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  1. Hi Everyone, I haven’t posted on here for a while, actually not properly since the day I sat in our Perth rental on a box, watching the removal men load our triple wrapped belongings and boxes into the container. What a day that was! The rain was torrential – all emotions were running on overdrive. I have sat down many times since to write an update on here, but I’ve found it really difficult. Our story – we are a family of 4, we moved out to Aus in Dec2007 with two children then aged 8 and 11, lived in Gippsland for first 3 years(3hrs east of Melbourne) and then moved over to Perth for 6 months. Aus had always been somewhere my OH wanted to live, so when he was approaching 40, it was a kind of ‘if we don’t go now, we might not get another chance’. He got State sponsorship with the Victoria Gov and we managed to sell our house thatwe had just extended and renovated before the slowdown started, so we were in areally good position. For me, I never dreamt Aus was a better place to live, I was always hesitant, as we had a fairly good life and I was close to my family. But I came round and started to look upon it as a wonderful and fortunate opportunity for us all to experience life in another country. Plus I must admit I kept thinking it would be a better life for my children and their future. Our 3 years in semi-rural Vicwas difficult at first, as it really was a world away from our lives in the UK,but that’s what we had wanted. We got involved in everything we could and slowly got accepted into the fold of the community. My OH struggled constantly to find work though (Bricklayer) and was treated pretty poorly throughout, but did anything that came along. I applied for endless jobs, but very rarely even got a ‘thank you, but no thank you’ back. I watched him get lower and lower in the first year and he is a made of tough stuff. Then after working for a local trades man for 12mths, we started up our own business, he saw an opening in the market andwith the help of the government stimulus packages. Again, it was hard at first but with a lot ofgraft, it started to take off and went really well for a year until they stopped the grants and then it was back to square one. So we decided after a 2 week visit to Perth and finding agreat school for our kids, jobs advertised by the bucket full, sun and beautiful beaches - that was the place for us! So 8 months later, with a visit back to the UK in between for a month, we moved to Perth. But we soon realised that we still had the empty feelings we had felt back in Victoria. My OH struggled again to findwork, but again took anything that came along. I again applied for all the jobs going which there were loads on the internet and paper, but had a very poor response – not even a sniff of an interview. The children by then 12 & 14 amazed us when we mentioned the possibility ofmoving back to the UK, it was like they got a new lease of life! I couldn’t understand it with the beach 2 minsup the road and views of the ocean from their school windows? My OH was all for it, It was the most difficult decision I’ve had to make to set the wheels in motion to move back –we had only just done a major move? Andit felt like utter madness to even consider moving back when we had only been here such a short time? But, something inside me felt it was right, but it didn’t stop me tearing myself into bits for weeks. The move back took its toll on us emotionally and physically, having done 2 big moves, I underestimated what it takes out of you. Thanks to the high dollar we were able to buy a small house whilst still in Australia so we had a residential address to get our children back into the school we wanted them to go to, but this was still extremely stressful and thewhole time there were no definite’s that any of these things were going to happen. We got back having a house (which we were very grateful for) but no jobs, no guarantee that children wouldgo to the chosen schools, despite going to great lengths to be in the catchment and not really knowing what our future held? And all the time we were thinking‘have we/are we doing the right thing?’ We got back to the huge welcoming arms of family and friends, we were genuinely overwhelmed by the response of everyone. The first few weeks we were riding a bit of wave, it all felt a bit surreal. The day we collected the keys for the house,there was a letter on the doorstep advising that the children had places at theschool, this was just the best news for me. Then my husband was offered a job back with his old company, which felt incredible considering the economic climate – things started to fall into place. To cut to the finer details, my husband is employed, I’ve been doing a job for almost a year locally (despitenot having worked since my children were born) that I absolutely love at our local GP Surgery, my kids are settled and very happy with their lives, they are involved in so much more diverse stuff than they were in Australia, and have so many more interests. This is really a post for people who are in a state of limbo on what to do. Although everything has now worked out for us and when writing it down like this it sounds like quite the ideal, it really has been a rollercoaster few years, our health took a huge knocking and the first 6/8 months back in the UK, we were in as much emotional turmoil it seemed, worse than when wewere trying to decide whether or not to return – I can totally understand why people ‘ping pong’. There was so much about Australia we all loved, it is truly an amazing country I will never regret going, and we have been extremely lucky in the fact that we were able to have an amazing experience and come back I feel - better people for it. We have fantastic memories and a better understanding of what it is like to be the immigrant. But having said all that, now we have settled back and normality of day to day life reigns, not a day goes by that I wish I was back there. I would be lying if I said I don’t miss the sunny days sometimes, or walking the dog on stretches of white sand, or the lovely friends we made, but I enjoy romping through the muddy woods too, the smells and the ever changing scenery the seasons bring – even the rain! What I would really like to say is, if you are fortunate enough to get the opportunity to go, think carefully don’t pass it by, I was very close to my family but that wasn’t what brought me back in the end, I genuinely prefer England to live in, but we are all different, give it a go – leave England with an openmind to embrace what Australia is offering, not with the dreams of beaches and BBQ’s and the thriving place to raise children in a more healthy way, because Idon’t believe that to be necessarily true. My children are far more active and healthier now than they ever were in Australia, despite always being pretty busy kids. Australia does have so many new opportunities– life is too short to live with big regrets! Good luck to all who are making the brave and exciting move out to Aus,and all the very best to all of you who are thinking of returning, it’s far from all doom and gloom, stay positive either way.
  2. Lynne S

