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  1. Hello, could anyone please recommend reputable shipping insurance companies please? Going from fremantle to East Sussex uk, with a 20ft container, sole use. is it best to use the removals insurers or an independent one? Any advice would be very welcomed and thanks in advance. xxx
  2. Hi everyone I have a son in UK who is about to become a dad for the second time and I think he would love us to be around to watch. His children grow up. We have been here for 18 months and we have good jhave a 9 yr old son with us too. He wants to go back, misses UK and his old school and friends although he is ok here really, dorsnt like his school and hasn't made hardly any frirnds. We also have a daughter in UK who is 23 and lives with her boyfriend. My husband's family all live in UK and I have 2 brothers here. Question is, are we being selfish if we stay? I love it here but I miss my grown up kids and grandchild and the one that is on the way in 5 weeks. I am tearing my hair out . My son can't move heare for money reasons. I have been planning to make the move but has delayed plans such as shipping, canceling our rental contract etc... I don't know what to do for the best. My husband thinks we should go back.
  3. bennyboy

    Grace removals pumping up the price -jeezo

    We had them round last week and was quoted $7,500 for a full 20ft container, which is to the uk, to pack ornaments ourselves and they do the big stuff. An extra $93 for the packing materials to be posted to us for the ornaments. Not decided yet as waiting for other quotes from ridgeways and pickfords.
  4. Hi everyone, can anyone recommend a shipping/removal company from the Perth/mandurah areas? had grace removals round so far and just waiting for quote. Ridgeways have let us down 3 times in 1 week!! Just to come and do a quote. We used john mason from the uk to Australia and they were fantastic, but used ridgeways this end to deliver our container load. we will want a quote for a 20ft container. any recommendations please and the cost etc etc.....? many thanks in advance:wubclub:
  5. Hi, Have you had an experience where your agent has taken too long in finding a new tenant for your lease break property? My agent seems to give a different story whenever i call her. She knows that we need to find a new tenant asap and she knows we are to sign the contracts for our new rental tomorrow. We are very anxious to say the least. We have had 2 home opens this week and she told me there have been applications submitted. I dont know whether to believe her. We have already stalled the agent for signing our new contract and cant ask again as she is more than likely to say no and will re-advertise the property. We really do not want to lose the property. Ideally we want to know for sure that a new tenant has been found before we sign the new contract. Has anyone been through this and did it work out ok, or did you sign a new contract and take a risk only for it to drag on for weeks before a new tenant was found???? :eek::arghh: Thanks in advance! xx
  6. When we said we was staying in the property for another 6 months, the owner put the rent up by $10 with the new contract. Now it is being advertised and for a further $10 whilst we are still in it!! I dont know if i should query it with the agent, dont want to upset her really!! Although it is still a very good price in comparison to others in the area which are a lot more and seem to be hanging around on the website. The cheaper ones seem to go a lot quicker though. Ideally it would be less worrying if the agent found a new tenant before we sign on the dotted line for the new one. The timing is crucial to avoid paying 2 lots of rent. I have noticed previously that rentals in my road seem to go very quickly, so i hope this one does too!
  7. Hi all, We are due to move near the end of November and our current rental 4x2 is now available. We have broken the lease (for personal reasons/complicated) and we are hoping to find new tenants very soon. It is in a quiet street, excellent location for schools, shops, parks etc..... Very modern 3 minor bedrooms are double/queen size with full length double mirrored wardrobe doors. . Master king size bedroom, air con unit, walk-in double wardrobe and en-suite shower bathroom, contemporary square counter sink, modern tap and toilet with soft close lid. Heat light and extractor fan. Good size cinema room Hallway has recessed lighting. Kitchen/dining/family has recessed lighting, double sliding patio doors to alfresco/garden and side of house. Air con unit. Lovely kitchen with stainless steel cooker hood, 5-burner gas hob with wok ring, fan oven, dish washer, recess for side by side fridge/freezer. Large walk-in pantry. Double sinks. Microwave recess under counter. Flooring is large beige marble look tiles. Excellent sized laundry with sink, long bench and under cupboard. Space for washing machine. Door leading to double garage. Open shelves for linen. Single toilet with soft close lid. Side sliding door to side of house. Alfresco is covered with recessed lighting, double wall socket. Collapsible washing line on side of garage wall. Door to double garage with remote door. Side access in garden with lockable side gate. Side borders with shrubs and plants.... Large patio area. Front garden is laid to lawn with pathway to front door and to side gate. Shrubs and plants. Letterbox. Retic and solar panels Porch with recess lighting. All bedrooms and cinema room have new carpets. White slatted venetian, made to measure blinds throughout, except in kitchen dining which has blackout white roller blinds. 2 slatted venetian blinds at windows either side of gas hob. All light switches/sockets are chrome. This is a really lovely property which we hope someone will be interested in and is $400 week. If you are genuinely interested or know someone that could be, please let me know asap. Many thanks:wubclub:
  8. Hi all, We was accepted for the rental we applied for and are very happy about it. We signed a new contract 1 month ago to renew our contract, which started on the 28th October, but at the time not realizing we would be moving-so we was allowed to break the lease as it was our 2nd contract. The property we are moving into is available from the 25 November, but the owner asked if we could move in on 6th December as he wanted to do a few things first before we move in. I said no as we are due to fly out on 11th for a holiday so it was too close (and stressful!) and we are away for 3 weeks. Our current agent has already re-advertised our property (now $10 more than what we are paying) in the hope that it can be re-let soon to avoid us paying the rent if she has not found a new tenant soon. We are due to sign our new contracts for the new property on the 11th November and pay the bond and 2 weeks rent etc..... The contract for the new property is for 1 year. It is a gamble to do it this way and i am now wondering if we should pull out as i am scared we wont have a new tenant in time, we cannot afford to pay rent on 2 properties and i think it is going to be very tight before we go on holiday. My husband is quite happy to move as we both like the new house but he did previously say we are mad to move so close to our holiday. Our current rental is near new and spotless. Very modern and well looked after. 4x2 etc etc..... I don't know if we are taking too much of a risk and also if it's too late to back out now as our rental is now being advertised!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!:frown::frown:
