visa and to register with AHPRA right? On the AHPRA site it says newly qualified diploma nurses without experience are considered on a case by case basis (to do the grad scheme you arent allowed to work as an RN beforehand). So, I am not sure how to go about it? Would there be more chance of AHPRA allowing me to register if I have been offered a job somewhere? Or is there a visa I can get that wouldnt need me to be AHPRA registered, then I could apply for a job and then apply to AHPRA? I would be happy to work as an RN without doing the grad scheme, so have emailed a few hospitals, but it looks like the hardest bit is going to be to sort out registration. Any tips/pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Beccy
  13. midwifetob

    Newly Qualified - Will i get a visa?

    Hi, I will be qualifiying as a midwife soon and would like to move to Australia. Will I be able to get a visa as a newly qualified or will I have to have a few years experience? Also what is the best route to go. Would it be best to apply for a visa and then come out and find a job or is it possible to apply for jobs and be sponsored by the hospital or healthcare trust. Is there a difference is you are state sponsored? Thanks
  14. midwifetob

    Newly Qualified Midwife

    Hi, I am currently a student midwife. I am wondering whether I would be able to get a job and a visa once I qualify. I understand that some healthcare trusts want 2 years experience, but, I have been told that I could join a graduate programme in Australia. Does anyone have any help with this. Thanks
  15. Hi all, My girlfriend and I are looking to move back to Australia. We lived/met there on WHV and came back to Ireland last year. As a qualified Hairdresser she has the required points to move back over on 176 visa (70pts). Unfortunately she won't be able to get State Sponsorship as they are only giving these out in rural areas, we're both young (26+27) and not keen on living in 'the sticks'. We are trying any contacts we have over there but no luck so far on a sponsored visa for her, does anyone know of any contacts/businesses that are looking for qualified Irish hairdressers in Melbourne. Failing that any other way she/we could get the sponsorship. Thanks in advance, Tom
  16. Hello We're looking to start the process of applying to emigrate to Perth as soon as possible. I just wondered if anyone had any advice/opinions on using an agent? I have contacted several but wondered how easy it would be for us to go it alone? Also, my husband is a qualified electrician so he will be the main applicant, is he able to work immediately in Australia or we would need some formal training to understand the Australian electrical standards? I am a qualified Accountant but have just given up work to bring up my two babies. Any advice and help would really be appreciated. Thank you in advance :biggrin:
  17. Hi, my visa was granted yesterday :jiggy: and I am planning to move out soon. I am looking to see if anyone is looking to hire a fully qualified joiner/carpenter. I have extensive experience in all aspects of joinery work. Please feel free to ask if you need to know anything or you know of any positions. Thanks :notworthy:
  18. Hi There, I am a 26 year old English man seeking a descent employer willing to sponsor me on an ENS (Employer Nominated Sponsor). This is a perm visa and only takes 6 months to complete, I am willing to pay costs incurred so that the employer isn't out of pocket. I still have my working holiday visa to use, I am planning on coming to Perth at the end of September, I will have my own transport and most tools. I want to live in Perth as I have family and friends there already and I know my way around! If there is anyone who is looking for a hard working, keen, young worker then look no further. Thanks Dave
  19. Mapstone Electrical a local WA based Electrical Company is seek Qualified "A Grade" electricians for permanent position. Good renumeration Package with vehicle and phone. Please don't reply if you haven't got your australian EW licence or still waiting for TRA recognition.(if your booked in for your last 2 week exam please apply) Please PM me for details Halko Marovac Director
  20. I am looking for a company to sponsor me. As a qualified Fitter & Turner with 7 years high speed packaging experience, as well as foundry & lifting equipment experience, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience which I believe would be an asset to any company. I have also recently obtained my 17th Edition Electrical certificate. Any person/s who may be in a position to assist, please contact me via Pomsinoz PM. Thank you.
  21. Hello all, long time lurker first time poster... I'm just starting out and am looking for some advice about skills assessment. I am a structural detailer/draughtsman with 10 years experience but i was trained on the job and have no formal further education. I have since become qualified with the Institute of Structural Engineers although i don't think that this counts as an approved qualifiaction. I emailed Engineers Australia and they gave a vague answer saying i may be better off speaking to Vetassess, but the Vetassess website seems to suggest i need a formal qualification. So my question is this does anyone know if it is possible to have my skills assessed by either Engineers Australia or Vetassess via a work experience route or are further qualifications my only option? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  22. Hi All I was wondering if anyone could help me. I 26 and my husband 27 and we have always dreamed of moving to Australia. I am due to qualify as an ACA Accountant in January, I also have a Maths degree. We want to move as soon as possible. I have been working in Accountancy for the last 2 years as an Assistant Accountant. I am concerned as to whether this experience qualifies as my 12month experience required for the skilled Visa. I have looked on the skilled Assessment body’s website (The Institute of chartered accountants Australia) where it states that there are two types of assessment, one being a Tertiary/Uni qualified and the other Members of overseas accounting bodies When looking on the Tertiary/Uni qualifies skilled assessment it states that I need to send in my certificates of degree and ACA qualification along with grades achieved and subjects studied along with course handbook outlines showing the syllabus I have covered and ensuring it included the core areas which they have listed on there. There is no reference to post qualification experience details or job titles held. Am I correct in thinking that I can have my skills assessed this way? Or is the Teritary/Uni qualified skilled assessment not an option for myself and I just getting the wrong end of the stick? If there is anyone out there who has done this, your feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks Nicole
  23. Hello, I am new to this so would appreciate any advice which might help me with my visa application. Earlier this year I looked at the 176 application and followed a link which took me to the AHPRA requirements for registration in Oz so I submitted my application to them, and now have my in principle letter (as of yesterday). Having looked again at the 176 I now realise that I need the skills assessment by the ANMAC before a visa will be granted. My AHPRA application was supported by a letter from my school and the training program for my nursing qualification, all undertaken in English in the UK, and therefore I did not do an IELTS test. If I now need to do this I am unsure which is the right one to satisfy the ANMAC. I had intended to submit my visa application before the end of June, but am worried that this will be a waste of time and money if I don't have the completed IELTS and skills assessments, which cannot be achieved by then. Can anyone advise me whether submitting the 176 relative sponsored visa application without these missing bits will still be worthwhile, bearing in mind the visa changes which are due to take place on 1st July? Many thanks
  24. My Sis and OH are looking at making the move to Oz, and will be going to see a migration agent soon to look at which avenue is best for them to take, but I thought that I would see if anybody else out there can offer advice as well. My BIL is self employed and if I am correct has tickets for a number of trades so would go down the vetasses route, but my Sister is a support worker working with special needs children for the last 2 years, and is just about to pass as a fully qualified nursery nurse. I dont believe her profession is on the list (even with the up coming changes), but is it a profession that is in demand here in Oz that might qualify for sponsorship? The reason I ask is that they have 3 kids, and the eldest is 14, and I think it would be better for them to make the move sooner than later, so obviously sponship would be the quicker option. anybody got any ideas
  25. Qualified BMW mechanic looking for job!!! Hi I'm a qualified BMW mechanic looking to emigrate to oz, I'm going on holiday there at the end of the year to melbourne and Perth and I'm in search of employment. If anyone can assist me or put me in touch with anybody that would be great. I've emailed a few dealers and I've contacted BMW group also. If I can get a business to sponsor me it would be a massive help!!!! Cheers. Ben