    Where did you move back too???

    Hi, we returned home last July back to where we came from in Bedfordshire. We did it primarily because we thought it would be kinder on our children as they had maintained friendships with their old friends and we had moved about a couple of time in Aus. I think for them it was the best thing we could of done, as they settled back without any real problems (we had been a way almost 4 years). It was very odd for us initially, because at times (and sometimes still do) felt we had never been away! but so glad we did as OH was able to get a job back with his old company and because I knew the area and people managed also to get a job without to much trouble. Neither of us thought this would be the case, we were convinced and prepared to come back to a hard slog and although its been no walk in the park, its not been half as bad as we thought it was going to be. I think it really depends on your personal circumstances, we live about 20mins and an hour away from family - this is a good distance for us.
  3. Lynne S

    Shipping Companies from Perth to UK

    Hi there, we used Pickfords last July and they were brilliant both ends, good price and nothing broken. But that was our personal experience, I've heard good and bad reports. Good luck with whoever you choose, hope it goes smoothly
  4. Lynne S

    So much stress

    I really do appreciate we are all different and are thankfully able to express our individual thoughts and opinions on this marvellous site. I also appreciate all the people who are heading over to Aus have their own expectations of why they are heading this way and I honestly wish you all the very best and hope that it lives up to all or mostly what you want it too be! But the weather in Australia can be extreme and can pose real dangers depending on where you live, something I never experienced in England (not that this would put me of living here). I too would have swapped the heat for the cold and ice & slush any day a few years back, but having experienced some of the extreme ends of the spectrum my thoughts have changed a fair bit. I also feel its swings and roundabouts with the household bills - heating v air con? Anyway just my thoughts, I know people heading out from the UK are mainly fed up with it over there and like I said looking for something different, but please appreciate that people heading back haven't made the decision lightly, in alot of cases it was a harder one to make than coming in the first place.:wink:
  5. Lynne S

    Poms Going Home to UK (register)

    Arrived in Melbourne 07/12/07 - departing 06/07/11 with fond memories :yes:
  6. Lynne S

    Moving on...

    Well we have packed up the house, the boxes are all sealed and furniture all wrapped, I've cleaned what I can until the removals come and put it into the container. So am here now sat on the boxes looking at all our worldly belongings once again. Many mixed feelings at present - will be glad when this part is over and we can move on to the next chapter. We are so glad we had the opportunity to experience all the things we have, no regrets apart moving our children around, but they've had no real bad experiences from it, so hopefully it will only add to their resilience and make them into stronger individuals. All the very best to everyone coming out - I would encourage everyone who has the desire to come, everyone is different thank goodness. Next stop - home! :rolleyes:
  7. Lynne S

    Shipping Pets back to UK from Perth

    Not sure if I'm in the right part of PIO, but just wanted to let anyone know who is thinking of taking their pet back to UK from Perth area that I have found a really good pet carrier that I accidently stumbled across. They're called Sherae Petlink in Canning Vale and they have just been great so far. They arrange everything like all the others, but they came in $500 or so cheaper than the others and they use Quantas, they have 40 odd years experience too in the trade so to speak.
  8. Lynne S

    Back in Scotland

    Just wanted to say all the best with your next chapter. I too have been following your thread and its lovely to hear that your back and have those feelings, but also great that you understand whats brought you to that point (hope that makes sense) anyway good luck with it all, please keep us updated every so often - its good to hear how things are going.:rolleyes:
  9. Lynne S

    Homeward Bound in 4 weeks!

