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  1. Amy Rose

    Working in north lakes where to live

    North lakes is known as little Britain! It's very much like a big housing estate. Beautiful newly built houses that you can rent that you could never afford to rent in England ( well I couldn't lol) and a very big English community. But it all looks the same. I think it's a good idea to move a little away from there and travel into work
  2. Amy Rose

    Edens Landing/Waterford Area QLD

    No no no noooooo don't move to Bethania, Beenligh or Logan they are not nice places. Bad crime. Worked in a daycare centre in one of the towns just named and it was awful. i did meet some nice people while living in the area but also some not so nice charectors. We have since moved to Sunshine Coast and are much happier.
  3. Amy Rose

    New to Sunshine Coast

    I am in currimundi. It's lovely having a dog beach 10 mins walk from my house with a lake 5 mins walk! And lots of other nice beaches local. I also like the glass house mountains. We are debating moving there when our lease is up but it's a hard desision.....where ever we end up next air con in the house is a MUST!!
  4. Amy Rose

    What were your dogs like when released from quarantine?

    Our 2 jack Russell's went crazy! Happy crazy when we let them out the crate...it was great . One was a little thinner,the other a little fatter lol think she stole the other ones food.....3 weeks later the younger one (2years old ) died we don't know why
  5. Hi everyone! I live in Currimundi. Ive been here 1.5 years but still need to make some friends does anyone like to do outdoor activities? I like running. I'm going to try a triathlon club next week ( but I am a rubbish swimmer and only own a mountain bike) so don't know how well this will go!! Also attempting to surf but I am quite a chicken when I see a wave coming my way. If anyone is keen on trying some of these activities with me or have another idea would be nice Amy
  6. Amy Rose

    New to Sunshine Coast

    Where on the sunny coast have you moved to? Is it hot enough for ya? Lol
  7. Amy Rose

    Living in Australia - What you need to know

    I got whipper snipper wrong when talking to someone and called it a whipper snapper lol
  8. Amy Rose

    Living in Australia - What you need to know

    Oh and a cockerel is definitely called a rooster here, the staff at work heard me talking to the children about cockerels yesterday and soon put me right on that one lol
  9. Amy Rose

    Living in Australia - What you need to know

    A nursery is day care. When looking for a job when we first arrived I wrote on my resume that I had been a manager of a nursery and was getting no replies. I found out in Queensland it is a director and daycare. As soon as changed it to the right terminology over here I got replies!
  10. Amy Rose

    187 Visa Processing Time

    It feels like its been forever, I know getting the qualifications recognised isn't part of the visa process but all that time just seems like it has gone on and on and on! And we did all the paper work our selves with no agent so I am very pleased with myself
  11. Amy Rose

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Timeline .....a long time! This time last year my work place offered to sponsor me but first I had to get my qualifications recognised. This took months to do, having to get statements from previous employers in England. Once they were recognised my employer lodged their side of paper work march/April and got approved pretty quick we lodged ours 28th April I think we got CO in may. She asked for more evidence.last week we discovered we had no CO anymore. got new CO on Thursday and approved today :biggrin: Tasmas, what kind of dog have you got in your pic...it looks very very similar to my dog who is a rescue dog so we don't know what she is!
  12. Amy Rose

    187 Visa Processing Time

    WE GOT OUR VISA!!!!!!:jiggy:
  13. Amy Rose

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Yey I got a new CO today! But he is asking me for 4 pieces of evidence I have already submitted! Anyway I will re send them tonight and hope to have a yes very soon
  14. Amy Rose

    187 Visa Processing Time

    As soon as I get a new co I will give them a call....worth a try! I was going to call the other one but chickened out as the advise is always dont contact them they will contact you.
  15. Amy Rose

    RSMS timeline

    Maybe...how inconvenient lol