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  1. Chardy

    Pic of the Day

    The beautiful coastline near Kalbarri
  2. Chardy

    Pic of the Day

    A fellow Baldivian fifi !!
  3. Chardy

    Putting in a pool

    If doing your own fencing and doing frameless glass I strongly advise against using bolt down spigots - glass panels are heavy and having them fall over could be a disaster. I always prefer to core drill posts/spigots wherever possible (even semi frameless or tubular) but you need extra thickness along the fence line whether limestone or concrete under paving.
  4. Chardy

    Putting in a pool

    Remember you need to do a separate council application for the pool fence - some fence guys will do this for you, I do if asked.
  5. Chardy

    Putting in a pool

    So the idiot Premier Barnett would have you believe !
  6. Chardy

    Schools in Baldivis

    Our 3 kids all go to Makybe after a year at Meadow Springs and seem to be doing great. I am stunned how fast my 5 year old is learning to spell/read and write. Good community feel too.
  7. Chardy

    Travelling abroad for work

    If your company needs a top class video conferencing set up just drop me a PM ;-)
  8. Chardy

    Still Struggling with Perth after 12 years

    I'm sorry to hear you are feeling like this. It really puzzles me as we have found all of your list in and around Perth so maybe as another poster said, perhaps it's the suburb/area is wrong....where are you now ? Perth is a very large spread out metro area so is naturally very varied from one part to another.
  9. Chardy


    Letton Percival or Insure-Your-Move are the only 2 players in the non shippers market. IYM charged us 600 pounds for 35000 pounds worth of goods and a small claim was easily dealt with.
  10. Chardy

    Connecting flights

    Ah fair enough !
  11. Chardy

    Connecting flights

    We flew from Orlando to Brisbane via Dallas and our bags went all the way through no problems ?
  12. We'll be there too abz123 letting the kids go mad in all the free stuff at Langley Park. Will go by train as it's so well organised !
  13. Chardy

    What not to ship over

    Our dyson got destroyed for free !!
  14. Chardy

    Question for 189 Visa holders

    You would be very lucky to get a job here from the UK, most employers will, understandably, want to meet you in person before committing !
  15. Chardy

    Electrician or Data Cabler??!!

    Electrician will give you greater state choice (assuming you are looking to be state sponsored) as data cabler is only on the SA list currently. My assessment for telecoms tech was through TRA back in early 2011 and took 8 weeks.