    Hi Dawn, I've just been trying to find the thread where you kindly asked if we'd sorted the schools back in the UK, I had a quick look on the site the other day for a few minutes, but didn't have time to reply as I had to go out. Its still all going through - I sent all the applications off 4/5 weeks ago and we have a lady thats been really helpful at the council, we are just waiting to complete on the house we've brought so the solicitor can send through a copy of the contract etc and she said she will then put us into a criteria - but she has told us that whatever happens it will go to appeal, because the 2 catchment schools are over subscribed. I could and have let this worry me sick, but I'm actually in the mindset now, that whichever way it goes, it is at present out of our control, we can only do the very best we can from here to put as much into place as possible - once we are back it will be easier to communicate. How are you all going, are you enjoying the summer?
  10. Lynne S

    Homeward Bound in 4 weeks!

    Thanks Susie, its really not been an easy one, bigger decision than making the move out in alot of ways, but I think once you make the decision you have to go with it and give it your best for everyones sake (family) xx
  11. Lynne S

    Homeward Bound in 4 weeks!

    Hi, we are actually now in Perth we moved over here 6 months ago because we though we would prefer it, but unfortunatley after living here for a while we don't. We've been in Aus for 3years and 8 months. We are going back for lots of reasons, but mainly because we know the Australian way of life is not for us. Its a great lifestyle, but I don't think its for everyone!
  12. Lynne S

    Homeward Bound in 4 weeks!

    Hi All, I've posted a few threads in the last few months with dilemmas about moving back. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has given us constructive advice - its certainly helped us look at it from different directions. After lots of decision making we did decide in the end to make the move and in 4 weeks time we'll be on the plane. We'll be going back with out citizenship, which has been a really difficult one for me, but we are going to get the 5 year return residence visa before we go (for that just in case) - not that I want to go back with this thought. Anyway we are busy packing up, we've sold nearly everything we needed to sell, so we're now on the countdown....will let you know how it all goes when we get back. Thanks again, this site has been a real soul saver at times, I'm so glad I stumbled across it.
  13. Lynne S

    How we are feeling 4 months on

    Thanks Billysgirl, all the very best to you and your family too, hope it all goes well. Keep us posted on how it goes. I think it really does help people when they are trying to decide either way on what to do. It can be a very lonely decision to make, I actually think it's been harder to make the decision to go back than to make the move out (and that has nothing to do with feelings of failure) take care, back for the english summer, firework night and Christmas with all the family - whoop whoop xx
  14. Lynne S

    How we are feeling 4 months on

    Hi Lindar, Just wanted say thank you very much for writing this thread and also the emotional one - it has been a really comforting read. We have been in Australia 3.5yrs (3yr in Vic & 6mth in Perth) we thought a move to Perth would help, but it hasn't at all, in fact its made it worse in a way, have been agonising over the decision to move back now for a couple of months and its been awful, as we will have to uproot our sons again. Feeling sick most days over it - just booked our tickets for the 6th July - so no going back now! But your post was very positive, both for people returning and coming out from the UK. Just because your going back, I don't think it means you don't like Australia, I think its just not for some people long term. I come from a large close family and after the initial 6month honeymoon period, I started to miss them terribly and that has only got worse over the years, although you do learn to live with it - you have too. When I read that you had taken your mum out for tea, I felt the tears stinging - thats priceless! Anyway all the best for the next chapter in your lives. Thanks again for taking the time to write this, I'm sure it will help alot of people. Lynne S:rolleyes:
  15. Lynne S

    Stuff to sell

    Not far from us then, we've got a few bits you might be interested in - dining room table and chairs in a heavy dark wood & water hyacinth woven chairs, wine rack to match? an outdoor coffee table and chairs? let me know I can always send pics.