  9. Hi all, When you submit an application form for a rental, what do you think an agent looks for in order for you to be the successful applicant? Is it your circumstances? such as you could become homeless as you are not renewing your current contract? Agent/home owner feels sorry for your circumstances? Or is it the fact that you have money, enough to pay the bond, 2 weeks in advance, good jobs, good references from other agents and your employment etc etc.... I find it very overwhelming how a home owner can make a decision when so many people submit application forms! I f you earn good money on a regular basis as a casual worker do you think a home owner would not be happy with that? I find the whole renting business in Australia like bees round a honey pot! It's literally pot luck if you are chosen, too many people viewing properties at one time, a race to get your application in and hope it gets approved!! STRESSFUL, STRESSFUL, STRESSFUL!!! Any comments very welcome or your experiences with rental applications. xxx
  10. Hi and thanks for your reply. She has been offered a part time beautician job local to her but it's self employed and only 3 days a week. The owner want 60/40% plus my daughter knows nothing about taxes etc and i think if she wasnt busy enough in a new place she could end up worse off! She cannot do anything from her flat as it's in someones house on the top floor, like a self contained 1 bedroom flat, so that wouldn't work either. I have texted her today with a lovely encouraging message to take one step at a time for now, she always will have a home here if things get really, really bad. I hate what she has got herself into and its killing me inside as i want to reach out to her and help, but she is nearly 23 and must learn from her mistakes, we all make them and sometimes makes us better people.:cute:
  11. Hi and thanks for your reply. We found out through my in laws that she had lost her job. She was a bit scared i think to tell us because of what we might have said. She had the whole arm done, as artistic and pretty as it is, she was told at work that visible tattoos are not allowed. Management also told her yes the tattoo is really good but you will have to wear a long sleeve top under your tunic-she is a beauty therapist). So thats what she did. Then management said with certain treatments you cannot wear a long sleeve top as its not part of the uniform! She also did something else wrong which could have been overlooked seeing as my daughter said everyone else had been doing it, so they gathered enough information to sack her. My daughter also said that other beauticians had visible tattoos, one girl had one on her hand and the other girl had one on the back of her neck, but they get away with it!! and a lad in the cafe in the Spa had a full length arm tattoo and he had to wear a long sleeve top and that was ok. I suppose the difference there is that she is a beautician and they have to look well groomed. But my daughter thinks she has been treated unfairly so they were waiting for a slip up so they could sack her. She is devastated. The company said she was a very good therapist and an asset to the company! In her dismissal letter it said that she was not allowed to make any contact to any member of staff for 1 year. HOW IS SHE GOING TO GET A REFERENCE FOR ANOTHER JOB! We think that she may have blown her beauty career now as we advised her not to get the tattoos done but she wouldnt listen. I have thought that maybe she could cover the tattoo is she gets another beauty job with special makeup, it's a thought but may be worth it at a small expense??? She also lives in a flat that has all the bills paid so she only pays the rent, if she loses that she will be distraught as she loves her independence.
  12. Thank you so much to everyone that has taken the time to post your comments on the subject. I will certainly read them over again and take in what has been stated and act upon the advice. :wubclub:
  13. Hi all, Just found out our daughter lost her job because of her tattoos. If she cant find another job, no matter what it is, she may lose her flat and she will become homeless. She doesnt have much savings, and the government may not support her because of losing her job. She has grandparents nearby and her older brother for support, but they are not in a position to house her. We are trying to give her sound advice and guide her and i suggested that maybe she comes over here to be with us. But my husband said thats just running away from the problem and how will she support herself once she is here, she may not get a job here either. She is an australian citizen by decent so she will have no problem getting here and she may be entitled to new start whilst she looks for work. My question is this: Do we encourage her to try and find work in the UK and keep her independence (nearly 23) and friends or get her to come to oz and see how it goes. She is very head strong and stubborn and has often learnt the hard way through her mistakes and not listening to advice. She is very much loved but it was her choice to not to australia with us 1 year ago. Everything was going well for her until now. We have an older son in the Uk, who lives with his girlfriend and baby, with another on the way. We gave both of them the opportunity to comes with us but for their own reasons, they decided to stay in the UK. My husband and I also have a 9 year old son and we have started to make a life for ourselves here in oz. We earn fairly good money and I have my 2 brothers here also. I am an australian and wanted to move back here to have a better quality of life after living in blighty for many years. My mum has tried to say that she feels sorry for my daughter and that we should be back in the uk supporting my daughter. I am worried that is she cant get things right she spiral into despair and do something stupid. I know if your not in this dilema it might be difficult to comment but i would value anyones views please. Thanks in advance L.
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    Back almost 2 years.......Our storey

    Beautiful post to read. We are in 2 minds and have only been here 9 months. We have just been back to UK for 10 days as we changed out dates from going back in September. W e have 2 grown up kids back in UK and 1 beautiful grandaughter. Has made us re-think everything now. My head is spinning, don't know what to do!! ...
  15. Thanks for your reply. Can I please ask how much with transglobal? Not sure what we are doing yet, we are in 2 minds as we have an 8month old granddaughter and we have just had a 10 day holiday in the UK with family and friends. Makes u think!