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  1. shellybr

    Kids Football Soccer Clubs

    Be prepared to have a hard time getting them into a club in the middle of the season. It took us months of email contact with Sorrento to get our 8yr old in for this season. Its also not cheap. $390
  2. shellybr

    What's wrong with the schooling here?

    The parents at my sons public school are all professionals and as to there being a nicer kind of child at private school the 2 teams with the worst attitudes and un sporting behaviour my 7yr old played against this year at Auskick were from two local private schools.
  3. shellybr

    What's wrong with the schooling here?

    I love my sons school he has an amazing teacher who really cares about the kids. My younger one is in kindy in the same school and he has a wonderful teacher and ea who do so many extra little things for the kids. Even in Kindy they do news in front of the class to help them with public speaking.
  4. Try MoMo in whitfords. I get my boys hair cut there and it is 22 for the 7 year old and 20 for the 4 year old.They are walk in. I get my hair done at hair at hillarys and it is $187 for a cut treatnent colour touch up and half a head. I think a cut on its own is a bout $60. I hate Maurice Mead they spent the whole time trying to sell me stuff
  5. shellybr

    Info needed asap please - young irish man stuck in Perth

    There is a facebook page called Irish families in perth. Post on there there is a couple of immigration agents and pople who might be able to help
  6. shellybr

    Education options for 3+ year olds in Perth,WA?

    Some of the private schools do more days but you might have a problem getting in for kindy if you are not on list already. I have a 4yr old who has just turned 4 in March and there is no way he would cope with more then 3 full days of school. It is full on for them they don't have nap time or anything so the little ones are exhausted by the end of the week. You might need to look into a daycare that runs a preschool program.
  7. shellybr

    What year will the kids go int....?

    My 6yr old boy is a may baby too and is going into year2 infeb. In our school they are a stickler for putting the kids in the right age group. There are quite a few may june babies in his year.
  8. Duncraig, Woodvale, and Carine are the good HS in the northern Suburbs. You won't get in to them unless you are in the catchment area. There is no High school in Mullaloo, Mullaloo is in the catchment for Ocean Reef High school
  9. shellybr

    Perth to Brisbane

    A good school is important to us, not necessarily a good academic school but a nice primary school that the boys will enjoy going to and will learn what they need to. He goes to the local State school here in Perth and we are very happy with it. Looking at house prices in Brisbane compared to Perth, our money goes a lot further. Is it cheaper day to day compared to Perth. Nats do you like Brisbane or do you regret leaving Perth. A massive plus for us would be being able to travel on the east coast. My brother lives in Sydney and we can't afford to fly over from here but could from Brisbane.
  10. shellybr

    Perth to Brisbane

    Thanks for the replys. No nothing decided yet, we can pretty much go if we want regardless of what happens in the Perth office as they really the other half. We are torn as we know long term Brisbane has more to offer and we can't afford to stay in Perth but the thought of having to start again. One of the big draws for us here in Perth is the beaches and we live 3kms from Sorrento Beach and not much more to Mullaloo. I am trying to look at areas on line and it is really difficult to narrow down as we need ones with good schools. Chapel Hill seems nice on paper and has good schools but hubbie would prefer to be further out of the city but the schools seem to be a bit hit and miss.
  11. shellybr

    Perth to Brisbane

    Thanks everyone. Hubbie company is not in trouble just the Perth office is not profitable. On paper Brisbane is ticking all the boxes just a bit worried about the cost of living being not much better then here.
  12. shellybr

    Perth to Brisbane

    We have been in Perth for the last 2 years and are quite settled but DH company have now thrown a spanner in the works by closing the office and offering him a transfer to Brisbane. His boss has told him that his wages will go a lot further in Brisbane. We are just wondering is there anyone who has made the move from Perth to Brisbane and how did you find it. We love the weather and the laid back lifestyle here in Perth but it is cripplying expensive. Any advise?
  13. shellybr

    Car Seats Rules

    Also if you have an accident and something happens to the child you can be prosecuted. We left our ones at home and bought new ones when we got here. New country new rules
  14. shellybr

    Daughter finding Yr1 too easy

    My son is in Year 1. They have put all the year 1 classes together for reading and split them by ability so the kids who need extra help get it and the ones who are way ahead gets the extra work they need. They have different sight word books too depending on their group. There are kids in my sons class that are fluently reading and have been since preprimary and there are other kids who can barely do the basics.
  15. shellybr

    First holy communion in public school

    You do after school classes. Go on the Irish Families in Perth facebook page they will give you all the info on what you need to do.