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  1. hi every1 havnt been on here for years , its a bit late on a sunday night here in sunny glasgow so i cant be bothered about rantin n shoutin about melbourne so ill get round to that soon so b ready folks ill jus start with the weather is betta :biglaugh:
  2. charliebhoy

    Grace removals pumping up the price -jeezo

    what 5 months delivery ?? better not be i have my tools there :biglaugh:
  3. hi has anyone used grace removals before ? i got them out last week for our return home to uk , they gave us a very decent quote of $3200 for about half the stuff we actually brought out with us, OSS where cheaper but grace told us because they never actually came out to our flat they would pump up the price after the quote ! SO we went with grace to now discover they are trying to burn us for $4000 - $800 more so im havin a feud with a rude woman at grace right now LOL i thought a quote should be quite near not bloody $800 more ! Does anyone know my rights on this one i feel a bit mad :arghh:
  4. charliebhoy

    Driving in australia !

    they ll be removing your license soon mate ! try and avoid shopfront windows in the meantime !:laugh:
  5. charliebhoy

    Driving in australia !

    i would givethem a degree for irritation! and a diploma for ignorance :biglaugh:
  6. charliebhoy

    Driving in australia !

    i live in melbourne and have to say isnt the driving on the roads here just ridiculous? i find australian people very friendly and polite to your face but its like once behind the wheel its a bit more like F***k YOU ! i had some bloke in a ute shouting balling at me whilst swinging his clenched fist out the window and i still have no idea what i done wrong and that was 2 weeks ago ! also what about the monster trucks that drive up your A***e at 100 kph and they dont seem to get anywhere any faster ! i mean do these truck drivers actually get trained or do they pick them up from some sort of mental institution ? :arghh: and what about courtesy? lane changing can become seriously difficult when the asshole in the lane beside you's way of thinking is "thou shall not speed up or slow down for anyone who doesnt know where they are going" or maybe they came from the mental institution also !:wacko: ok now for my favourite part ! what about when at the lights theres a car turning right and a car waiting for a fortnight to turn left but cant because theres la de dah pedestrians walking in slow motion accross the road and the green man isnt even on ! aaaaghhh ! and i was going straight by the way but never made it ! i bet everyone on here has had the thought of homicide whilst in a rush and being stuck behind a slow moving tram ! can anyone add to this ? im sure there must be more annoying driving stuff:biggrin:
  7. charliebhoy

    how long did you last in oz before moving back

    haha thats great mate but u irish are like the plague here ! wish there was more scottish here !:biggrin: no bombs in county kilda plz
  8. charliebhoy

    moving my pet cockatiel back to uk !

    thanks ill take a look
  9. charliebhoy

    moving my pet cockatiel back to uk !

    hi has anyone ever moved your pet bird to the uk from australia or vice versa? we are moving home in a years time and i dont think i could leave without him !:confused: any info and costs would appreciated ! thanks charlie
  10. charliebhoy

    Shipping from Scotland...who to use?

    yeah thats why used crown coz theyre aussie company and dont subby out in oz ! but our brand new fridge/freezer n microwave where bashed and we never noticed till we signed the all good sheet !
  11. charliebhoy

    Renewal of Passport

    hi dave it takes few weeks for new passport to be registered in system but although u have no visa on new one it will still be in the system. but i always carry old passport with me but neva had a problem
  12. charliebhoy

    Plumbing nightmare ! Melbourne !

    hi mate sorry i never got back to u as i only go through phases on this, yes all ok as far as work is concerned nothing permanent but then again i never actually apply for perm jobs. im doing compressed air for a company , easy clean work , no stress and great dollar ! im finding a lot of us pommy plumbers are now doing other stuff similar to plumbing like hydronic (central) heating. ect. as u know its difficult to get in to anything decent plumbingwise for us ! hows the situation in uk ? thats great your busy ! my missus is about to b offered a job in perth but im briking it about moving there as all i hear is theres no jobs ! see how we go ! tbh i still havent settled in melbourne as i still feel like i live in a bit of a rat race! (glasgow wiv palm trees)i never came here for this ! but do prefer the work setup here ! lol mate ill get u a job once i get myself 1 haha
  13. charliebhoy

    Plumbing nightmare ! Melbourne !

    hey thanks mate will take a look
  14. charliebhoy

    Whats 3 things you'll miss/wont miss about Australia

    cant take too gayfl :wink:
  15. charliebhoy

    plumbing in melbourne

    hi tracy i did manage to get plumbing work through a few agencies after about a year and they pay quite well as your only casual and they can bump u wen they dont need u anymore!! ive done more labouring and actually dont mind it as its usually easy n laid back and funnily the pay can b the same or better than plumbing !! oz is weird lol.. tell your husband he can work as a plumber with just being registered ! (send of his city n guilds or equivelent to plumbing industry commision.. u will need to pretend ur in oz so get his plumbing card sent to a friends house and he will have it wen he arrives here!! ) a registration card and thats all u need to work on sites ect,,, he only requires a license if he wants to start his own business or sign jobs off (like house extension work or bathroom relocation ect) things have improved in past 2n half years workwise ! i gave up trying to get a full time plumbing job about a year ago but im working as a labourer and getting $42 p/h so very happy n no stress doing plumbing lol .. for yourself always loads bar/restaurant work if u have to wait, my neice is here and has 3 bar jobs an goes between em! if u need any more info give me a shout :biggrin: